Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 30


Braden @

Burres @

Ortega @

***Beckett @

***Boggs @ Cabrera *Boggs is 25 and coming off a win vs Cubs, surely he can
beat Nats no?

***Scherzer @ Suppan *Scherzer is risky but so is Kershaw and everyone is
starting him.

***Volstad @

Geer @

***Cory says:

on Garza, but he’s not a slam dunk vs. the Red Sox… noticeable home/away split
and hasn’t always been great vs. the Red Sox, although his last two starts have

on Boggs, Nationals do not suck offensively and he’s

on Marshall, he’s not great but I think he’s solid.

is a nice gamble if you believe the Padres can’t score at

***NOTE  We’ve caught up on the unanswered questions from yesterday’s two blog posts so you can check our answers there…Zach


Hey 411 crew

I have some talented but underperforming pitching options on my wire. Who do you guys like best out of:

– Snell (though i’m worried he threw 130 pitches today)
– Parra
– Olly Perez (only listing as a name brand)
– Ubaldo
– Bartolo Colon
– Anibal Sanchez

Aaron, Toronto


Of that group I like Snell. He’s been pitching real well this year and has considerable upside. Let’s not forget his ’07 season. I’m not touching Ollie with a ten foot pole right now and the other guys are inconsistent.


Looking to trade a closer for some pitching help (12 team, mixed, vanilla) – have Lackey (dl), Lilly, Wainwright, Joba, R.Johnson and falling behind in the pitching categories at this early stage.

I have an offer where I send Qualls and get back Queto (has Kershaw as a possibility as well). Also been offered J.Shields and Maybin FOR Heath Bell and Fowler (starting to really like this kid though).

Would you consider either of these deals? (I have Lidge(Madson), H.Bell, Qualls, Frankin).



I prefer Kershaw to Cueto and would consider the Qualls for Kershaw deal. Not so into Cueto…just too inconsistent. Pass on that other deal. Bell looks like he’s on his way to elite status and while I like Shields, his declining strikeout rate worries me.


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