Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 2-4


Palmer @

Bergesen @

Laffey @

Wakefield @

Bannister @
***Perkins (he’s hot, roll with it)

Contreras @

Cahill @

***Anibal Sanchez
@ ***Lilly

***Pineiro @

***Oswalt @

Perez @

Marquis @

***Haren @

Owings @

***Young @ ***Wolf
(Dodgers could get some SB’s here too)



***Saunders @ ***Hughes
(Saundo is good on the road and can handle the Yanks’

***Lee @

Guthrie @

Penny @

***Meche @ Baker (ditch Baker
’til he has at least one decent outing)

Outman @

***Danks @

***Wandy @ Jo Jo

***Cueto @

Maine @

Lohse @

Petit @

***Nolasco @ ***Zambrano
(tough call on Nolasco but he hasn’t been awful in any

Hammel @

Gaudin @


***Lester @

***Liriano @

Anthony Reyes @

Eaton @

Colon @

Loux @

Millwood @ ***King

Ortiz @

***Gallardo @

***Harang @ ***Josh

Livan @

Sanchez @ ***Dempster

***Hamels @

De La Rosa @

Davis @


Raymond from Houston

I’m in a 14 team mixed league im strong in pitching but lacking in some areas of offense. I have Halladay,Oswalt, AJ Burnett, Rich Harden, and Mark Buehrle making up my starting 5 with Anibal Sanchez, Jamie Moyer, and Kuroda on my bench. Another player was looking for pitching so i offered in mark buehrle for the now activated joe mauer, but he counter offered by asking for rich harden. do u think i should make the deal

Hi, I am in a 12-team, H2H league on MLB.com. I received a trade offer where I:
Give: Torii Hunter and Adam Jones
Get: Jacoby Ellsbury and Jason Bartlett and the Yankees Pitching Staff
Drop: Indians Pitching Staff.
Ellsbury would move into my outfield in place of Hunter. Bartlett would go on my bench in place of Jones. And instead of the Mets and Indians as my pitching staffs, I would have the Mets and Yankees.

Should I make the deal?

Also, would you trade Andre Ethier and Joey Votto for Ryan Howard and Jacoby Ellsbury?

TBA tomorrow? DRINK!
-Dan in LA

LaPorta gets called up in Cleveland. What is he capable of this season?
also, what of that Valbuena kid they called up?

Boys –

Want to make sure before I lock rosters on Monday. For Week 5, I have a DH spot available…options are C. Jackson, E. Dukes, P. Feliz, J. Francoeur. I also have LaPorta, if you think he gets the playing time right away.

So who do you like for the week? Any matchups catch your fancy?
Also, Aviles (2B) is doing zippy for me….waiver wire includes Callaspo (picked up as hot hand), Bonifacio, Iwamura, Barmes, Getz, or Fontenot realistically.

I am willing to SoH for 2B, but do you like any of these over the others if I wanted to pretend they would produce for the balance of the season??


(I did cut Aviles….so he’s availabe as well)

Hey bd, not to poke my nose in, but was just reading through and wanted to comment on your 2B question above. I’m in a very deep 16-team league and I have both Getz and Callaspo starting as MI and UT, got them both for $1. I targeted Callaspo this year because I had him as a $1 player last year and he did me right. Dude is a legit .300 hitter – look at his track record – but won’t give you much else unless you count doubles. I like Getz too but not sure what he will be longer term.
Allan in San Antonio

LaPorta was called up!
-Another Mike

I’m looking to generate more power from my roster, particularly in the HR and RBI department. I’m pretty good with pitching; in fact I might even have too much, 7 SP and 3 RP when I can only start 7 total. Capps is my 3rd closer and I’m trying to trade him for a stronger bat because a 3rd closer weighs down some of my pitching options each week. Would Andre Ethier be a good addition, or do you guys have someone else in mind within Capps range? My OF and Util looks like this: Beltran, Ichiro, Adam Lind, and Church with Felipe Lopez on the bench. I would feel more comfortable with my lineup if I can get one more decent bat into the mix. I already tried getting Raul Ibanez for Capps and Myers, but that didn’t work.
I’m trying to figure out this week’s pitching roster since I can only make changes on Mondays. Johan, Buehrle and Zambrano are givens, but which 2 would you guys start for this week? Nolasco, Maine, Pettitte or Myers (Note: Myers will have 2 starts this week).

is it time to drop JJ Hardy in a 12 team mixed points league? I have asdrubal cabrera and s.drew (on bench – hurt)

also, what is going on with the closer situation in Oakland? Zeigler has not gotten the last 2 save situations – do I need to pick up Wuertz or someone else?
Bob in Oregon

Thanks to Mother Nature, I need some amended Pitch or Ditch advice:
Phil Hughes was definitely a “pitch” against Anaheim, but with the rainout, is he still a “pitch” against Boston?

Greg in Cincy

Hey guys,
11 team, 5×5 league
been offered Matsui for my Wandy.

Good deal?

Hey Raymond,
Yes, make that deal. We all know what Harden can do when he’s healthy, but how nervous are you during each of his starts, wondering if his arm will stay attached to his body? You have the depth to part with a good arm for a very good hitter at a premium position. Mauer has his own health concerns, but it’s better to take the risk on a position player rather than a pitcher.
Hey Babu,
Well, I like the Yankees starters more than the Indians going forward, so I think you would lose there. Is Jones starting for you? If so, I can’t endorse trading two starters for one and a bench player. It’s not like Ellsbury is a terribly sizeable upgrade on Hunter, unless you’re in desperate need of steals. I say hold onto Hunter and Jones, who looks to be just as promising a fantasy outfielder as Ellsbury.
I’d keep Votto and Ethier if your league stats include batting average. Howard’s fantastic RBI production still might not cover the dual loss of Ethier and Votto, though.
Hey phoward,
LaPorta can net 18-20 homers and 65-75 RBIs if he adjusts well to the Majors and gets consistent playing time. It sounds like manager Eric Wedge wants to do just that, but it’s unclear what LaPorta’s role would be if Hafner returns from the disabled list.
Hey bdh,
Obviously too late for your Monday deadline, but I’d go with Dukes.
Go with Fontenot. He’s hitting just .266, but his .359 on-base percentage and.852 OPS are promising. if you don’t like him, go with Bonifacio, especially if you need steals.
Hey Glenn,
If the Ethier owner in your league is willing to trade him for Capps, then do it without blinking. It seems unrealistic, though. Brad Hawpe always flies under the radar. Rick Ankiel, Jack Cust and Jose Guillen are other quality options.
I go with Myers and Pettitte for the starters.
Hey Bob,
Keep Hardy. Don’t make hasty decisions on healthy, proven players one month into the season.
Ziegler apparently lost a few pounds after battling an illness over the weekend. He is expected to return today, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason to think he isn’t the full-time closer going forward. Keep Wuertz in your back pocket just in case Ziegler hits the DL for some reason, though.
Hey Greg,
Yes, I go with Hughes against Boston. Don’t overthink matchups. If you like what Hughes did in his first start (and you should), then just go with him.
Hey phoward,
Kaz or Hideki? Assuming it’s Hideki, but I’d hang onto Wandy in either case. He’s looking good — even on the road — and he can bring consistent strikeout production.

Hey guys –

I am in a mixed, weekly 10 team league with OBP, HR, R, RBI, Net Steals, and 2B3B points as the categories. I am debating on benching Berkman and playing McLouth as my utility. Adrian Gonzalez is my starting 1B this week. (McLouth and Gonzalez fell late and my other owners decided pitching was more important early, which is how I ended up with Greinke and King Felix later on.) Anyway, am I wrong to consider benching Berkman and going with McLouth this week? He is the hotter hand, but hitters hit and I am waiting for Berkman to show up. Any thoughts?

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