Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 5 + Zambrano to DL

***The Cubs placed RHP Carlos Zambrano on the 15-day disabled list on Monday and called up INF Bobby Scales.

And here’s Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday:


Anthony Reyes @

Uehara @

Padilla @

***Beckett @

Blackburn @

Floyd @

Loux @

***Oswalt @

***Lincecum @

Livan @

***Suppan @ ***Snell (yep,
I said it… Suppan is hot and the Pirates are not good; Snell is hot and the
Brewers are susceptible to good righties)

***Volquez @

***Myers @

Cook @

***Scherzer @ Dream

***Siano chimes in “Wow,
showing no love for the Twinkies picking Porcello who did not look good vs Yanks
and Mauer is back. I ditch on Porcello. Aaron Cook back to back quality starts at
home and now he goes to San Diego so he is my blue plate special for Tuesday but
that is clearly chasing wins in May. Agree on the rest.”


Boys –

Being offered a trade, which side of this would you prefer:

Berkman, Pence and Dukes for Teixiera, Hamilton and Francouer.

(LaPorta could be an extra bat in the future too slotting into the Dukes, Frenchy, or C. Jackson DH spot)


I am a Greinke owner. But is he a guy I look to sell high. Or hold on for the ride all the way. If I am selling high then who would you take for him?

What are yalls thoughts on Andrew Jones? His new batting approach is getting better and could be of value since he is owned in less then 15% of all leagues. Could he stick? He does bat clean up and ALL clean up hitters need to be owned. Thoughts?
Aaron in Texas

Is Xavier Nady worth rostering in a 12 team 5×5 league? What are his prospects as far as playing time? How productive can we expect him to be given his injury? TIA

I am pursuing Nolasco in a trade. Offer I have put on the table is Edwin Jackson and Kendry Morales for Nolasco, maybe with C.Guillen as a throw in although I am not sure he is worth rostering in a 12 team mixed right now.
What are your thoughts?

In my 10-team 5×5 h2h someone just dropped Chris Carpenter. I have Smoltz in my DL slot right now. Should I swap these two? This league doesn’t do waivers, just limits moves per week, so I don’t have to worry about wasting a claim.
-Another Mike

Two questions for my NL only 4×4 league (no runs and no ks). Two trades:

Give Casey Kotchman and get Fred Lewis (I lead the league in power and need speed)

Give Adrian Gonzalez and Ubaldo Jimenez and get Nick Johnson and K-Rod (LaTroy Hawkins is my only closer) … I was going to counter with Loney instead of Nick Johnson.

Thanks guys.
El Perm

How many good starts does kawakami have to put together before being usable again? I have him in an NL only and wondering if I should cut bait or not?


Just answered your question on the previous blog post.

Your question is being used on today’s podcast.


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