Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 6


Slowey @ Hendrickson
(Slowey has been too hittable this year)

Pavano @

***Galarraga @

***Halladay @

Parra @

***Harden @

***R. Johnson @

Cabrera @
***Kershaw (he’s hit and miss but so are the Nats!)


No Slowey??? Not even against Mark Hendrickson???

What is the “Blue Plate Special”?

Who is the best pitcher to have for your fantasy team? Would you trade Pujols straight up for Johan?

Spencer in Raleigh

trade question: i’m having a tough time with this offer in a 13 team mixed roto 6×6- kinsler and cole for greinke and cano.



Someone dropped Matt Cain in my 12 team mixed vanilla league. Is it worth spending my 4:th palce waiver pick on him? He hasnt exaclty looked overpowering this season.

I would drop Carlos Marmol to get him


Trade question. 12 team keeper dynasty. We play 3 outfielders plus one DH. Outfield is also position specific so Crawford plays only LF. I have Kemp, Crawford, Granderson, Abreu, Soriano and Fowler. I have Nathan and Soria as closers and I’m looking for a third guy. I have straight up offers for Fowler that include Bobby Jenks, Frank Francisco, Chad Qualls or Ryan Franklin. Would you trade Fowler for any of these guys?

Hey Guys,Strategy question for you in my 12 team 5×5 vanilla league. I drafted mostly bats with a 411 pitching staff (with the exception of CC who I kept). However, am in dead last with a number of struggling hitters (BJ Upton, Matt Holliday, D Ortiz, R Martin, Kendrick, Furcal).I have a chance to get Soriano for CC Sabathia. My other pitchers are Bedard, Wandy, Myers, Lohse, Edwin Jackson, Bush, Broxton, Morrow, Street. I know trading CC would leave me weak in SP, but the extra bat would help keep me afloat until the hitters hit. I am falling behind in the counting stats while in the upper 1/3 of pitching. Do I stand pat and wait for hitters to hit? Or risk depleting my SP and play some more POD to boost my stagnant offense?Thank you very much and keep up the great work.Jaded, NYC

What are yalls thoughts on Andrew Jones? His new batting approach is getting better and could be of value since he is owned in less then 15% of all leagues. Could he stick? He does bat clean up and ALL clean up hitters need to be owned. Thoughts?
Aaron in Texas


Johan still should be considered the #1 pitcher but no way would I trade Pujols for him. The 411 is all about valuing hitting over pitching so when it comes down to deciding between an elite hitter and elite pitcher, always go for the hitter…they’re just less of an injury risk and more consistent from year to year. It’s a lot easier to find productive pitchers off the waiver wire than it is to find impact hitters.

I’d much rather have Kinsler and Cole. The Kinsler vs Cano comp isn’t even close and while Hamels is a definite injury risk, he’s set to make his return Friday and says he’s feeling fine. A healthy Hamels is more than capable of outperforming Greinke, who’s value will never get higher than it is right now. The Greinke for Hamels tradeoff is certainly worth the risk if it means getting Kinsler.


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