Fantasy 411 Q&A: May 6, 2009

Add Jorge Posada to the list of disappointing fantasy catchers as he’s now out two to three weeks with a hamstring strain.  Aside from the fact that two to three weeks isn’t really that long, the good news for Posada owners is they didn’t have to spend an early round pick on him.  Whether it be through injury or poor performance, each of the top five backstops according to the Fantasy Preview rankings (McCann, Martin, Soto, Mauer, Doumit) have so far turned out to be bad investments.  Mauer’s back, so at least he can now start making up for lost time.  The 411 endorsed strategy of grabbing an elite catcher isn’t looking too good right now, but there’s still time for that to change.

On today’s podcast, in addition to catchers, the guys will talk about the red hot Brandon Phillips and ice cold B.J. Upton while looking at some of the superb pitching performances from last night (Volquez, Joba, Bedard).

Also, we’ll get to those unanswered blog questions, so hang in there!

That’s all for now,

I’m in a 14 team mixed league I’m strong in pitching but lacking in some
areas of offense. I have Halladay, Oswalt, AJ Burnett, Rich Harden, and
Mark Buehrle making up my starting 5 with Anibal Sanchez, Jamie Moyer,
and Kuroda on my bench. Another owner was looking for pitching so I
offered Mark Buehrle for Joe Mauer, but he counter
offered by asking for Rich Harden. Do you think I should make the deal?

Raymond from Houston

Hey Raymond,

Yes, make that deal. We all know what Harden can do when he’s healthy,
but how nervous are you during each of his starts, wondering if his arm
will stay attached to his body? You have the depth to part with a good
arm for a very good hitter at a premium position. Mauer has his own
health concerns, but it’s better to take the risk on a position player
rather than a pitcher.



There is a trade going down in my league which I would like your views on. I am a commissioner. I know that there is no hint of collusion and we only allow trades to be vetoed if they are so lopsided that they will cause league imbalance. It is a 12 team mixed keeper.
So team A will be giving up Ibanez and in return they will get J-Ro and Hoffman from team B.
The trade was actually offered by team B as they wanted to upgrade their OF, Team A is in need of Saves and **** upgrade over Tejada. I guess it all boils down to J-Ro. Is he really this bad, or will he bounce back. Considering he was not that great last year either do we need to be lowering our expectations on him (is he the next Papi?). He is not hitting, hasn’t had power for the last year and now seems to be unable to steal a base.
So what are your views on the trade?

That was supposed to read Shortstop, not ****

Keeper League Question.

10 team league, mixed, vanilla 5×5.

Keep 10 players without restriction.

Here’s the trade:
Prince Fielder for Lester, LaPorta and a 1st round pick next year (11th round overall).

I would be getting the Prince Fielder side of the deal.

Again, this is a long-standing Keeper League.

What do you think???

Thanks for the help.

Hi guys,
I have one UTL and one OF spot that I am always struggling to fill… Do I stick with a standard two-some or play the matchups among Abreu Wells Maglio Huff Choo and Swisher. FYI I am doing very good in RBI but always loosing Runs.

Mike in NYC

Big trade offer. I get A-Rod+AJ Pierzynski or Shoppach for Martin+Greinke. I need HRs badly in a 10-team mixed. Also have Sandoval at C and Liriano, Cain, Nolasco at SP. I’m in last and ready to gamble.

– Oscar Gamble

I’m in a 10 team H2H keeper league with some expanded stats.
R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, E, AVG
This is my roster
Russell Martin, Prince Fielder, Robinson Canó, Evan Longoria, Jimmy Rollins, Andre Ethier, Shane Victorino, Carlos Lee, Corey Hart, Brad Hawpe, Matt LaPorta

Erik Bedard, Jordan Zimmermann, Carlos Mármol, Joakim Soria, Brandon Morrow(DL), Scot Shields, Tim Lincecum, Javier Vázquez, Josh Johnson, Brett Myers, LaTroy Hawkins, Ryan Madson

My starting pitchers are clicking, my relievers well whatever it is only saves and holds and a touch of era and whip so I’m not to worried about them.
Anyway, a guy in my league is buggin me for Ethier, but he is offering V Wells, or Jeter.
Both of which I’m not wild about since their age discounts their keeper value. So I was thinking maybe I should try and entice him with and large group trade. The guys he has that I like are B Roberts, P Sandoval, J Reyes NYM-SS and Adam Jones.

What do you guys think if I offer Martin, Cano Rollins and Ethier for the four mentioned above?

His entire roster is Pablo Sandoval, James Loney, Brian Roberts, Garrett Atkins, José Reyes, Jason Bay, Vernon Wells, Josh Hamilton(DL), Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Derek Jeter, Brian McCann(DL), Shin-Soo Choo, Jeff Francoeur

Roy Oswalt, Jonathan Papelbon, Bobby Jenks, Matt Capps, Scott Baker, Roy Halladay, Max Scherzer, Matt Garza, Jesse Carlson, Joba Chamberlain

I’ll hang up and take your answer on the air :~)

What are yalls thoughts on Andrew Jones? His new batting approach is getting better and could be of value since he is owned in less then 15% of all leagues. Could he stick? He does bat clean up and ALL clean up hitters need to be owned. Thoughts?
Aaron in Texas

would you accept a trade for matt holiday? i would get bj upton. it is a 12 team mixed roto. it seems that both are having a little bit of a problem finding the exit for the starting gate.


Hey guys. Would you drop Thome to pick up Elijah Dukes, Fontenot, Spillbourgs or Helton? I have Thome for his BB and power. But his Ks and AVG are just brutal. Will Thome be Thome again this year or is it time to pick up someone else? I need more BB, less K’s, a higher BA, a little bit of pop, and a few bags.
Also, I just picked up Matt LaPorta. How long should I give this guy to start performing? This is a non-keeper league.

Hi Guys,

Love the show and love the 1½ hour XM edition. This is a fantasy question only in that this year I’m in a league where holds is a category and I need a better understanding of what exactly constitutes a hold. I’ve never paid much attention to holds before except noticing that sometimes they are given out to nearly everyone the way kids in a soccer game get ribbons for participating but last Friday (5/1) Carlos Villanueva of the Brewers pulled off a feat I still can’t quite understand: he was awarded a hold and the loss. Is this an ordinary occurrence or a quirk of the official scorer’s mood / blood alcohol level at the time?


Jeff Blake
St. Petersburg, Fl

Hey guys, My question concerns innings limits. 12 team mixed, daily, 27 man roster. I have a 1400 inning limit. I have 7 great starters and 5 solid closers. Is there a problem with using a lot of innings now, while my pitchers are really hot(Haren,Volquez,JJohnson,Cueto) because I am also racking up saves. If I run out of innings in August, would that be so bad if my numbers are great? I figure with the possibility of injuries and slumps I should pitch ’em while I got ’em! – Thanks Wim

Clar, you must make that trade. Take BJUpton for Holliday!


Although I’d easily rather have Rollins, I don’t think you can veto this deal. Team B is probably just fed up with him and the fact that he offerred the trade is an important factor here. I own Rollins in two seperate keeper leagues, and I’m also extremely frustrated but I have enough confidence in him to think he’s due to go on a tear. He’s obviously no longer the 30 HR hitter he was a couple years ago and may not even get to 20, but he’ll still score a ton of runs and steal a lot of bases. Despite his struggles last season, Rollins did have 47 steals, and he’s been very consistent in this category over the course of his career, so I don’t expect that to change. He’s an outstanding buy low candidate if you can find Team B type owners.


I am falling quickly in SO’s in my league. There is an offer on the table for me to trade Big Poopi for Lester. It sounds ok to me but I almost never trade offense for pitching but I am starting to believe Ortiz has turned in Mo Vaughn. In another league I traded him for Papelbon. Thoughts? Thanks for all you hard work guys.


On paper, I prefer the Lester/LaPorta side, but I’m also always in favor of playing to win now, so I don’t have much of a problem with you getting Fielder.

Those kinds of situations drive me absolutely nuts, so I’d do whatever I could to trade multiple guys for an upgrade. Make everyone available and see what happens.
Mr. Gamble,

I like it. Selling high on Greinke and getting the best player in the deal. Nice strategy.


Hey Guys,

In my 5×5 12 tm mixed, I am last in steals…would you drop C. Perez for Bourn or even Big Papi? My speed guys are: Furcal, Victorino, T. Hunter & Odawg. Spillborgs was also just dropped…would you rather pick him up for SB’s even though he will be sharing playing time now? Thanks.

Neighbor Steve

Hey guys,
5×5 12 team mixed keeper league, im very strong in pitching and could use a little more pop. i have an offer on the table to get alex rios for nyjer morgan and eric bedard. thoughts?
– greg, LI

hey guys,
in a five by five 12 team keepergot offered adrian beltre straight up for pedro feliz, is there any reason i dont do this deal?

A. Beltre has been one of many early season busts, in his contract year no less. Is it time to cut bait, maybe grab Teahen a worthy pick up over the waiver wire?

Hanson’s minor league numbers resemble those of Liriano, F. Hernandez, Hamels in AAA, which strongly portends major league level success? But he does me no good if he is called up in September. When do you think Atlanta will bring him up?

Slip siding in the standings, VA Beach


I’d definitely rather have the Reyes side but it’s not an unreasonable offer. Roberts gets the slight edge over Cano, Martin over Sandoval, Ethier over Jones, and Reyes over Rollins. The real key here is due to Rollins’ slow start, he doesn’t have nearly the value he did preseason, so the Rollins to Reyes jump has to be considered significant at this point. Also, the other owner would be receiving a pretty considerable net loss in speed. While I doubt he’ll accept, it’s worth trying!

He’s not quite starting every day, but Jones is producing just enough to warrant some mixed league attention. He’s on my personal YPNM list as I can’t dismiss his last two years, but if you’ve got an open roster spot and need some power, feel free to take a flier.

Holliday and Upton were taken at roughly the same spot in drafts so their values are close, but especially if you’re lacking speed, I’d do that deal. Far from a no-brainer, but a well-calculated gamble. Doesn’t look like Holliday will put up those Colorado type numbers this time around.

Unless you’re great in power and awful in AVG, I’d hold onto Thome. He doesn’t have the upside of say a Dukes, but the HRs will always be there.



Did a little research and here’s the reason why this happened:

In order to get a hold, all a reliever needs to do is enter a game in a save situation, record at least one out, and leave with the lead still intact. In this particular game, Villanueva did exactly that. It was Coffey who gave up his inherited runners, so Villanueva got a hold but also the loss, as his runners scored the go-ahead runs.



I don’t have a problem with using slightly more innings now as you never know what will happen with injuries etc. later on in the season, but running out of innings by August isn’t a great idea. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t get production from your top starters in September. You’d be in a defenseless position as all the other owners get close to you or pass you in the counting stats. It just gives you less flexibility and I wouldn’t risk it.

Although Ortiz for Lester is OK, Lester wouldn’t be someone I’d actively target if I needed Ks. He struck out only 152 last year in 210 1/3 IP so his 43 Ks in 37 IP this season is somewhat of an aberration. By all means go ahead and make the deal if you feel you’ve got enough power. But don’t expect Lester to carry your team in Ks.



I’d pick up any of those guys for Perez at this point. It appears Franklin and even Motte are ahead of him on the closer depth chart. It sounds like you really need SBs, so Bourn is your guy. He’s virtually a lock to steal 40 if given regular PT and has shown improvement in AVG.

Answered your question on POD blog post from yesterday.

Do the deal. Feliz is playing above his head right now and while Beltre is known for his slow starts, he always finishes seasons with the same solid numbers: .270-25-85…book it.

I have no problem with you benching Beltre for the short term, but I’d try to find a way to hold onto him due to his consistency from year to year.
As for Hanson, I’d be shocked if he’s not up by the All-Star break. I’m reserving a roster spot for him in two leagues, so I hope I’m right!


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