Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 8

***Verlander @

***Sabathia @

***Shields @

Jakubauskas @
***Baker (stick it out with Baker, he’s turning it

Harrison @

***Meche @

***Richmond @

J. Reyes @

Karstens @

***Pineiro @ ***Cueto
(Pineiro’s good luck won’t last but you gotta ride the

R. Wells @

Gaudin @

Nolasco @ Hammel (I
am benching Nolasco in every league for this start in

Martis @

***Zito @ ***Billingsley
(that’s right… pitch Zito, he’s hot and Dodgers will miss


Guys, which power hitter would you rather have for the rest of the season (5×5 mixed league, OBP instead of AVG): Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, or Carlos Quentin?

Brian in Philly

Hey Guys,

In a 5×5 12 tm mixed, I have been offered R. Franklin for Odawg. Would you do this deal? I have C. Perez and my other closers are Valverde(DL) and S. Downs. I need SVs and my other MI are Furcal, Peralta, & A. Hill with A. Cabrera on the bench.

Neighbor Steve

Why do you guys keep having people send out Hamels? He is obviously still hurt… I would rather start Niese.

Spencer in NC

I have Dan Uggla and JJ Hardy as my infield. Are either, both or neither going to turn it around this season? Should I be looking to upgrade either guy or just ride their poor starts out?

hey guys,

someone in my league (generic 5×5 roto, 11 teams) just dropped alexei ramirez. i have the #1 waiver priority and i was wondering if i should use it on him. i already have reyes at SS and utley at 2b, so i don’t need an upgrade there; i’d basically pick him up to try and move him. should i use my #1 waiver on him? i already have hanson and laporta on my team too…

thanks guys,

Hi. Long, long time listener.

I follow the site philosophy. I don’t veto a trade unless there is collusion or truly significant imbalance. I think this one falls into the truly significant imbalance category, and it has my league up in arms.

I would appreciate your opinion.

Team A
Jose Reyes
Carlos Delgado

Team B
Justin Morneau
Huston Street
Michael Bourn

We would appreciate your opinions.



We’re using your question on today’s podcast.

Absolutely. O-Dawg is a solid player but not a huge difference maker in fantasy. Franklin’s racking up saves, and while I’m skeptical he keeps the job all year, I like the idea of having both Perez and Franklin.

Ride them out. Hardy’s starting to hit now and while Uggla might give you an ugly AVG, he’ll also bring top notch power from the 2B position. I don’t see that changing. And what would you get for him right now in a trade anyway? Very little.

Tough call but I think I’d do it if for no other reason than to flip him later. It’s still a little too early in the season to worry about #1 waiver priorities.



That one’s pushing it but I still don’t think it should be vetoed. Morneau’s an upgrade over Delgado, Street’s a closer, and Bourn is a one category monster. Now I don’t understand why you’d need Bourn and not need Reyes but that’s another issue. A very bad trade, but you can’t veto it.


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