Why Manny Why?

It’s been a crazy week as it is. My wife gets into a fender bender on Monday costing me half a day (she’s fine it was no biggie), I took off Tuesday so I could get my once a decade check up and then take my Dad to his first Yankee game at the new Yankee and we get rained on and watch the Yankees spit the bit in clutch situations late but hey it was a good time. All the while we’re getting ready for the draft here and BAM! I had a little bit of a heads up on Manny, but you never know about these things until you KNOW about these things. I love covering breaking news it’s the best part of being in the media or working for a league, but this stunk because I love Manny and more importantly he was ripping it up for my 411 team. Manny being Manny was always about him being a goofball except for a couple of situations (not knowing what leg he hurt and pushing the Red Sox employee to the floor in the clubhouse over tickets or whatever), but this is flat out stupidity. Did I ever consider he was sticking a needle in his butt? No I didn’t but PEDs aren’t that cut and dry. C’mon Manny. Below is what Manny looked like before that infamous doctor visit.




me and schwartz today, looking at new Dodgers lineup and D-Backs changes after melvin firing……Siano

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Guys, I have K-Rod on the market and am looking for power in return. I’ve had the following offers made to me and need help deciding which is the best (5×5 mixed auction keeper, OBP instead of AVG):

Deal 1: Prince Fielder/Jonathan Sanchez (I toss in Derrek Lee as well)

Deal 2: Carlos Quentin/Dexter Fowler (I toss in Delmon Young as well)

Deal 3: Adrian Gonzalez/Chris R. Young (I toss in D. Lee as well)

* of all deals, the only “keepable” players are Quentin and Fowler.

Brian in Philly

repost from yesterday, sorry if you were going to go back and answer…

10 team NL-only weekly league no bench…

I have been working on getting Lidge since my only two guys that will even get save chances are Wilson and Marmol (thanks Lou). My trading partner is asking for an OF in return. Would Ethier for Lidge straight up be a good deal considering Ethier will now be coming down to earth with the departure of Manny? I am winning or in second in all offensive categories besides steals, so losing Ethier isn’t going to be a huge hit I don’t think…

Nate in Springfield

Guys: How do you value Adam Jones at this point? How good is he going to be this season? He’s clearly no longer a 15th rounder, so what rounder is he now?

I’m trying to make a deal for Sabathia:

Adam Jones and Volquez for Sabathia and Alexei Ramirez.

Is that too little? If so, how about:

Jones, Volquez and Wieters (I have Martin) for Sabathia and Alexei Ramirez

Please rank these pitchers from here on out (W, K, ERA, WHip, K/BB, QS)? Jered Weaver, Danks, Lester, & Slowey
Might be trading for one or more of them where there isn’t much on the wire. Thanks.


I am in a Yahoo 12 Team NL Only 5X5 H2H league with 3 bench spots. I have two questions I was hoping you could help with.

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Strasberg contributing this year for Washington. I have the #2 waiver spot. Assuming the owner at #1 is saving it for the trade deadline, do I use my waiver claim to pick him up when he’s available?

Also, this is my first time in a NL only league this deep. I am flabbergasted at how hard it is just to fill my roster with everyday starters. Have any suggestions on some lesser owned guys that could help me this year?



I like the Quentin/Fowler package the most. Not only are both of these guys excellent keepers, but I’d rather have Lee than Young, at least for this season. Fielder and Quentin are close in terms of value, but considering that getting Fielder means losing Lee, the addition of Prince doesn’t have quite the same impact as acquiring Quentin.

Kyle answered your question on the other blog thread.


***NOTE We’re putting all the unanswered blog questions up to this point from today on tonight’s Sirius/XM show, so be sure to check that out. The audio podcast should be available by late tonight.


Hey guys, I’m in a weekly league and I’m wondering that since it’s harder to play pitch-or-ditch week-to-week, how does your value on starting pitching change, if at all?

Dallin from Idaho

Hey Guys,
In a 10 team head to head league with alot of newbies, that being said, i dropped Manny and picked up Branyan. Was wondering your thoughts on comparing the two.

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