Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 12



***Sonnanstine @ Hendrickson *he’s been better and against good teams maybe he is
finding a groove. You could do worse.

***Burnett @

Vargas @

***Galarraga @ ***Slowey *Galarraga
passing Sonnanstine in the night but he can bounce back. I don’t love Slowey but
he can be effective. His last start was rain shortened so can’t really count

***Masterson @

Hochevar @
***Cahill *Hochevar killed me last year but he was hot in minors,
this could be a Brett Cecil type opportunity for a guy to come and get a lineup
he can handle out of the gate. Cahill’s strikeout numbers make me think he is
destined to be a twin.

***Kershaw @ Park *Kershaw definition of risk vs

***Wellemeyer @ ***Duke *Wellemeyer is hot, do it, do

***Jurrjens @

Koronka @ ***Parra *Got your honky tonk koronka donk!!!!
Ditch. I’m starting to think Parra may just get his degree and

***Peavy @

Paulino @
***Jimenez *Ubaldo needs a good one here and he
could be back to low grade graduate.

Owings @

***Zimmermann @
***Cain *

***Cory adds “I say
pitch on Hochevar (A’s might be the worst offense in baseball) but ditch on
Cahill (brutal K-BB and Royals don’t suck offensively).”

recognize that Manny Parra is a big gamble, and the Nationals don’t suck
offensively anymore either. I still say pitch, but this might be one to average
your eyes until it’s over.”


Hey guys, I’m in a weekly league and I’m wondering that since it’s harder to play pitch-or-ditch week-to-week, how does your value on starting pitching change, if at all?

Dallin from Idaho

Which side do you like better?
A. Javier Vasquez and Adam Jones
B. Ryan Dempster, Shin Soo Choo and James Loney

11 team keeper league, 6 keepers, my offense is pretty bad but I just got AROD back. I’ve been offered a trade by the last place team. He’s offering Rollins, Ludwick, Wolf and Meche for my Weiters, Grienke and Cain. Rollins and Ludwick would replace 2 of the 3: Bartlett, Choo and Russel Branyan. Also note we play 1 catcher and I also have Inge and McCann at catcher. Thank you, love the show.

Hey guys looking for your blessing on this trade.
12 team h2h mixed vanilla with CI and MI and one Util.

I trade
Haren, Ellsbury, and Nelly Cruz
I get
Beltran, Ryan Zimmerman, and Joba.

I feel like I can afford to give up Haren since I still have a pitching staff of Greinke,J.Johnson,Kershaw,Cecil,and Hanson still in the minors.
Thanks, Chris in Dallas

you can still Pod but u have to focus on 2 start pitchers and decide if it’s worth it to try one good and one bad matchup. Other then that same ole to me. You want high ceiling guys for lower prices on draft day.

A. The better pitcher and hitter. Loney doesn’t make up for that.

It’s still early enough to win and even though u give up big keepers you still are getting big bats. You also are getting mccann back. See if you can flip Inge and or Bartlett for an arm.

Haren over Joba not huge. Beltran over ellsbury I love. Zimm over cruz I love. I like this deal. Not much risk. Hanson can really help good young pitching with some risk but very high ceiling.

hey guys,

should i trade adrian gonzalez for b.j upton?

i was worried about my lack of power as i just lost aramis ramirez to the DL, but i’m lacking in all offensive categories and this looks too juicy not to jump on.

11 team roto mixed.

thanks guys,

Is Cecil a graduate? He has some scary lineups coming up and I am running out of room on my bench. I also picked up Hochevar, but guys like Wellemeyer and Parra are still on the wire. Am I better off with the more experienced pitchers?

Hey guys great blog and love the podcast too wish I had XM so I could hear the weekly show. Anyway I have Manny and I have been offered Nick Markakis for Johnny Cueto. He has outfielders but needs pitching I am feeling pretty good with my pitchers (Greinke, Verlander, Cueto, Burnett, Edwin Jackson, and Joba) it is a 12 team mixed Head to head league with a short bench and a handful of keepers (5). Should I pull the trigger?

Hi guys,
Great show, helps me big time over here in Euroland, consequently leading my league right now.
Standard Y! H2H, 12 team mixed, non keeper league. I have a question about Alexei Ramirez, my no. 4 pick hasn?t been up to my expectations.
Question: shall I stay patient?
I am considering stashing him on my bench, my current replacement on 2nd base is Skip Schumaker, on the waiver wire I could pick up one of these gentlemen:

? Callaspo
? Fontenot
? Iwamura
? Castillo
? Bonifacio
? Green
? Matsui
? Polanco

Guys, I love that the shows are getting longer with more great content. Question… 10-team mixed H2H Yahoo league, and my pitching is solid from starters to closers. I’m week at my corners, having tried Chris Davis, Derek Lee, and Adam Laroche at 1B. I’m content to leave Davis in my 3B slot to get the dingers. But I’m thinking I could sell high on Zach Grienke and get someone solid to fill 1B. Who should I expect as fair value in that spot for Grienke?

Since it’s a 10-team, Helton was available on the wire. I picked him up and dropped Laroche. Maybe I just ride it out with him?

Thanks for answering my trade question earlier, however my league vetoed the trade….do you still make the deal swapping joba for sonnanstine?
Chris in Dallas

Hey Guys!
What do you guys think…. I just traded for amram then he went down and i have teahan filling in at third…… Time do adjust.
I give
Frankin (sell high?)
Weaver (sell high?)

I get
Atkins (he wants to move him, buy low for 3B for the next 4 to 6-weeks?)
Zambrano (buy low?)




Yeah, I’d do that deal. The upside is just too enticing to pass up, even if you’re giving up a reliable 1B like Adrian. It’s a lot easier to find another productive 1B than to add a talent like Upton.

I don’t think Cecil’s a graduate quite yet. I’d feel more comfortable with Wellemeyer or even Parra. Then again, I’m generally very conservative, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’ll take that trade 100 times out of 100. I’m liking Cueto more and more, but if he can net you an elite OF, that’s a great return. If I owned Markakis, I would only consider dealing him If I received an elite SP. Someone like Haren would be a good match. Cueto is no Haren!

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I like the top 3 options best, but for now I’d run ramirez back out there. i thought yhe was the most overrated playe in fantasy drafts this year and unforunately you proved my point but he is still probably better then the guys on the wire.. look at their last 7 days and play the hot hand for a bench spot while keeping an eye on fontenot since he could get PT in Aramis Ramirez’s absence. callaspo had been on fire but expectedly cooled off.

I would take Joba but would never deal Joba for Sonnanstine.

Teahen has done nothing wrong to make you make a 3 for 3 deal just to replace him. Other then Bell I like your players better.
Look at Teahen the last 7 days and then look at Atkins 0-15 the last 7 days. Youre overthinking.

ok im done here lets move it over to today’s Fantasy Q+A………………..Siano

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