Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 13


***Buehrle @

***Pettitte @
Richmond *Richmond was hot until last start and this could be

Willis @ Perkins *rooting for Dontrelle but not picking him up just

***Bannister @ Outman *BB is the man!

Martis @ ***Zito *you have to run Zito out

***Pineiro @ Ohlendorf *Piniero has struggled but overall he can get you the W.
Ohlendorf got whacked around by Cards last start so ditch. Pirates are crashing
back to earth.

***Young @

***Cueto @

***Cory will roll the dice on Washburn, Perkins, Martis, and Wolf.

Some quotes from Schwartz:

Washburn’s only had one bad start so far and I’m
still skeptical about a lot of the Rangers. Cruz, Andrus, Byrd… A lot of those
guys are overachieving right now. Nice call on Bannister vs. “Triple-A’s”
though. I just made that up!”


you guys are awesome.

quick one for you:

teahen or blalock?

those are the best options on the wire and i’m still trying to figure out this whole “aramis DL” thing.

thanks guys,

Hey Guys,

Please talk me down off the ledge. I am getting so frustrated and am worried I might do something I might regret, like drop my whole team. I am in 8th place of a 12 team 5 x 5 vanilla (with CI and MI). My pitching (ironically) is keeping me middle of the pack even though I went all hitters early. I am in last in most offensive categories with the following guys doing very little: – C: R Martin – 2nd: Kendrick- SS: Furcal – 3rd: Encarnacion (I grabbed Branyan but am about to drop him for Adam Rosales)- OF: BJ Upton, Holliday, Quentin- DH: David OrtizIt’s amazing I am not in dead last. Thank God for Morneau, Helton and Taveras.Do I need to trade some of these guys at a loss? Or just pray 2/3 of them start hitting & I make a run after the all-star break?Keep up the great work, thanks for the help (I needed to vent watching another 2-15 night) ~ Jaded, NYC

Hey Kyle (cool name),
Go with Blalock — he can do a better job of supplementing some of the power you lost with Aramis. He was actually boasting a career-high .567 slugging percentage heading into tonight’s game. (You can find that stat in Blalock’s blurb in this week’s Value 50 rankings.) Perhaps you noticed his two homers on Sunday.

Hey Jaded,

Well, Martin, Kendrick, Upton and Quentin should be fine. Holliday will likely be more of a 25/90 guy than 35/110, so readjust your expectations if you thought he would start hitting like he was still playing at Coors Field.
There isn’t much reason to be optimistic about Papi — it’s not great to sell low on a player, but it could be worth checking if any owner (maybe a Red Sox fan?) is enamored with him.
Once Kendrick heats up, maybe you could trade him and a pitcher for Phillips, just to get some extra speed and power into your lineup. I would use Branyan as trade bait, too, for someone still believing in his April numbers. Stay patient with most of your hitters, though.

Hey Gents –
Urgent POD question. In a show last week, someone noted the extreme difference in pitching stats for Chris Young. You mentioned that he’s a great pitcher in pitching friendly parks, but in hitting friendly parks, sit him. And then I think you went on to mention that you would be sitting him in Chicago. Then the pitch recommendation in POD. Can you clarify or offer a little more insight? Sorry I don’t have who hosted the show on what day.
Jeff in Berkeley

How long do I keep Berkman in my lineup. I am in a keeper league and held on to him for my 3rd round pick becuase he carried my squad all the way to the finals last year- but now nobody on my team is a bigger disapointment. So tell me… Do I still start him? Wait for him to turn it around on my bench? Or see if I can trade him for some value? If you can who do you see as a reasonable target? I don’t think the owner of Tex would give him up even though they are both having big problems right now.
Thanks for the help as always,
Mike NYC

trying to replace aramis also, I currently have teahen at my CI but looking to upgrade. Would you deal haren for zimmerman straight up? I am leading the league in pitching so I have the depth to give up haren.


Be patient with Berkman. He’s been remarkably consistent from year to year and I’m never in favor of trading a player while his stock is down, especially a guy with the proven track record of Berkman.

Your question is today’s featured question. Check it out.

I’ll let Siano get back to you on that one.


That wasnt me who said that but Young has 2 bad starts one in Coors and one in Philly, no shame in that. I let him pitch in Wrigley.

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