Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 14

***Verlander @

Penny @ ***Big
(Red Sox are not nearly as good on the road as home, good return matchup
for Siano’s mancrush)

Carmona @

***J. Johnson @

Gaudin @

***Maine @ J. Sanchez (Maine
is righting the ship of late)


Better pick up Reimold or Gamel?

Gamel just called up, how would you rate him for the rest of the season?
Where would you rank him among CI / 3B for the rest of the season?
–Peter in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC

Offering A. Hill and Chipper Jones for A-rod. Already have Wright and Kinsler. Would use A-Rod as Utility. Does he have a Big year or am I better to stick with Hill. He seems like the real deal.

Me again,
Also offered Hill and Jones for Holliday. What do you think?

I offered two trades. A. Hill and Chipper Jones for A-rod And the same two guys for Holliday. I have Wright and Kinsler so Hill is my Utility and Jones is on the bench. I would move A-Rod to Utility. Crystal ball, does A-rod stay healthy and does Hill keep raking?

Sorry did not think my first two post went through.

looks like gamel is getting called up to help on the bench (he is LH) and will get some burn in interleague, sound like Brandon Wood to me.

I’d go get Arod, Hill I think will still have a very good year but from here on out he’s no A-Rod and Chipper will end up on shelf.

I may actually pass on that deal since Holliday is definitely having trouble keep an eye on it but hang tight for now.

head over to today’s post.

Hey Guys,

Standard 10 team, 5 x 5 format. Thinking of offering Webb, Soto, and Sandoval for B.J. Upton and Zimmerman. Is this enough to entice? He needs catchers (I have Mauer and V-Mart) and I OF help in Manny’s absence (w/no power on the waiver wire, I’m looking to shore up my SBs during this interim). He might ask for Hoffman in addition. How would this tip things for you?

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