Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 15

***Liriano @ Hughes *not sure why everyone loves Phillip Hughes so much. Wang will have his old spot back soon, so proceed with major caution. One good
start against the Twins won’t sell me just yet.

***Danks @

***Saundo @
*strong start by Saundo here makes him a hands down graduate.


***De La

@ Maholm *terrible week for Maholm and no k’s so to
me this is chasing a win. I think De La Rosa is the better gamble, so

Stults @ ***Volstad *Stults coming off great start vs SF but lots of RH to
rough him up in Miami

***Gallardo @

Livan @
***Lincecum *too bad Tim couldnt pitch vs Johan
Saturday but Unit vs Johan is kinda cool too.


Hey Guys…in a standard 5×5 mixed can you please rank the following outfielders for the rest of the year: Chris Young, Dexter Fowler, Travis Snider, Ryan Spilboroghs, Jason Kubel, Coco Crisp, and Mark Teahan? Thanks!

Thoughts on Big Papi and Uggla the rest of the way? Can I cut one or both of them for a pitch or ditch spot? 9 team 5×5 mixed.

Michael in Roseville

I have Jacoby Ellsbury and Bill Hall. I acknowledged that Bill Hall has been doing very good this week, but Jacoby Ellsbury is a good player, too. I don’t know who I should put into the Utility spot?
Jacoby Ellsbury will have a tough week against Mets and Blue Rays. Bill Hall will also have a tough week against Twins.
Oh, yeah. I also have Scott Rolen and Todd Helton. Help me!🙂

Just got a trade offer. Wanted to hit accept, but got a bit nervous because I’m a tribe fan.

I’m giving away Renteria and Choo, and gaining Dukes and S. Drew. Do you do this deal? Is Choo more valuable than Dukes? And what of Drew’s health?

Thanks so much!

Bart in Ohio

Hi Guys,

Want to get your thoughts on this trade that’s pending in my League. It is:

Beltre, Adrian (3B)
Bartlett, Jason (SS)
Ethier, Andre (OF) for
Papelbon, Jonathan (P)
Berkman, Lance INJ (1B)
Ramirez, Alexei (2B).

I think it’s a veto case based on lack of value on the Beltre / Bartlett / Ethier side of the deal, but would appreciate your thoughts.


Steve in the UK

Hey guys,

12 team mixed vanilla. I’m short on closers and getting (very) tired of all the Mets on my team. I have Johan as well as Wright. I also need HR and RBIs, R & SBs, not so much. Should I do this deal:

I trade:
David Wright,
Kiko Calero,

and I get:
Alex Rodriguez
Joel Hanrahan
Juan Cruz


I’ve got a big time Sizemore problem. As we know he has been in the toilet for the last several weeks. I’ve tried trading him in my 12 team mixed leagues one head to head the other roto. Been turned down for straight up Adam Lind and Michael Young.

I realize selling low isn’t the greatest but at this point he just sits on my bench filling roster space. Should I lower my trade expectations or just bite the bullet and let him sit and hope he starts to perform at some point.


I hate giving up the best player in a deal but I’ve been offered Chris Davis and Cueto for Sizemore. I need pitching and could use Davis at Third Base with Aramis Ramirez on the DL for weeks or months to come. I’d be replacing Sizemore from the wire in a 12-team mixed.

Need help: Should I pull the trigger?

Hey Guys,
12-team 5×5 mixed keeper. I can get A-Rod for Greinke. I’m decent in pitching but I’m hurting in four of five hitting cats (R, AVG, HR, RBI). Do I do the deal?
Bas in Denmark

Hey chicagobil,
Kubel, Snider, Young, Teahen, Fowler, Crisp, Spilboroghs. A few explanations: Young is traditionally a better second-half hitter (.819 OPS in second half vs. .679 mark in first), and his BABIP (.238) is 40 points lower than his career norm. I like Teahen and I believe he could go back to second base once Alex Gordon returns — Callaspo’s hot start was a mirage. Fowler might be fast, but he’s a rookie and they struggle with plate discipline, as noted by his 24 strikeouts in 115 plate appearances.
Hey Michael,
Get out of the Big Papi market. I suppose you have to hold onto him if nobody else in your league desires him, but trade him if you can get a reasonable return. I wouldn’t cut either for a pitch or ditch option, especially Uggla.
Hi deaf,
I’d almost always go with Ellsbury, except when Hall is facing a southpaw. He’s hitting .444 with a 1.242 OPS in 28 plate appearances against lefties, against .212 and .649 marks in 76 trips to the dish vs. righties.
Hey Bart,
First, separate your allegiance to your team in real life from your fantasy squad. Choo is more valuable than Dukes, if only for his greater level of consistency. I’d be hesitant to do this trade, only because I hate having to depend on unpredictable players like Dukes.
Hey jonah,
Congratulations, you might be the first fantasy baseballer I’ve heard complain about having Johan and Wright. What a tough life that is! Try not to overthink this. If you want a closer, then get a real closer. Don’t get rid of Wright with the false hope of Joel Hanrahan and Juan Cruz shoring up your closer depth. I understand you’d get A-Rod as well, but Wright will be better overall.
Hi Len,
Well, there’s your problem right there. Too often fantasy players will sit their superstars because that guy is in a slump, only to regret the move when their superstar busts out with a 4-for-5, two-homer, five-RBI contest. You should keep playing Sizemore, wait until he hits a prolonged hot streak, then trade him if that’s your goal. Don’t sell low on your best players, especially if there are no injury concerns (which there aren’t for Sizemore).
Hey Keith,
Again, keep Sizemore. Cueto and Davis have bright futures, but you’re talking about trading a top-12 fantasy player. How will you feel in a month when Ramirez returns and Davis is pushed to your bench?

And with that, we’re finished here! Please head over to the new posting that’s up.

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