Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday May 16-18


Blackburn @

Lackey @ Padilla (sit
this one out with Lackey, tough situation for a pitch-count

Cahill @

***Beckett @

***Myers @

***Johan @ ***R.

***Scherzer @

Happ @


***Slowey @

Floyd @

***Jered Weaver @

***Masterson @ J.

Garland @ ***Lowe

Park @ Zimmermann
(he’s been knocked around lately and the Phillies are

Paulino @

Pelfrey @
Richard @ Richmond
(Hello Mr. Richmond, I’m Earth. Glad you could come back

Outman @

Marquis @

***Haren @
***Nolasco (Nolasco has made six straight road starts, gotta believe he’ll
turn it around at home)

***Siano says “I
agree, intrigued by Cook vs Snell as a win chasing play, but not a no

***NOTE  All unanswered blog questions from today as of 5:30 PM ET have been placed on the list of questions for tonight’s Sirius/XM show.  The podcast of this should be available by late tonight.



Hey all, great blog post by Noah Coslov if you’d like to know a bit more about the 411 blog-master himself, Zach Steinhorn: http://thewheelhouse.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/05/getting-to-know-you.html
-Dan in LA

Also, for those of you who Twitter, search #roto for lineups, advice, etc. and find me at twitter.com/danport

I’m trying to figure out who to pitch or ditch for next week since the roster locks in on Mondays. Johan and Buehrle are givens but i have 3 spots left for 5 starters that could be questionable: Nolasco, Maine, Myers, Pettitte and Zambrano. Normally Zambrano is solid, but I have some concern about how effective he will be off the DL. Nolasco pitched poorly last time, but he has the opportunity to pitch twice next week. So does Pettitte. Who do you recommend to start?


Hi Again. I got this trade offer. I would get Swisher, Uggla, and Victorino all for Beltran. Beltran has been my golden boy since the start of the season, and being the die hard Mets fan that I am, I’m reluctant to give him up, but I don’t want to do something crazy. At 1B I have Votto and Derrek Lee on the bench. My 2B is Aaron Hill and my OFs are Beltran, Ichiro, J. Upton, and Fowler with Lind and Guillen on the bench. I don’t really see where I would be getting improvements in this deal, so I’m inclined to refuse. Would you agree?


I guess i’m too late for the show (which I am loving, by the way– its great that you guys are back in long-form radio with guests, a tremendous outlet for the show).

My question: I’m in a league where we must play 5 SPs and 4 RPs. I’m fishing for a 4th RP. Right now i have Nathan, Wood, Ardsma, and a huge hole. Originally, ardsma was my 4th RP, with Soria in the line-up, but with him on the DL, I need a filler until he’s healthy, at worst someone who will put up some solid stats and not hurt me, at best someone who might steal a save or with potential to vulture a closer role and create some value. All the closers are taken, so I need to dig a bit deeper. Any suggestions on where to look?

Guys like Soriano (atl), Perez and Motte (StL), Corpas (Col), Madson (Phi), Nunez, Saito, Frasor are all available on the waiver wire.

Peter in DC

I have Ricky Romero (TOR-SP) on the DL and all of the sudden Yahoo has him listed as N/A. What’s up with this? Is he worth keeping or do I drop him? Anyone’s advice would be appreciated.



Curtis – The Jays activated Romero and sent him to the minors, hence he is is listed as Not Active.


If I understand correctly, he’s on a rehab assignment and shouldn’t be there very long. Is that your understanding?


hahahahahaha how about lackey’s start eh?
-another mike

Two pitches and gone!!


I have a 2nd base logjam. I’m in a league with 2nd & 2nd/short. I have Asdrubal at 2nd and have both Jose Lopez & Alexi available. Who would you keep? Or, do I deal Asdrubal while he’s red hot? Also Guzman is available on the wire.

Hey Glenn,
Definitely start Big Z. His start is scheduled in San Diego (May 22), so that’s as good a start as any park to make a return from the DL. Two starts in one week wouldn’t persuade me to start Nolasco; he’s been terrible. Go with Pettitte and Maine as your other two starters with Zambrano.
Who’s your UT on that squad? Lind on the bench is saying something. I kind of like this deal for you because you would have even better depth than you have now. I wouldn’t want to rely on Fowler — even for steals — and Uggla is a convenient option in case Hill’s bat starts to deflate. Don’t let your team allegiance cloud your judgement. If you’re still in doubt, maybe you can get Uggla or Victorino with a top-flight pitcher.

Hey Peter,
Mark Lowe could be an option, since he’ll possibly get a few saves with Brandon Morrow out of the closer role. (You obviously have most of those saves wrapped up with Aardsma.) Ultimately, I’d go with Soriano. He fetched his first save on May 10, and blew one on May 13. He has 24 strikeouts against six walks in 17 innings, though, so more saves could be in his future.

Hi Rich,
I would definitely look to deal Cabrera while he maintains some impressive numbers. It’s tough to discard Alexei, since we know he’s capable of so much more than what he’s showing. You just can’t get rid of a guy that talented when his value is at is near its lowest point. Plus, Lopez doesn’t run much, and at least Alexei’s been doing that despite the slow start (6 SBs in 7 chances).

I have a dilemma. I have Ricky Romero (SP-TOR) on the bench and Jeremy Bodnerman (SP-DET) is available as a free agent.

If I pick up Bonderman I need to drop someone from my roster. The choices are Spilborghs (OF-COL), Snider (OF-TOR), or Romero. (I am loaded in the OF and weak in SP.)

Any advice?


hey guys,

who do you like more for the rest of the year?

kinsler or utley
carlos lee or holliday

also, would you be opposed to packaging aramis ramirez and holliday today for say, a miguel cabrera? if aramis comes back then i fear i gave up too much, but if he’s out for much longer than i feel as though i win out.

11 team roto mixed league.

thanks guys,

Hey guys. I really need your quick help before the lineup gets locked. As far as I know Votto struggles with dizziness, and had left a few games in a row. I am afraid that he’ll might not play this week, or just a few games.
I have a few options that I can replace Votto for this week:
Todd Helton, Derrek Lee (I don’t know if he’ll play well), Casey Kotchman, and James Loney.
What do you think of Jermaine Dye? Should I replace Dye for Hermida for Utility spot?

Hi guys,
I am a Thommy Hanson owner, stasehd him away on my bench. (H2H, 12 team, 5×5 mixed, standard Y!)

Now, as Medlen has gotten the call, the natural question arises: is Hanson still scheduled to be called up by end of may (arbitration-safety) as a SP, or do u guys see any further delay with his call-up?
Do u see Medlen beeing moved to any RP sore consequently?

Another question:
i am a Alixei Ramirez “sufferer”, has the time come, if so, whats the better replacement: Callapso or Schumaker or Fontenot, all available on the wire.

Thx a bunch, u OWN fantasy podcasts!
Greez from Euroland,

Hi guys,

I am in an 11-team standard 5×5 mixed league with 10 batters (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, U, U), four SP’s, 2 RP’s and a six-man bench. I am in third or fourth in all batting categories except SB’s. I have Dexter Fowler but since he isn’t an everyday player he’s not getting it done for me. I have proposed trading Jermaine Dye, Marco Scutaro, and Dexter Fowler for Jacoby Ellsbury. Am I giving up too much in order to get steals? The owner I’m trying to trade with has Khalil Greene at SS, so Scutaro is being used as sweetener in this deal. But he needs power (HR and RBI) and I have Matt Holliday, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Shin-Soo Choo and Fowler as OF’s so I can live without Dye.

What do you think of the trade? Should I just hold on to Fowler and hope he sees regular playing time?

Thanks in advance,



None of those guys (including Romero) are worth dropping for Bonderman. If he’s really the best SP available, I’d rather use the OF depth to work out a trade for a better starter. Bonderman has yet to pitch this season and he hasn’t been a viable mixed league starting pitcher since 2006. Pass.

Kinsler and Lee would be my picks. As for the trade, it is a bit risky but I like it. Aramis’ return date is still very much uncertain and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he’s out until after the All-Star break. Ramirez is quoted as saying that this is the most severe injury he’s suffered in his career. Not good. I think Holliday will have a fine year, but he obviously won’t make the same fantasy impact as he did in Colorado. See if you might be able to get a little more in this trade but even if you can’t I’ll endorse it.


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