Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 20


Guthrie @ Hughes *No

Harrison @
* now that I traded Verlander I’m rooting
for him but hope he is super instead of crazy

Anderson @
Kazmir *Kazmir is overrated. When people are
looking to dump you in AL-only you have problems.

***Cecil @ Penny *great example of if you don’t make the team out of
spring it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be forgotten, yeah Price and Wieters but Cecil is a big name too.

Carmona @

***Danks *Danks has been struggling but he’s had some
great starts this year.


@ Jakubauskas *let’s see how much more rust is

Davis @

Augenstein @

***De La

@ ***Vazquez *De La Rosa is coming off two sick
starts, I love him here

***Maholm @ ***Lannan *see John Danks on Maholm, there’s been a murder and 6
store fire in Long Beach this past week, something has to go right I say its
Johnny Long Beach!!!

Moyer @

***Gallardo @ ***Wandy * 411 matchup made in

***Dempster @
*I know people won’t be able to resist
starting Carp. I have no idea what is going to

@ Gaudin This is last time I say pitch on Sanchez if he stinks
it up. Man crush, sorry.

Livan @ Stults

***Cory agrees
on all except the following:

Pitch Kazmir: I’d start ANYONE against the A’s right now,

Ditch Cecil: love him so far but at Boston is a very tough

Ditch Meche: he’s been awful lately


Hey guys, I had a question last friday about being shortstop heavy with Reyes, Bartlett, and Guzman and looking for another OF. After some shopping around, the only offer I have that’s even worth consideration is Reyes and Hawpe for Ryan Braun. Right now my 4 starting OF are Soriano, Kemp, Torii Hunter and Hawpe. Would i be better keeping Hawpe and throwing in Hunter to the deal and see if he takes that? or is this deal worth taking? Thanks for the help!

Hey Guys,
Three quick questions (10 team 5×5 non keeper mixed league):

Drop John Baker for Geovany Soto?

Drop Maholm for Cecil For the strike out upside?

Alexei Ramírez just got droped. I have Jeter, Hill, Uggla & Tulo. Is he worth picking up (I would have to drop tavares or Maholm) and trying to deal Jeter or Hill away for an upgrade somehwere else?


In my keeper league I had to decide whether to keep Rickie Weeks or Alexei Ramirez at the start of the year. I took Alexei not knowing how disappointing he’d be. With the recent injury to Weeks I still don’t think I made the right decision. Ramirez probably won’t even get to the HR numbers that Weeks has already put up. SB’s are the only thing Alexei can give you right now.

I also made the brilliant decision of protecting Oliver Perez over Dave Bush and Chris R. (pitcher) Young, so my year pretty much went into the ditch.

Hey Guys,

Here’s a thought: In my 5×5 12 tm mixed non-keeper, would you pickup Ricky Romero and drop Big Papi? Basically, I’m looking for ANY reason to drop Papi.

Neighbor Steve

Is Spilboroughs droppable in a 12 team mixed vanilla? I was going to take a shot on Parra on Reimold or someone. Seems like Spils is benched a lot.

Man J Sanchez better come up big! I picked him up of FA and I’m thinking San Diego is the perfect place to turn it around.

Hey craigslist,
What don’t you like about your outfield? I’d rather stand pat than rely on Bartlett or Guzman the rest of the year — both are due for a major correction to their batting averages. Reyes probably won’t steal many bases in the near future as he recovers from his calf injury, but it’ll be much more comforting to have him in the lineup in August than it will your other two shortstop options.
Hey Raf,
1. Yeah, you can do that. Baker collected nine of his 17 RBIs in his first nine ballgames. He’s homered in three of seven games, but Soto has six base hits in his past five contests. He’s starting to come around.
2. Knock yourself out with that as well. More impressive than the 15 K’s in 20 innings is that he’s issued just four walks. Maholm has gone 25/15 in 51 1/3 frames.
3. Yes, shop Jeter. He’s so consistent, but the upside is very limited. Ramirez can steal 25 bases and his power could still come around to enable him to clear the 20-homer mark.
Hi welikeroy,
I think you made the right decision; you can’t be so down on Alexei that you wish you’d kept a player who’s now out for the year. Alexei’s fly ball percentage is less than two percentage points lower than it was last year — 34.9 from 36.6 percent — but his percentage of fly balls that have gone for homers has dwindled from 13.8 to 2.7 percent. That’s just entirely the product of a cold bat. That’s also a lot of bad luck.
Hey Steve,
Oh, wow, it’s come to this, huh? Is it possible to sit Ortiz? I’ve been a proponent of shopping him hard, just to find some value. But dropping him for a pitcher who has a 5.6 K/9 rate is too much. I’d give Ortiz until mid-June, at which time you’ve spent more than enough of the season waiting for him to get going.
Hey mreal,
He’s started 30 of 38 games — that’s a high enough percentage to keep him on your team. At least he has a track record in the Majors, which is something Parra and Reimold can’t say. Spils is what he is — a very reliable backup option who doesn’t have quite enough power or speed to justify starting every day. Instead of Parra or Reimold, isn’t there a more solid everyday OF on your league’s free agent list? A vanilla league should seem to present better options than those two.

Hey guys,
I am loaded with saves and need some offensive help have 2 offers from the same owner.
1. Alexei Ramirez for Qualls
2. Werth and Alexei for Papelbon – If I do this deal I have to drop either Gamel or Rasmus. I’m thinking I should just move on.

I stay from #2, I’m ok with #1 as overrated as I think Ramirez is it’s worth a shot since it’s only Qualls and you are stacked. Do you have anyone between Paps and Qualls you can deal and get a better player without paying the hefty price?

head over to new posting that is going up in 5 minutes….Siano

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