Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 22


***Ubaldo @

Myers @

***Johan @ ***Dice-K *Don’t blame you if you sit this one out with

***Parra @ ***Slowey

***Duke @ Floyd *Floyd’s a mess

Buckner @

***R. Johnson @
***Vargas *
Vargas survived Rangers and Red Sox surely
he can survive
the Giants right?

***Zambrano @ ***Peavy

R. Hill @
Zimmermann *Zimm has been awful, Hill needs to show
me more.

Anthony Reyes @

Sonnanstine @
***Nolasco *Once more with


Padilla @

Davies @

***Jered Weaver @

***Cory disagrees with a bunch of these:

Ditch on Dice-K, I still have nightmares of the Cardinals giving
him a 2nd-inning knockout in his DL return from last year.

Ditch Parra, he’s too erratic and the Twins showed today that
they are at least capable of putting up some runs.

Ditch Vargas, you gotta be kidding me.

Pitch Zimmermann, he’s pitched in bad luck… K/BB rates are

Ditch Arroyo, too inconsistent and gets beat up by AL lineups. Side
note: HOMER TIME on Saturday!!



For those who care, Edinson Volquez was placed on the DL today with back spasms. To take his roster spot, the Reds recalled Homer Bailey, presumably from quad-A.
-Dan in LA

I’m going to repost this here in case you guys missed this.
Quick question. Who do you like better at 3B? Russell Martin or Mark Reynolds? Thanks.

No love for Kawakami? He’s pitched decent in his last 3 outings, nothing spectacular but no blow-ups. He only has the one terrible start (at CIN).

Toronto is cooling off and losing the DH. They’ve scored 3 or less runs in 7 of their last 9 games. It seems like a decent opportunity for a quality start. (which is why he’ll probably give up 8 runs in 2 innings…)


Just answered your question on the previous post.


Will Joey Votto be able to play this week? I have Carlos Pena, if Votto is unable to play this week, I can replace him for Carlos Pena.
Joaquin in Somerville

This comment is for the Pitch or ditch from Thursday. ” Davis is starting to heat up.” – Oh really?! He is gone!

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