Fantasy 411 QA: May 26, 2009

Hey Guys,

Tons to discuss on today’s podcast.  It’s been one injury after the other over the past few days with Kazmir, Percival, Iannetta and Quentin all going down and Phillips trying to play through a broken finger.  Initial X-rays on Matt Capps came back negative but we should know more about him tomorrow.  I like to think of Memorial Day as a good time to really examine your team and figure out the strengths and weaknesses.  There’s now enough of a sample size to make an accurate assessment, but these injuries tend to throw everything off.  Now is the point where everyone should seriously consider trades, especially those of you who have one or more key players sidelined.



Hey Guys,
I have a question about IFFB%. I’m seeing a few players out there ( Furcal, Peralta ) who have extremely high IFFB% (>25%) through the first 1/4 of the season, however, when looking at full year stats, you never see it stay that high for a season. Can you assume that eventually, these IFFB will start turing into LDs and Fly Balls, and thus increased production. So, I guess the ultimate question is, does an elevated IFFB% tell you to buy low or hold for now?


I was structuring a deal involving Nolasco, and am now a bit cautious. I’m looking at getting a few players with high 2010 potential. If you had to give away nearly the same which of these sets of players do you think have the best upside vs risk for 2010:
Nolasco(3$), Soriano(6$), Lopez(10$), Schumaker(5$)
Pelfrey(6$), Motte(7$), Nyjer Morgan(7$), Flores(7$)
I’d basically be able to give up the same players for either of these sets of players.
Deep 12 team NL only keeper auction with a minor league roster and draft, 5×5.

Larry in Grenoble France.

Hey guys,

I’m a Jose Reyes owner looking for a short-term replacement. Would you trade away Adam Jones to get either: Drew and Mike Lowell or Furcal and Mike Lowell? Lowell will be used at 3rd while Adrian Beltre is still slumping.


Hey Guys,
Hope everyone had a baseball filled weekend!
6×6 (OPS holds)
Please evaluate this deal. I give Javier Vazquez for Aaron Hill. Hill replaces Scutaro, who i use at SS to pick up games lost by Jose “Day-to-Day” Reyes. My offensive categories, outside of OPS and average and steals are bottom 4. I am leading or top 3 in most pitching categories with a staff of :Haren, Vazquez, Kershaw, Wandy, Lidge,Capps, Villaneuva, Masterson, Putz, and Madson. Once Reyes is back, I will POD with scutaro’s spot until Hanson is up. Do i get the 411 blessing or am i giving up too many Ks, leaving me with a thin pitching staff

Thanks as always
Chris in Columbus


Is Tulo worth dropping yet? I’m in a 10-team 5×5 keeper mixed. Someone dropped him mid-April and I scooped him incase my SS (Hanley) ever got DL’d. I also thought I could sell high when he got hot. Obviously he hasn’t. Keep him and let him continue to ride the pine, or ditch him for a pitcher that will help out my pitching stats?


12 Team AL-Only $260 Cap

The Chris Davis owner has offered him straight up for Michael Cuddyer and the Cuddyer owner turned him down. So is Davis a buy-low candidate at this point if you are playing for this year. He is at $10 for next year also.

I have also thought about trying to buy-low on Howie Kendrick, any thoughts?


Follow up to a post I made last week regarding Aramis Ramirez. I’ve gotten zero interest in him. I’m still waiting a few owners, but folks don’t think he’s got much value left this year. This is also a keeper league (keep 5) and few are viewing him as a keeper option, which is still hard to believe. So, how low would you sell him? Top 50? Top 100? Thanks.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the awesome advice on my trade for getting mauer right before he got off the DL for harden (you were right about his arm falling off)..ive really loved the numbers mauer putting up for me. okay so, i picked up juan pierre right when manny got the 50 game suspension which turned out to be a good move and i was wondering when manny comes back will pierre be left out and if so should i sell high on pierre now and try to get something good in return. if so, what do u think i can get? perferably **** or RP cause im in need of some saves. guys rock.
Raymond from Houston

sry it cut off what i would want i wrote shortstop and RP

Hey Guys
Hope you had a great long weekend
Quick question for you boys
Have a solid offense but looking to make it alittle stronger with either getting a 3B or an OF. I have Quentin and Aramis and have C Blake at 3B and an outfield of Holliday, C Lee and Werth with lind on the bench.
Looking to upgrade at 3B with a M Cabrera or Go for a Braun, Sizemore , Soriano or Beltran at OF
Have a staff of J santana, Haren, Grienke and Wandy looking to make a deal with either of em for a Hitter. Let me know what you think would be best.
H2H 12 team points league

Hi guys,

11-team 5×5 standard roto league. I am near the top in all offensive categories except SB’s, where I am next to last. I was offered Jacoby Ellsbury for Josh Johnson. My starting pitching is decent – ERA and WHIP are near the top and Wins and K’s are in the middle. I’d be left with Haren, Shields, Slowey, Harden (on DL), Lohse, and Romero (recent WW acquisition). I am thinking of using PoD to make up for the difference in SP. Should I make the trade?


Hey guys….
Nolasco was dropped in my 5×5 mixed roto keeper….Is he worth giving up my 4th waiver position to get? With that being said who off my rotation is expendable

Haren (man crush)
Dice K


Hi Guys,

I used my #1 wavier on Matt Laporta. My current and only LF is Adam Lind. Do I keep Laporta on my bench, anticipating his late season callup? Should he be the type of guy that goes on a tear right around the time the fantasy playoffs it, as I full expect to be there as it is?

Hey guys. I’m trying to accomplish a couple of things. First, to get a decent OF to help replace Manny. Second, to clear a roster spot for Smoltz coming back, as well as pick up a 3rd closer while Valverde is out. I have an offer on the table where I would give Carpenter and Carlos Zambrano and get Torii Hunter and Ryan Theriot. I am over Zambrano. Other pitchers I have include Javy Vasquez, Big Erv, Wandy, Scherzer and Chris Young (SD). The question is do you think Carpenter will continue to stay healthy? My offense sucks with Manny out and I can’t afford to lose any more counting stats. Would you make this trade?

Hey guy’s.
I’m in a 10 team h2h keeper league.
I was offered carlos beltran for Zack Grienke. Initialy I would have agreed but to play beltran I would have to sit holliday, granderson, crawford or pence so basicly the upgrade from one of those guys to beltran for grienke isn’t worth it.
My problem is that I have beltre at 3b and he is killing me. what do you think of my counter offer? I offerd grienke and pence for beltran and youklis. is that paying too much?
Thanks, Tzvi in Israel

In light of Zach’ suggestion to assess one’s team at Memorial Day, I have a situation to explore with the forum. I have a probably overperforming offense, anchored by Wright, Beltran and Ibanez and complemented by Bartlett, Scutaro and O-Dog, giving me a solidly first place offense in a 14 team, 5×5 mixed league. Now, welcome to my nightmare. I had Big Erv and Fausto (more like Faustian bargain) active yesterday; 2.3 IP and 14 ER later, I’m deeper in last place in pitching than ever. My other starters are Nolasco, Baker, Burnett, Floyd, Dice-K and, best of the bunch, Saundo! So, how would you proceed with this first place offense and last place, train wreck pitching staff? Now that it is Memorial Day, I’m officially worried.
Thanks for the help,
Dave in Delaware

Those are all good prices for an NL only 12 teamer. With Chris Perez around I think Motte’s value is hurt badly. I’m not a big schumaker fan and Pelfrey is ok. the rest intrigue me with Nolasco at the forefront especially due to price. Soriano, Lopez and Flores would round out my top 4.

Thats a panioc trade to me since Jones would be the best player in the deal. I would pick up someone off the wires like Bonifacio and stop the bleeding a little bit. I understand what you are trying to do but then what happens when Reyes gets back? Then you’ll be looking to fill that hole in the OF. Play the hell out of the wire.

I bless this deal, I’m sure you can find some K’s on the wire as well.

If you need POD help then yeah you can cut Tulo in a ten teamer. You had the right idea, but the player has to cooperate.

I have not given up on Chris Davis yet, he is going to hit those homers, it’s the average I’m very dissapointed in. That is a classic sell high vs buy low trade. I’d much rather have Davis at $10, surprised but not shocked. Not a huge kendrick guy so I guess it depends who he replaces.

You may just have to deal with hanging on to Aramis. We may not know his 2010 value until late August so that’s why the crickets. Sorry but it may be best to move on and laugh all the way to the bank next year when he is on your roster.

Every day that goes by Pierre will start losing value unless he gets traded by the Dodgers. if you think he can land you an attractive SP or RP do it.

You have the pitching to get anyone you want. The question is what bat you want the most and who are you willing to part with once you make that decision its time to rach out to other GMs.

That is a no brainer, do it.


I’d take Nolasco over Wang, Wolf or Pelfrey and use the #4. plenty of time to climb back up.

safe assumption and would be good timing so if you have the slot feel free. Lind is a soild LF so you have no worries as long as he is healthy.

ben in 909
This is a good trade. Yes capr is amazing but only when on the mound. You are taking the calcualted risk he gets hurt again and nobody can blame you for that. the fact you need a bat and get one of the hottest ones in baseball makes this a good trade. You are taking some risk but you are getting back a bat or two you need and you have the SP depth, its a good deal for all involved.

I dont think it is. Youk and beltran are first class hitters. beltran while banged up now when healthy is an upgrade over Pence. Yeah Pence is having a good year so far but you are payiong Greinke to upgrade from Pence to beltran and getting Youk. You have to give value to get value. No gurantees but I like your chances in the end on this trade just ignore Royals box scores every five days.

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Were done here…………Siano

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