Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 29


Outman @

Willis @ Bergesen
(not sold on Dontrelle yet)

Wakefield @

Richard @

***Billingsley @

Detwiler @ Happ
(ditch on both, but both are interesting for gamblers)

***Cueto @

***Jurrjens @



?After speaking with Phillies Team Physician Dr. Michael Ciccotti this afternoon, Brett Myers had an X-ray last night that revealed bone spurring in his right hip joint,? said General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. ?He had an MRI this afternoon that revealed fraying and possible tearing in the labrum of the hip. Brett will seek a second opinion from a hip specialist to be determined.

?It is possible that Brett will not make his next start. That decision as well as any decision on a possible DL stint or surgery will be determined at a later date.?

Please advise on this trade offer:
Other owner has offered Beltran/Howard/Jenks for my V-Mart/Ichiro/Nathan.
I’m ready to pull the trigger but the only question is around the drop off at the catcher position. FAs that are available are: Wieters, Soto, Inge, Sandoval, Molina, & Posada.
So, not only would I probably grab Wieters I need to drop a player to bring Francisco back off DL.
I would need to either drop one of my OFs (Kemp(yes?), Carlos Lee, Ibanez, BJ Upton) or one of my SPs (Lackey, Halladay, Cliff Lee, Verlander, Wainwright, or Wandy). Either that or keep trying to work a 2-1 trade with someone.

So, what’s the absolute latest prediction on who will take the closer role in Tampa Bay? Seems to me that JP Howell is the only one not going through rough times, am I wrong?
-Another Mike

The owner with Beltran & Howard quickly took the offer off the table. I’ve decided to add Wandy to the mix to see if he’ll agree to go through with it. So, now it is:
His Beltran/Howard/Jenks for my V-Mart/Ichiro/Nathan/Wandy.


Also, someone just offered me Sizemore for Greinke in my 10team 5×5 h2h. I think Greinke will be $$$ all year long, but not at his current level right? So I HAVE to take this right?
-Another Mike


Like the deal and would definitely pick up Wieters but none of the guys you mentioned are droppable. Aren’t there other players you can drop. Otherwise, keep working the trade route.

Now that I’ve read your second post, I actually think the owner backing out of the first deal helped you as you don’t have to drop anyone. Consider it a blessing in disguise and do the trade.
Another Mike,

I wish someone would offer me Sizemore for Greinke. Accept immediately.
Another Mike,

Real tough situation to read, but I actually have a feeling Wheeler will be the guy. He’s got the most closing experience and has been solid of late (1.93 May ERA).


Oh forgot to say with the Sizemore for Greinke offer… I am lacking HR power but I have a super duper pitching staff. I won’t miss Grienke too too much: Greinke Garza Weaver Wandy Jackson Lilly Price. Would probably be replacing Choo on my roster for Size, my other OF are mclouth ellsbury and torii hunter.

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