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So how’s this for a trade: I give Figgins and Oswalt, I get Soria and Ludwick. Win?
-Dan in LA

Hey Guys,
I need your help. 15 team mixed league and I’m awful in the HR category (2nd to last).
So i’m looking to upgrade my corner IF , and especially 3B.
I had Edwin , then put Sandoval when Encarcarnacion went down, and picked up Crede a couple of days ago.

Another owner made a trade offer where I would give up Haren to get Reynolds, but I turned that down immediately for obvious reasons (+ the fact that we have to pitch 9IP/day that make me even less inclined to deal pitching).

The options I have are the following: Atkins is an FA that I can pick up (It’s still Coors…), I can also simply wait for Edwin to come back and prey for a good second half (right Cory?) or I could use one of these trade chips: Ethier, Bradley, Lind, Pierre (I’m deep in the OF as I have Rios and Beltran as well) or one of Konerko/D.Lee to improve 3rd. I’m very interested in Reynolds despite the K rate, but maybe you see another guy that I could target with these players.

The last option would be to try and get a top 3B using Haren . The rest of my SPs are Price,Vazquez,Bedard,Scherzer,and Hanson.

What would you do?

Do I drop BJ Upton, Kemp, or Lackey so that I can move Francisco back into my lineup? The other option is to just wait it out until I can work out a trade, which is hard to do in this shallow 6-team H2H league.
My other OFs are Carlos Lee, Ibanez, Ichiro and I’m saving Manny.
My other SPs are Cliff Lee, Verlander, Halladay, Wainwright, and Wandy.


I?m in a 10 team Head-to-Head 6 (OBP) x 7 (holds, batting average against) keeper league. I?ve got Wieters on my minor league roster, with Sandoval as my starting catcher and Iannetta in one of my three bench slots (my two disabled list slots are filled with Smoltz and Burrell). Our rosters only have one starting catcher slot. When I picked up Sandoval I tried shopping Iannetta (before he got hurt) and couldn?t find any buyers. My question is this: should I bring up Wieters from my minor league roster and cut either Iannetta or Sandoval? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Tony Gwynn Jr. What’s the outlook there for next year? Can he get keep his OBP high enough to get enough abs? Is he worth taking a chance on in a deep 12 NL keeper league? Are those Gwynn genes worth a deeper look than normal? I wouldn’t be giving up anyone that has any keeper value, and he’s part of a deal that would get me Sean West.

Larry in Copenhagen


Yeah, I’ll endorse that deal as long as you can absorb some of the loss in SBs. Soria and Ludwick are both good buys right now.

I wouldn’t trade one of the top SPs as you don’t have enough depth there with Price and Hanson as two of your guys. I’d make all those OFs available, and if you want Reynolds, I think you can get him for any one of them with the possible exception of Bradley. Pierre’s an obvious sell high guy right now with Manny coming back in a month, but if you need the steals it’s tough to deal him. Just know that his value will only go down from here on out.



Those guys shouldn’t be dropped but which Francisco are you talking about? I assume Frank, but you didn’t mention any other closers. The trade route would definitely be my preference but if you absolutely have to drop one, Lackey would be the guy I’d consider due to the large number of quality pitchers available in such a small league.


It is now the first of June and Jimmy Rollins is still bad. I invested heavily in Rollins in multiple leagues, expecting somewhat of a bounce back after his injury woes last season. At this point, I can’t imagine his season totals producing anything close to a reasonable return. What has happened to this guy? I’m not even talking about the power. I’m talking about a guy who once regularly got on base and ran. Jimmy don’t get on base. Jimmy don’t run.

HUGE question guys, as I’m losing all hope on my season. Your response is mucho appreciated.

20 team, H2H, 5×5 (OBP instead of AVG) keeper. 5 keepers.

My team is the defending champed but has had the worst run of luck you can imagine. Look at all of my DL/NA guys. I went from 1st place a couple of weeks ago to second to last after losing 8-2, 10-0 and 9-1. Anyway, one of the last place teams made the following offer:

I get: V-Mart, Alexei Ramirez, Adam Lind and Zambrano
I give: Reyes, Votto

He also has BJ Upton and Marmol, who I could probably swap out for Lind if need be. What do you think? I know I”m giving up 2 huge players, but while I feel sorry for Votto, he’s killing me and at least this way I could fill out a friggin’ lineup. Pull the trigger or try to wait it out? I just fear that by the time all my guys are healthy it will be too late. (Top 7 teams out of 20 make the playoffs and I’m 18.5 out of first right now).

C- Iannetta (DL)
1B – Votto (DL indefinitely)
2B – Utley
SS – Reyes (DL)
3B – Mora
OF – Rivera
OF – Hamilton (soon to be DL)
OF – McLouth
Util – Barmes
BN – Beckham (NA)
BN – Shoppach
BN – Fontenot
BN – Daniel Murphy
DL – Aramis Ramirez

SP – Jimenez
SP – Zimmerman
SP – Meche
SP – J. Johnson
RP – Madson
RP – Hanrahan
BN – T. Hanson (NA)
BN – Nolasco (NA)
DL – Bonderman

Also seperate smaller question, but I was offered Reimold for Beckham? Is Reimold legit or do you see his ABs tapering off in that crowded OF once he shows any sign of a slump?

Also, Kris Medellin…will he get a few more starts or will Glavine take his place? Worth picking up?

Is Clayton Richard worth a pick-up in a 12 team mixed league yet?

One last question. Regarding my big trade above, should I maybe just counter with V-Mart and Zambrano for Votto and keep Reyes out of it?

Very odd what is going on with Rollins. Now the investment may not be the same but what Carlos Delgado did last year gives all Rollin’s owners hope. Feel free to shop him but don’t trade him at too much of a discount b/c unless you are getting a first or second rounder back should Rollins get his act together you would lose badly in the deal.

Boys –

Advice time….in 6th (67.5 pts) of a 12 team mixed (1st = 83.5 pts; 3rd = 79 pts)), 10arms, 10bats, 10reserve, 5×5 league.

My bats (26pts) are killed by DL stints of Aramis, Quentin, and Reyes. Even V. Mart just got nicked up. Blake has hammy issue as a replacement for goodness sakes, etc. My arms (41.5 pts) are deep so two trade options exist.

1) Verlander for Wright.
2) Vazquez & Cueto for Fielder and Adam Jones.

I do have bench arms of Bonderman, Escobar, Hanson and Valverde waiting in the wings. Plus, Joba, Jackson, Kershaw, Wandy, with Happ, Hawkins, and R. Soriano rounding out my normal 10. I do have Bastardo as new option too.

Should I simply sit tight and wait for the health to arrive on O (Berkman, Barmes, Hart, Pence, Pierre, Werth, and N. Johnson make up my normal 10); or is the wait to long and going to bury me in a hole too big to dig out of?

Of the two, if a trade makes sense which do you like?


I’d cut Burrell and move Ianetta to his DL slot which would clear the bench slot for Wieters. Burrell barely has value in a 12 team league. Smoltz will be back June 16th as long as everything stays the same so you’ll be in good shape in 10 days.

In a 12 team NL only Gwynn is decent enough to at least try. Best way I can put it is low risk medium reward. He may not be a better hitter then his dad when Tony Sr. is in his eighties. Genes are overrated. How is Michael Jordan’s son doing? It sure doesn’t hurt to have great genes, but until I see it I don’t subscribe to it 100%. The spawn of Agassi/ Graf now that’s a kid I want to see how it works out.

I don’t do it. Has small scent of a panic trade. Reyes could be back Friday, Ianetta isnt far behind and every player you have with an N/A will contribute at some point. It’s only June 1st. Once Votto gets figured out he’ll be ok. I’d wait. Not that the return is awful but if you can get BJ i’d consider it a lot more. You seem certain you can get Upton so my question is why isnt he in there?

botner part 2,
Braves will do whatever it takes to give Glavine at least a look so Medlen is in trouble. Plus once that fails it’s Hanson time anyway.
reimold is getting a legit shot to play and definitely brings the thunder but my guess is he will slump shortly b/c he’s hot right now and only hitting .270. I love Beckham in a keeper I’d rather have him b/c of the position.

If Carl pavano is anyone is. I’d take a shot in a mixed if I need the arm. Solid but not spectacular as fas as 5×5 leagues go.

botner 3,
like that one better.

Like them both. trade #1 you get the best player, trade #2 you get two super solid guys and don’t have to give up Verlander. I probably do #2 but can’t fault you for either one.

Thanks Siano.

So basically you’re saying stand pat? I could do a smaller deal and keep Reyes out of it and instead deal just Votto for V-Mart and Zambrano (that would be my counter) or Votto for Carlos Pena (it’s an OBP league, so he’s worth more).

ok all done here, head over to the new post going up in 5 minutes….Siano

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