May 2009

Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 20


Guthrie @ Hughes *No

Harrison @
* now that I traded Verlander I’m rooting
for him but hope he is super instead of crazy

Anderson @
Kazmir *Kazmir is overrated. When people are
looking to dump you in AL-only you have problems.

***Cecil @ Penny *great example of if you don’t make the team out of
spring it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be forgotten, yeah Price and Wieters but Cecil is a big name too.

Carmona @

***Danks *Danks has been struggling but he’s had some
great starts this year.


@ Jakubauskas *let’s see how much more rust is

Davis @

Augenstein @

***De La

@ ***Vazquez *De La Rosa is coming off two sick
starts, I love him here

***Maholm @ ***Lannan *see John Danks on Maholm, there’s been a murder and 6
store fire in Long Beach this past week, something has to go right I say its
Johnny Long Beach!!!

Moyer @

***Gallardo @ ***Wandy * 411 matchup made in

***Dempster @
*I know people won’t be able to resist
starting Carp. I have no idea what is going to

@ Gaudin This is last time I say pitch on Sanchez if he stinks
it up. Man crush, sorry.

Livan @ Stults

***Cory agrees
on all except the following:

Pitch Kazmir: I’d start ANYONE against the A’s right now,

Ditch Cecil: love him so far but at Boston is a very tough

Ditch Meche: he’s been awful lately

Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday May 16-18


Blackburn @

Lackey @ Padilla (sit
this one out with Lackey, tough situation for a pitch-count

Cahill @

***Beckett @

***Myers @

***Johan @ ***R.

***Scherzer @

Happ @


***Slowey @

Floyd @

***Jered Weaver @

***Masterson @ J.

Garland @ ***Lowe

Park @ Zimmermann
(he’s been knocked around lately and the Phillies are

Paulino @

Pelfrey @
Richard @ Richmond
(Hello Mr. Richmond, I’m Earth. Glad you could come back

Outman @

Marquis @

***Haren @
***Nolasco (Nolasco has made six straight road starts, gotta believe he’ll
turn it around at home)

***Siano says “I
agree, intrigued by Cook vs Snell as a win chasing play, but not a no

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Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 15

***Liriano @ Hughes *not sure why everyone loves Phillip Hughes so much. Wang will have his old spot back soon, so proceed with major caution. One good
start against the Twins won’t sell me just yet.

***Danks @

***Saundo @
*strong start by Saundo here makes him a hands down graduate.


***De La

@ Maholm *terrible week for Maholm and no k’s so to
me this is chasing a win. I think De La Rosa is the better gamble, so

Stults @ ***Volstad *Stults coming off great start vs SF but lots of RH to
rough him up in Miami

***Gallardo @

Livan @
***Lincecum *too bad Tim couldnt pitch vs Johan
Saturday but Unit vs Johan is kinda cool too.

Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 14

***Verlander @

Penny @ ***Big
(Red Sox are not nearly as good on the road as home, good return matchup
for Siano’s mancrush)

Carmona @

***J. Johnson @

Gaudin @

***Maine @ J. Sanchez (Maine
is righting the ship of late)

Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 13


***Buehrle @

***Pettitte @
Richmond *Richmond was hot until last start and this could be

Willis @ Perkins *rooting for Dontrelle but not picking him up just

***Bannister @ Outman *BB is the man!

Martis @ ***Zito *you have to run Zito out

***Pineiro @ Ohlendorf *Piniero has struggled but overall he can get you the W.
Ohlendorf got whacked around by Cards last start so ditch. Pirates are crashing
back to earth.

***Young @

***Cueto @

***Cory will roll the dice on Washburn, Perkins, Martis, and Wolf.

Some quotes from Schwartz:

Washburn’s only had one bad start so far and I’m
still skeptical about a lot of the Rangers. Cruz, Andrus, Byrd… A lot of those
guys are overachieving right now. Nice call on Bannister vs. “Triple-A’s”
though. I just made that up!”

Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 12



***Sonnanstine @ Hendrickson *he’s been better and against good teams maybe he is
finding a groove. You could do worse.

***Burnett @

Vargas @

***Galarraga @ ***Slowey *Galarraga
passing Sonnanstine in the night but he can bounce back. I don’t love Slowey but
he can be effective. His last start was rain shortened so can’t really count

***Masterson @

Hochevar @
***Cahill *Hochevar killed me last year but he was hot in minors,
this could be a Brett Cecil type opportunity for a guy to come and get a lineup
he can handle out of the gate. Cahill’s strikeout numbers make me think he is
destined to be a twin.

***Kershaw @ Park *Kershaw definition of risk vs

***Wellemeyer @ ***Duke *Wellemeyer is hot, do it, do

***Jurrjens @

Koronka @ ***Parra *Got your honky tonk koronka donk!!!!
Ditch. I’m starting to think Parra may just get his degree and

***Peavy @

Paulino @
***Jimenez *Ubaldo needs a good one here and he
could be back to low grade graduate.

Owings @

***Zimmermann @
***Cain *

***Cory adds “I say
pitch on Hochevar (A’s might be the worst offense in baseball) but ditch on
Cahill (brutal K-BB and Royals don’t suck offensively).”

recognize that Manny Parra is a big gamble, and the Nationals don’t suck
offensively anymore either. I still say pitch, but this might be one to average
your eyes until it’s over.”

Why Manny Why?

It’s been a crazy week as it is. My wife gets into a fender bender on Monday costing me half a day (she’s fine it was no biggie), I took off Tuesday so I could get my once a decade check up and then take my Dad to his first Yankee game at the new Yankee and we get rained on and watch the Yankees spit the bit in clutch situations late but hey it was a good time. All the while we’re getting ready for the draft here and BAM! I had a little bit of a heads up on Manny, but you never know about these things until you KNOW about these things. I love covering breaking news it’s the best part of being in the media or working for a league, but this stunk because I love Manny and more importantly he was ripping it up for my 411 team. Manny being Manny was always about him being a goofball except for a couple of situations (not knowing what leg he hurt and pushing the Red Sox employee to the floor in the clubhouse over tickets or whatever), but this is flat out stupidity. Did I ever consider he was sticking a needle in his butt? No I didn’t but PEDs aren’t that cut and dry. C’mon Manny. Below is what Manny looked like before that infamous doctor visit.




me and schwartz today, looking at new Dodgers lineup and D-Backs changes after melvin firing……Siano

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Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 8

***Verlander @

***Sabathia @

***Shields @

Jakubauskas @
***Baker (stick it out with Baker, he’s turning it

Harrison @

***Meche @

***Richmond @

J. Reyes @

Karstens @

***Pineiro @ ***Cueto
(Pineiro’s good luck won’t last but you gotta ride the

R. Wells @

Gaudin @

Nolasco @ Hammel (I
am benching Nolasco in every league for this start in

Martis @

***Zito @ ***Billingsley
(that’s right… pitch Zito, he’s hot and Dodgers will miss

Fantasy 411 Q&A: May 6, 2009

Add Jorge Posada to the list of disappointing fantasy catchers as he’s now out two to three weeks with a hamstring strain.  Aside from the fact that two to three weeks isn’t really that long, the good news for Posada owners is they didn’t have to spend an early round pick on him.  Whether it be through injury or poor performance, each of the top five backstops according to the Fantasy Preview rankings (McCann, Martin, Soto, Mauer, Doumit) have so far turned out to be bad investments.  Mauer’s back, so at least he can now start making up for lost time.  The 411 endorsed strategy of grabbing an elite catcher isn’t looking too good right now, but there’s still time for that to change.

On today’s podcast, in addition to catchers, the guys will talk about the red hot Brandon Phillips and ice cold B.J. Upton while looking at some of the superb pitching performances from last night (Volquez, Joba, Bedard).

Also, we’ll get to those unanswered blog questions, so hang in there!

That’s all for now,

I’m in a 14 team mixed league I’m strong in pitching but lacking in some
areas of offense. I have Halladay, Oswalt, AJ Burnett, Rich Harden, and
Mark Buehrle making up my starting 5 with Anibal Sanchez, Jamie Moyer,
and Kuroda on my bench. Another owner was looking for pitching so I
offered Mark Buehrle for Joe Mauer, but he counter
offered by asking for Rich Harden. Do you think I should make the deal?

Raymond from Houston

Hey Raymond,

Yes, make that deal. We all know what Harden can do when he’s healthy,
but how nervous are you during each of his starts, wondering if his arm
will stay attached to his body? You have the depth to part with a good
arm for a very good hitter at a premium position. Mauer has his own
health concerns, but it’s better to take the risk on a position player
rather than a pitcher.


Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 6


Slowey @ Hendrickson
(Slowey has been too hittable this year)

Pavano @

***Galarraga @

***Halladay @

Parra @

***Harden @

***R. Johnson @

Cabrera @
***Kershaw (he’s hit and miss but so are the Nats!)