Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 2


***Dice-K @

Padilla @

***Saundo @

Davies @

Huff @

Eveland @

D. Hernandez @
***Bedard * I like Hernandez but so soon so not
easy to say definitely pitch.


***Johan @

***Lincecum @

***Parra @

***Jimenez @

***Arroyo @

Bastardo @

***Haren @


Schwartz said ditch on parra and then said something mean………….Siano

I’ve been offered a trade in a 12-team mixed points league. I’d get Posada and Lester, I’d give up King Felix. I have Greinke, Johan, Felix, Jered Weaver and Garza so I’ve been trying to move a SP, but that trade doesn’t really fill a need. I have Sandoval who qualifies at C and Pierzynski (filling in for Ianetta who’s on my DL). Is Posada a big enough improvement over Pierzynski/Ianetta? I can slot Sandoval in at 3B, where I have Felipe Lopez now (with Votto on the DL, I normally have Youk at 3B but he’s at 1B). I don’t that deal fills enough of a need to pull the trigger.

My biggest need is SS, where I’m using a combo of Lopez/Furcal. I’d like to trade a SP for ****. Of my SPs, who would you try to trade and what SS should I try for in return? The Hanley owner in the league is trying to trade him. Would you deal Johan or ZG for Hanley? Either of those a fair deal?


That **** in that post should be “a shortstop” (apparently when you type SS there instead of the full word, it censors it).

Umm yes… if you can deal one player and get back Hanley… It’s a fair deal. And if that player isn’t Albert Pujols, it’s a good deal.

I don’t know if I CAN deal one of those guys for Hanley. I was asking if it’s a fair deal in the sense of whether or not the other owner may go for it. Just because he’s shopping Hanley doesn’t mean he’ll trade him for one of my SPs.

Hey Scott,

Yeah, I’d keep Felix. Posada, even in that Yanks lineup, isn’t a big enough upgrade over Pierzynski or Sandoval to risk parting with King Felix. You’re better off with a Pier/Sandoval C/3B starting combo than the slumping Lopez.
As good as Johan and Greinke have been, it’s not likely the owner is in love enough with either that he would give up Hanley in a one-for-one. You have the pitching depth to deal either ace for Hanley — just figure out which above-average position player you’re willing to include.

10 team vanilla roto league. I need help with Wins, Ks, and WHIP. Would you drop either J.A. Happ or Rick Porcello in favor of Tommy Hanson, who ought to be promoted any day now?

If you drop Porcello for anyone at this point, you should immediately take yourself for a CAT scan. The kid is all kinds of legit. I think people will stop questioning that after he shuts down the Sox tonight.

A owner in my 12 team league just dropped Carlos Q. I Do everything I can to get him on my roster even with the foot problems right? Also do you start zobrist or uggla at 2B most days?

Mike NYC

Hey 411 Crew, Should I add one of the following?

Rich Hill: been relatively impressive, always the potential for control to leave him and he does pitch in the AL east

Gavin Floyd: 3 strong starts, after being horrendous earlier on

Ricky Nolasco: i have the fifth waiver priority, and free agents who are in the minors disappear from the players pool. I know i have no chance at Hanson, so should i try to target him when he gets recalled

Others of note, Carl Pavano, it pains me to write his name down.

Thanks guys


From what I hear, Hanson may not get called up for at least another couple of weeks, especially with Glavine seemingly on the way back. That said, I’d find a way to get him on your roster. But aren’t there other guys you can drop besides those two pitchers? If I had to choose one, I’d definitely say cut Happ but if you need production right now I’d rather drop a fringe hitter or make a trade for a better pitcher. In a 10 teamer, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Yes, do everything you can to get Quentin. That’s crazy that he’s on waivers. As for the 2Bs, I’d normally say Uggla but right now go with Zobrist. Uggla has been an AVG killer all season and you might as well ride the hot bat.



In a standard 12 teamer, I still need to see at least one more good start by Hill before I become a believer. Right now, I’ve got to go with Floyd, but definitely consider picking up Nolasco in addition. One more solid start in minors and I think he gets called back up. Pavano’s putting pressure on me to remove his DTM tag, but I’m not ready to do it yet.


trade question:

13 team daily mixed- 6×6 (TBs instead of HR’s, + OBP) (QS, net wins, net saves)

TEAM A GETS – tex, blaylock and doug davis


TEAM B GETS- adam jones, e. jackson and rodney

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