Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 3


***Beckett @ Galarraga

@ ***Pettitte

Weaver @ Janssen

@ Niemann

***Lee @ Swarzak

@ Richard

@ Vargas

***Lilly @ ***Lowe

***Pelfrey @ Ohlendorf (Pelfrey
has been much better lately)

Johnson @ ***Zimmermann

@ West

@ Moehler

***Cueto @ Lohse

***Happ @ ***Young

@ ***Billingsley



I tried to leave my pitching staff on the curb the other night, but the garbage man wouldn’t even take it.

Here’s an interesting exercise…well, maybe not. But I’d be interested to see responses to this question:

13 team, mixed league, vanilla, DEEP benches (10 players). On draft day, if you were TRYING to draft pitchers that would cause your team to finish last in WHIP and ERA, with a minimum IP of 1100 for the season, who would you pick? I’m doubt that the names Hamels, Parra, Erv Santana, Randy Johnson would appear on that list, but those are my top 4 starters. The name Jon Garland MIGHT be on that list, he’s my #5. After that I took big stupid chances on Brett Anderson and James McDonald, who have since been long gone from my roster. I have replaced them with Joel Pineiro (picked him up after his 4-0 start, watched him lose 3 straight on my team), and recently JA Happ and David Hernandez. I’ve even gotten so desperate as to pick up Jeremy Bonderman to stash until he comes back.

Coming into today, my ERA was 5.50 (next worst is 4.74) and my WHIP is 1.56 (next worse is 1.42). Should I just keep running these guys out there, concede ERA and WHIP, and just try to get as many Wins and Ks as possible? I really don’t see getting out of last place in either of those categories. Hanrahan is my only closer, still waiting for Valverde to come back. I’ve filled in with middle relievers Calero, Delcarmen, Zumaya, and CJ Wilson hoping for a closer to go down.

Throwing in the towel. Sorry for the long post.

Greg in Cincy

Hey guys,
Good time to sell high on Adam Jones? I’m in an 11-team standard 5×5 league and need another ace to complement Haren, Shields, Slowey, Lohse, Zimmerman, Happ, and Pavano. What kind of value do you think I can get for Jones at this point?


testing ..my comments never ever seem to show up ..testing

no love for Richard VS oakland?

im using him on several 10 team espn leagues ,just as I did wells and bastardo last night.

73 Fast Pistols

Hey Guys,
I’m in a 14 team deep mixed-league. Not too much quality SP available on the waiver wire. We have an innings max; therefore, I am trying to steal a few Wins with some middle relievers. Any suggestions on some middle relievers who will have decent ratios and vulture some Wins?


-KC in DC


I can imagine that you have a pretty strong offense if you drafted guys like Parra and Randy to be in your top four of SPs. Why not try making a deal? Anyway, stats tend to regulate as the season goes on, so I think it’s safe to say that you won’t have an ERA over 5 for much longer. Hamels’ ERA is unusually high right now and I think Erv will bounce back. Not so confident on Randy and Parra. Age might be catching up to Randy and Parra is just too wild. I’d try to pull off a deal or two, not necessarily for stud SPs, but for reliable guys who you can get at a reasonable price.



I definitely think Jones is for real but young players do tend to be streaky. In a non-keeper, if you can take this opportunity to acquire an ace quality SP, I’d do it. Aim high and see what you can get…most likely not a Johan/Lincecum/Halladay, but I’ll settle for Hamels, Billingsley, Grienke, or maybe even Oswalt.



Pretty impossible to predict Wins, but when looking to pick up a middle reliever, I generally sort by strikeouts and then choose the guy with the best ERA and WHIP. Combine this with a determination of who has the best track record, and there you go.


Is Ben Zobrist for real? I picked him up and am considering starting him over Rafael Furcal in a 12 team mixed h2h league.

Zobrist has some hitting talent, will he ever be great? probably not but if he’s hot I’d play him over Furcal until the tides turn.

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