Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 5


***Big Erv @
***Verlander *Siano’s favorite matchup of year so far.
Like a proud papa.

***Price @ ***Sabathia *Koufax would love this

***Greinke @ ***Romero *I think Romero shakes the rust if not I’ll be

***Millwood @

***Pavano @

***Guthrie @ Braden *Guthrie very good last 2 starts and

***Liriano @ ***King
Felix *Wow another marquee matchup even if Liriano
isn’t pitching very marquee at all. If Liriano falters does he lose spot in

Redding @

***Dempster @

***Zito @

***Gallardo @
***Vazquez *What’s with all these great

Karstens @

De La Rosa @

***Davis @

Moyer @


padilla put on waivers??? ahahahahahaha
-Another Mike

G. Soto/R. Cano for K. Morales/B. Phillips

I have K. Suzuki at C currently, and Morales is my back-up as a 3rd option at 1B (Gonzalez/Blake) and 5th option at OF (we play 3 OF’s).

Soto’s a risk, because he played over his head last year, but he still should end up outproducing Suzuki in all categories. I have average speed, which losing Phillips would bring me down to below average. But, I have bottom 1/3 batting average, which I could see Cano helping.

Anyways, should I do this? I don’t like losing the best player in the deal, but I’m unsure about sticking to that principle if that player happens to be playing through a broken thumb and the stepdown in return isn’t that horrible.

Hi guys!
What is up with Wandy? 3 really bad starts in a row. Ok, we could not expect him to as outstanding as he was in the beginning all seasonlong but that the wheels would come off all at once?
What are your thoughts about it
Weido in Sweden!

who do you guys like better as a backup, mark reynolds or hank blalock?

Pitch or Ditch for next week. (Weekly roster changes). Here’s my pitching staff: Johan, Buehrle, Maine, Jackson, Pettitte, Zambrano, Porcello. Johan is given especially since he will get 2 starts next week. What other 4 guys would you pick? Note: I believe Buehrle and Pettitte will also have 2 starts next week. Thanks.


Fielder & KRod for Verlander & Vazquez…..need Power & Saves wouldnt hurt but dont know if this is a panic move.

Do we expect Verlander and Vazquez to show any regression.

The other offer is Morneau & Dye…but that owner doesnt want to budge even for the two SP arms they need.



Yeah, I’d do that. Soto carries enough bounceback potential to warrant the small step down from Phillips to Cano, and like you said, there’s a chance Phillips could hit the DL at some point.



I own Wandy in a couple of leagues and I honestly have no idea what’s wrong. He says that he’s just missing his spots so I’ll take him at his word. It’s only three starts and he’s still striking guys out so I’m not concerned yet.



Reynolds has been doing slightly better of late so I’ll go with him for now. The two are so close in value that I’d ride the hot bat. They would only be backups for you anyway.


You have to respect the two starts so Pettitte and Buerhle make sense. I’d then go E-jack and Z. Porcello has a nice matchup vs Angels but Z gets Houston and E-Jack is on fire. You have too much pitching make a deal! Pettitte and Buerhle w/o the 2 start week probably go to back of the line but they can def get you two wins each so….

If you are getting Fielder and K-Rod I really like this deal for you.

Mike S (or should I call you Proud Papa)

How can you start Erv after he gave up 15 ERs in last 2 starts? A hunch? Surely you have more than that

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