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sirius-xm.jpgI surely get things wrong but when I’m right I’m right. Anyone notice Edwin Jackson’s ERA? Some may scoff at things like this (body language) but I really kept an eye on him during the Rays run last October  and he worked hard and kept his chin up in some tough times he basically couldn’t even mop up for Joe Maddon. Change of scenery should not be overlooked becuase he always had good stuff and Comerica is a pretty good fit for most. I wish I didn’t stumble over his name on the Network show, but hey you know what happens.


About to go off the 411 grid for the week. Eyes deep in draft coverage.






Hey Guys,

What do you think of Carlos Gonzalez’s value in a 5×5 15 team
non-keeper? 12 team? Is he worthy of an immediate pickup like
McCutchen? How do you think the time share will be handled now in the
Colorado outfield?

Neighbor Steve

Gonzalez’s name has come up quite a bit recently. He is nowhere
near the prospect McCutchen is. McCutchen was #12 while Gonzalez didn’t crack
the top 100. I like him better as a Rockie than an Athletic but his enormous numbers
in AAA aside, I’d like to see more. Much greater impact in an NL-only is my initial feeling. Don’t forget Wood,
Gamel and LaPorta destroyed the minors before getting called up too.



Hi Guys,
yea, at bat for my iphone, love it, great app.

I have to choose between Danks and Kuroda, which guy has more value the rest of the season?

Hey Guys, love the show and multiple ways to get your info. Good news on Twitter. Hopefully you take over Sirius on a daily basis🙂

I’m in a bit of a bind and could use some help.

5×5 12 team mixed vanilla. I have been struggling in 2B / SS / MI with Kendrick, Stephen Drew, Furcal and Felipe Lopez. I picked up Adam Kennedy & Hairston JR while my regulars were struggling.

Drew seems back on track, but not sure I trust Lopez / Kendrick / Furcal at 2B and MI, but I want to free up some roster spots for POD.

Do I just throw Kendrick & Furcal in 2B / MI and cut Kennedy / Hairston? Or ride Kennedy / Hairston a little linger till Kendrick / Furcal get it going and sacrifice the Pitching? Could also cut Encarnacion as I have no DL room for him (Smoltz / Quentin).

Thanks & keep up the great work!


Hi 411,
Closer Question here… Who has the most value going forward and who has the best chance to gain value b/c of injuries/performance? Madson, CJ Wilson, T. Pena, L. Nunez, MacDougal?
Also, knowing that Valverde is probably coming off the DL Friday would it be wise to drop Hawkins and add CJ Wilson (before someone else does) since it sounds like Francisco is going back to the DL?


Hi 411,

Any news on when Eric Young Jr will get the call up? I lack a true speed demon on my team and I’m hoping he will be the answer.

Hey Gentlemen. Need a trade assessment please. 4×4 NL only auction league (no runs and no k) … keeper league. I needed to make a roster move TODAY. I planned to drop Fred Lewis.

I just agreed to a trade where I GIVE Fred Lewis($10) and Milton Bradley ($14) and GET Ryan Ludwick ($1).

Considering Fred Lewis was likely going to be dropped I didn’t put much value on him. And Bradley was killing me since we don’t have a bench spot … so each of his little ailments where he misses 4/5 days meant he sat on my active roster doing nothing.


Hey guys,
My team continues to be stricken by the injury bug and I’m trying to make a deal for an extra bat. Is Edwin Jackson a sell high candidate? I know his WHIP and the cutdown in walks helps, but his BABIP is .251. I grabbed him from the waiver wire, so no initial investment, and my pitching staff can take it (drafted Halladay, Greinke, and Lackey). Do I deal him or hold on to the ride?

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Hey guys,
Just want to say Thanks! for your help! After 3 or 4 years of being students of Cory and Mike, I am seeing results from following your advice. I had what I felt was an excellent draft in my roto league and as of the last month I’ve been leading or in the top 3 in every category. W’s and Whip is the only area I’m lagging right now. And I’m way out front in K’s. So to put it short I’m 17 pts in 1st and loving it. This all happening even with Bartlett, Delgado and Gordon on the DL. Thanks!!

I’m really liking the XM show. Also like the new Corey’s insights he has brought to the 411.

Perfect. Just after announcing my Milton Bradley + Fred Lewis for Ryan Ludwick deal … another owner offered me Chipper Jones for Ryan Ludwick. Funny part is that other owner just rejected my trade offer to him of Milton + Lewis for Chipper!

Anyways, would you trade Ludwick at $1 for Chipper at $30? My first thought is nope.


As good as Danks was last year, I’ll have to go with Kuroda. Danks has pitched real poorly this season while Kuroda has been solid in his two starts since returning from the DL. There’s also the NL vs AL and more favorable ballpark factors in Kuroda’s favor.



I definitely would not cut your regular MIs but it’s fine to ride out Kennedy/Hairston until they get it going. Dropping Edwin is a possibility depending on who you have at 3B but I’d try to look for another way to open an additional pitching spot.


12 team, 5×5, mixed, non-keeper, weekly. Couple questions.
listened to fridays show re McCutchen, I could move up a few spots with steals. picked up Bourn a few weeks back, drop him for McCutchen? also need HR’s and AVE. 2nd, got Escobar comming off DL, need to drop someone to start him next week. Im in the middle for most pitching stats. Pitchers: Lee, Cueto, E Jackson, Porcello, Hanson, Bell, Soria, Soriano. Bench: Ethier, J Hairston, Martin, Blake & Zobrist.
Thanks, Z


Well, at the moment MacDougal has the most value as he’s “the closer” for the Nats. However, by this time we know that Nats closer has very little meaning. In two days, it could be someone else. Siano might as well try out for the job. He could probably do better than half those other guys:-) As for those other names, I think it’s a good idea for anyone who owns Lidge/Francisco/Qualls/Lindstrom to have their backups if there’s roster room. I’m going to make a bold prediction that Nunez will end the year with the most saves of that group. Lindstrom has looked very shaky of late and I’m starting to think he’s just a hard thrower and not yet a pitcher. I own him in a league and after his latest outing rushed to the wire to pick up Nunez…just a gut feeling. As for your other question, I’d hold onto Hawkins at least until we see Valverde get through his first couple of appearances. It’s just too risky to drop Hawkins, who’s been pitching well, based solely on reported return dates, even if it’s only a few days away.


Hey Zach,
Swartz has gone on record to say that Kiko Calero will take over the closer job if Lindstrom gives it up. So, I picked up Calero. Should I drop him?

Hey Guys,

In my 5×5 12 team non-keeper, K. Morales was just dropped. Would you pick him up and drop either, Swisher, Taveras or McCutchen? I do still need speed since I’m 2nd to last in SB’s–My other CI is Konerko, with Miggy & ARod at the corners.

Also, In my 5×5 15 team non-keeper, Scott Rolen was dropped– Would you pick him up and drop either Garko, DeJesus, Spilborghs, or Fowler?

Neighbor Steve


Not sure how long ago Schwartz said that, and it’s entirely possible considering that Calero has had the superior year. However, the fact that it was Nunez who came in for Lindstrom on Saturday makes me think otherwise. Anyway, check out this article. Sounds like this might not be an issue for awhile.



Young is certainly doing a nice job in AAA, batting .303 with 37 steals in 52 games. But with Barmes playing so well I don’t think the Rockies all of a sudden call up Young if they have nowhere to put him. Could he get the call in the next month or so? Maybe. But I wouldn’t let the possibility of his promotion prevent me from making a trade if you truely are in desperate need for speed.



Love it. Bradley’s a pain to own, especially with no bench spot. Ludwick has huge power upside the rest of the way and for a buck? Nice.


Hi folks
Trade question. 14 team, standard 5×5, Yahoo! league with 1250 innings limit. My worst category is steals, and my second worst is average. I have been offered Torii Hunter and Lance Berkman for Joey Votto, Johan Santana and Kerry Wood. My other starting pitchers are Jake Peavy, Edwin Jackson, Chris Carpenter, Carlos Zambrano and Tommy Hanson, and my other relievers are Bobby Jenks, LaTroy Hawkins and Andrew Bailey. I picked up Billy Butler to fill in for Joey Votto and Luke Scott to fill in for Grady Sizemore, also on the DL, so they would probably be left out of my starting line up if I made the trade. I think I can afford to give up a starting pitcher, though I’m not so sure about giving up one of my only two genuine closers. Do you think this trade helps my hitting enough to justify the risk of what I am giving up? My potential trading partner is well aware of Votto’s current injury status, but is very keen to acquire him.
Alan in England


Schwartz talked a little about Edwin on today’s podcast and I tend to agree that he’s the real deal. That said, maintaining a 2.16 ERA is next to impossible, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ve already seen the best part of his season. Considering your pitching depth and the fact that Jackson isn’t as proven as Halladay, Lackey, or even Greinke, if you have an opportunity to trade Edwin for an impact bat, I’m fine with it.



No, hang onto Ludwick.


What’s up Z,
1) Keep Bourn — his improved OBP is legit, and he has the kind of stolen base track record that McCuthen doesn’t yet own.
2) Don’t think you need Hairston with OFs like Ethier and Zobrist on the bench.

Neighbor Steve,
Morales will give you a better AVG than Swisher. Even though Swish’s OF eligibility is beneficial in most cases, it sounds like you need your other OFs for stolen bases — a stat Swish won’t greatly contribute. You’re already solid with the Konerko-Miggy-ARod triumvirate at CI, 1B, 3B, but Morales is a better backup option than Swish.

Hey Alan,
I do not think it justifies what you’d be giving up. You truly would be in a pickle with saves — although that’s not my biggest concern. Giving up Johan should bring back a player who can instantly improve you elsewhere. In this case, Berkman — while a good option now that Votto is on the DL — wouldn’t be a big enough upgrade over Votto the rest of the year. Think past June, to July, August and September. Berkman isn’t a big enough upgrade over Votto for you to realize any significant improvement in the week or two you have Berkman while Votto is shelved.
Furthermore, Hunter isn’t exactly a terror on the basepaths. Even though he has 11 this year, he hasn’t reached 20 steals since ’05. He might have another 11 in him, but he’s probably not reaching 30 (which he’s never done). His .314 AVG is great now, but that figure will likely decrease for a player who’s hit .273 for his career and whose line drive percentage is down from last season. You can do better than this if you’re asked to give up Votto and Johan (and Wood).

Many thanks for your reply. Your advice is much appreciated. I will see if this potential trading partner has any other ideas.
By the way, just to let you know, thanks to the advice on this blog, and on the show, I am pleased (no, amazed) to say that I am currently top in each of the three leagues I am in (probably won’t last, knowing my luck). They are all UK based, there are some very serious fantasy players over here.
For example, in one of these leagues I drafted (amongst others) Vlad, Youk, Ludwick, Posada, Carpenter, Alex Gordon, Nady, Glaus and Adenhart. When they were all out at the same time, without your advice, I would never have had the courage to cut Glaus, Gordon and Nady, but without cutting them I would never have kept my roster going sufficiently to be in the lead now.
Alan in England

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