Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 10


***Meche @


***Lackey @

Wang @ Wakefield (do
you trust either? I don’t)

Romero @
***Millwood (I don’t really trust Millwood but it’s hard to argue with the

***Verlander @

Liriano @
***Braden (Liriano is Spanish for “Quad-A pitcher”)

Karstens @

***Harang @

***Hamels @

***Wainwright @

***Zambrano @
(both are risky
right now though)

De La Rosa @

Zito @

Gaudin @


Hey guys,

I have Drafted Soto as my catcher and recently picked up Baker off the wire. I drafted Soria as my #1 closer and Brian Wilson as my #2, when Soria hit the DL I picked up Aardsma. Wilson has been fairly solid and Aardsma looks to be pitching pretty well, how secure is Aardsma in the closer role in Seattle? Do you think its advisable to move Soria or continue to ride out the Soto/Baker platoon

Danks? really?
he’s been terrible of late (and killing me) and Det is swinging the bats well….

Still needing help with a trade. Pujols and Hamels for Miggy and Greike. I know Pujols is the best player in the deal, but is Hamels close to Greike? I would get Pujols.


Just answered your question on the other blog post. In short, I like Pujols/Hamels.



I think Aardsma has pretty much looked down the closing job. Seattle has very few enticing alternatives anyway.

Keep Soria and stick with what you’re doing. Soto could still bounce back and Baker’s a nice backup option or filler while Soto is struggling. I like your trio of closers…I wouldn’t give up that advantage.


Since you have labeled Liriano as a quad A pitcher, I am looking to perhaps drop him in my 12 team mixed roto league. Other options include Nolasco, Maine, Maholm, Porcello, Vargas. Do you prefer any of these guys to him?
KC Frog

CBS says that Bush is pitching today and Gallardo tomorrow.


It was Cory who said that, not me! I’d hang onto Liriano for awhile longer. Nolasco’s the one guy I’d consider dropping him for but let me see another start from both. Liriano actually pitched well his last time out.


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