Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 11


***Jackson @ ***Floyd  Siano dream matchup.

***Greinke @

***Big Erv @ ***Price *Oh baby

Richmond @

***Maholm @

***Cook @ ***Gallardo *Cook is blue plate special, 2 of last 3 starts on road
have been outstanding.

Owings @


I just want to hear your opinion of Wang. As a Yankees fan, I don’t trust Wang since April. Want just added another lose to his winning/losing record, but the Yankees would take this win if Hughes played against Red Sox today. I am very disappointed in Wang, though.
I know this is a off topic, but I am just not happy at all.
Joaquin in NJ


Me too! Totally don’t understand why they were in such a rush to get Wang back into the rotation when Hughes was pitching well. Maybe they were worried about hurt feelings or something but it’s ridiculous. I need to see a lot more from Wang before I trust him to start a major league game…especially in Fenway. Hopefully, team brass will come to their senses.


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