Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 13-15



@ Janssen

@ ***Pettitte

@ Ohka

@ Sonnanstine

@ R. Hill

***Arroyo @ Davies

@ Feldman

@ ***Saunders


@ Harden

@ Parra

@ Bastardo

@ Duke

@ Marquis

@ ***R. Johnson
*Outman six straight QS




@ ***Burnett


@ Tallet

***Lowe @ Bergesen

@ ***Shields


***Billingsley @ Holland

@ ***Weaver

@ ***Lee

@ Buckner

***Beckett @ Happ

@ Ohlendorf


@ ***Lilly

@ Hammel

@ ***Cain




@ ***Pavano



I’m curious how you can recommend starting Pavano after giving up 9 ER against the Royals in his last outing.

Also, why no love for Kawakami? He has 7 straight starts of giving up 3 ER or less, 33/14 K/BB in 42 IP over his last 7. Granted he’ll be facing the DH @ BAL, but none of this lineup will have seen him yet.

Manny Parra surprisingly has decent home numbers this year – though he only has 4 home starts out of 12 so far. The DH-less White Sox seem like a decent gamble to pick on.

Based on Contreras’ last 2 starts, would you automatically plug him in as a starter no matter the matchup? I currently have Lidge, Volquez and Kazmir. They have beat me up on ERA and WHIP. What is your opinion on them being contributors the remainder of the season to help my ERA and WHIP. There are good young arms available in my league such as Mazzaro, Romero, Braden and Zimmerman. Would you stay with my current 3 DL guys, try to trade them or go for some of the young arms available. I am last in ERA and WHIP, average in W’s, Saves and K’s. My offense is above average.

I finally managed to trade Mauer for a 3B and got Youkillis. I added Mark Reynolds and Porcello to sweeten the deal. But now I have a new problem: a weak bench. With Votto and Maine on the DL, I only have Fowler and Capps on the bench with 2 open spots. Which 2 players from the list below should I add to strengthen my bench? Or should 1 of those spots go to a starter like Marquis, Pettitte, Arroyo, Floyd, or Randy Johnson? (Note: If there is a 3rd guy that is better than Fowler, I would drop him for that player). Tulowitzki, Span, Jose Lopez, Jim Thome, Ryan Theriot, Blalock, Ian Stewart, Luke Scott, Jason Kubel, Cody Ross, Clint Barmes, Jerry Hariston Jr, Joe Crede. Bear in mind that 1 of these guys will be dropped when Votto and Maine get healthy. Thanks for the advice. You guys rock.


Hey efuqua,
Sure, Contreras has earned that right with 16 scoreless innings in those outings. I’d stick with Lidge, Volquez and Kazmir. Trading a player whose value is lower than normal isn’t usually sound roster management — especially with the track records of those three guys.

Hi Glenn,
Definitely add Tulo, who’s 10-for-24 (.417) with eight runs, three homers and six RBis in his last seven games. Middle infield depth is always a fantastic asset. I would skip the pitchers, whom you could probably spot-start when you want, and sign Stewart. I don’t care that Tulo and Stewart are teammates. Stewart has eligibility at second and third base — and middle and corner infield — and in the outfield. He’s hitting .348 with five home runs and 13 RBIs in his past 11 contests, so the boy can hit. And his extensive position eligibility speaks to the fact that the Rockies want to play him as often as they can.

Is luke Scott worth playing this week considering he may not play him since there will he no dh spot? Or can he play 1b and put up some #’s

The twitter updates on my iPhone are ridiculous fun and informative although my fiancé thinks otherwise. Thanks guys as always- ed

Hey guys,
I’d like to trade either Josh Johnson, Chad Billingsley, or Yovani Gallardo for an upgrade in AVG (I’m sitting in last), who would recommend as a good trade target for one of these three? I tried Ichiro to no avail. Thanks.


Really depends on who your other options are but the way Scott is hitting right now I think he definitely gets plenty of ABs, certainly enough to make an impact.

I’d rank those three Billingsley, Gallardo, Johnson. One OF who comes to mind particularly for AVG is Markakis, who has been really struggling of late. I think this might be a good time to buy a little low on him and offer say Johnson for Markakis. More generally, there’s no harm in making somewhat of a lowball offer as long as it’s not embarrassing, so just float ideas out there. Go by track record. Although AVG is hard to predict from year to year, there are some players who you know will always put up a respectable mark, so target those guys. Ichiro is probably aiming too high, even for Billingsley, but any of those three SPs should net you a reliable .290 type hitter.


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