Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 16


***Gallardo @

Pelfrey @

Martis @

Volstad @ Wakefield
(I like Volstad but not in Boston)

***Wandy @

Davis @

***Maholm @

***Jurrjens @

Romero @

***Danks @

***Verlander @
(No-hitter alert in
effect here on Verlander)

Niemann @ De La Rosa
(both are interesting gambles here)


***Braden @

Big Erv @ J. Sanchez
(Erv awful twice in the last three starts, do you trust

***Of course, Siano chimes in “I
trust Erv vs Giants please God”



Can we trust Wandy on the road? I’d like to think so, but before his last good start he was getting lit up.

I’m adding Rollins from a trade starting Thursday. I’m in a very shallow H2H league with limited moves (~15 left) and since I will have to move Bartlett from my DL spot to the bench I plan to drop Theriot right away.
Assuming I can’t work a trade, I need to choose between keeping Bartlett, one of my existing OFs (Ibanez, Carlos Lee, Holliday, Kemp, & BJ Upton) or picking up available FAs Hawpe, Slowey, Wandy, or Lowe.

My SPs are Halliday, Verlander, Bedard, & Wainwright.
Thanks, Mark.

Fellow fantasy ballers-

I’m in the need for speed.
I’m at the tail end of a closely knit large group in SB, in 5×5 16 team roto keeper league and can pick up lots of points with a slight bump in SB scoring.

I have Taveras but he is now a nonproducer.

I’ve been offered McCutchen or Bourn, but will need to give up Stewart [12], Scott[ 21], or Rasmus[ 18].[ ] =round drafted

Is Taveras of diminishing value going forward vs these offers? Would like an everyday guy
Who would you choose to get?
Which player would you give up [ least likely to generate points this year and factoring in keeper value combined?]

Speed racer
VA Beach

i’m scared to start Wandy @ Texas too… i’ll be sitting this one out – hope he pitches great….

I’m in a H2H league that limits starts per week and I can start 7 more pitchers before Sunday, but I have 8 more going before then, so I will have to bench one of the following:

CC Sabathia (Was)
Felix Hernandez (SD)
Aaron Harang (Atl)
Paul Maholm (Min)
Gavin Floyd (ChC)
Jon Lester (Fla)
Johnny Cueto (CWS)
Brad Bergesen (Phi)

Which one should I bench?

How do you guys feel about Aubrey Huff this year? Will he break out of his slump? I managed to trade away Chris Davis to get Huff which I believe is a formidable upgrade, but Huff has been on the bench until he gives me that .300 avg I’m looking for.
-Another Mike

gotta help me as to why Matt Laporta is not in the majors. Are the indians kidding me to think that Ben Fransisco is the answer there. Cmon now!!!

Hey Tom,
Don’t forget one of those shaky starts came at home (June 4, 7 ER, 10 H), where he’s normally dominant. Wandy has one other career start in Arlington, which was a win despite his permitting five earned runs on seven hits in 5 1/3 frames. It’s just one start, though. I have Wandy on a team, and I’ll be starting him. His home/road splits aren’t nearly as disparate as in the past.
Hi Mark,
First, I’d rather have Lowe than Bedard. Why not shop Bartlett and see if you can get another starter? If you’re adding Rollins, though, I’d rather just drop Bartlett and pick up Lowe if you can’t trade Bartlett for a better starter.
Hey VA,
I’d part with Scott for McCutchen or Bourn if you’re that speed-conscious, leaning toward Bourn. Taveras and that .283 on-base percentage don’t do anything for me.
Hey Robert,
Drop Bergesen. He’s facing a heck of a tough offense, and Bergesen doesn’t offer much in the way of strikeouts.
Hi Mike,
Aubrey Huff = second-half breakout candidate. Look at his pre- and post-All-Star break splits the last two years:
Pre: .258 AVG/.392 SLG/.686 OPS
Post: .309 AVG/.508 SLG/.897 OPS

Pre: .284 AVG/.526 SLG/.875 OPS
Post: .332 AVG/.588 SLG/.964 OPS

I’d advise any owner looking for a power upgrade at the corner infield positions to seek out Huff.
Hey Reyes,
Well, they’re 6.5 games from first place despite living in the AL Central cellar. They likely don’t want a squeamish rookie batting everyday — look for him to get the callup if the Indians start fading more from first place.

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