Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 19

Looper @

Kawakami @

***Oswalt @

Thompson @

***Billingsley @

Garland @

Ohlendorf @

***Lee @

R. Hill @

Tallet @

Contreras @

Pettitte @

Sonnanstine @

***Outman @

Feldman @ ***R.


OK guys, I have another trade question for you…

F. Hernandez/C. Qualls/T. Pena for C. Zambrano/M. Rivera

I would get Mo/Z. I would hedge against further Qualls troubles, and dismantling of the ARI RP through trades. But, is trading an emerging King Felix for the unspectacular Zambrano worth it?

My ERA/WHIP is middle of the pack, but my pitching has been improving consistently. My only other CL’s are ATL’s duo (we count holds, so no big deal carrying both), but I’m top 2 in K’s and my SP’s are Shields/Hernandez/Lester/Burnett/Baker (I dropped Nolasco a week or two ago, and someone w/roster room already has him).

Hey guys, another trade based question. I’m in a 12 team 6×6 (OBP and Holds) Keeper league and have a possible trade of Ricky Romero and Andrew McCutchen for Carl Crawford. Romero and McCutchen are both keepable in late rounds for the next 3 years whereas Crawford would be to just help me this year as I try to win. I guess my question is mostly how much of a difference is there between McCutchen and Crawford and how good do you see McCuthen being going forward?


I’m fine with that deal. Despite his much publicized meltdown games, Rivera is still putting up excellent peripheral numbers (33 to 3 K/BB in 27 2/3 IP) and Big Z has been very solid. I think the closer upgrade is significant enough to make this trade worthwhile.
m.a. harrison,

Really like McCutchen and think he has the ability to be a great across the board contributor sooner rather than later, but I’m always an advocate of playing to win now. If you can use McCutchen as a chip to make a title run, do it. Enough high ceiling prospects come along and you shouldn’t be hesitant to trade one if you’re getting a great return.


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