Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 20-22

Bush @

***Lowe @

Jeff Weaver @
***Jered Weaver  (Nice!)

Morton @

***Shields @ ***J.

***Cecil @

***Burnett @ ***J.

Anderson @ W.

***Gallardo @

***Wandy @

Davis @ ***King

Maholm @ De La

***Niemann @


***Braden @

***Sabathia @ Volstad (Volstad
struggling lately)

***Wellemeyer @

J. Sanchez @


Good Morning Fantasy Gurus,

I’ve been offered Steven Drew and Chris Davis for Kendry Morales. My other OFs are Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Milton Bradley and Manny who is obviously coming off suspension soon, at SS I’m starting Zobrist and Jose Reyes is on the DL.
Whatcha Think?


Good Morning Fantasy Gurus,

I’ve been offered Steven Drew and Chris Davis for Kendry Morales. My other OFs are Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Milton Bradley and Manny who is obviously coming off suspension soon, at SS I’m starting Zobrist and Jose Reyes is on the DL.
Whatcha Think?


POD Sunday – Pick one:

Perkins, Romero, Neiman or Wells?

thx, as always.

In our shallow H2H daily league with weekly matchups we’re limited to 30 moves (about 14 left) and 2 per week (none left this week). I have Halladay in my only DL spot leaving me with Ibanez and Manny taking up bench spots.
I picked up Slowey (yea!) over Lowe because of the matchup. So, my drop candidates are Bedard and/or Holliday (he’s been on the FA list all season).
Monday I can grab Pena (if not Hawpe) to replace Ibanez’s HRs and then, depending on how I’m doing with my matchup, either pick up Lowe or Sheilds by Thursday or see if I should grab Hawpe. I’ll be activating Halladay by Sunday anyway and will have to decide who to drop before then.
I’ll take all the help I can get to stay in 1st and prepare for the playoffs.

Hey Guys,

5×5 10 Team weekly roto league. I am 2nd to last in saves and thanks to some bad luck (Corpas, Ziegler & Devine) I only have one closer. The guy below me has already punted saves and I have 14 save cushion on him. The next guys on save totem pole have 1(Street, Madson, Rivera, 8 more saves) and 2(Valverde, Francisco, CJ Wilson, Wood, R. Soriano and 3 more saves). It looks like to overtake someone I need to deal for at least 2 closers. Is it time for me to punt Saves and try to deal Aardsma?

My second question: We have 3 SP, 3 RP, 3 P spots and I am not sure how to best maximize the rest of my innings.
My staff looks like:

Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP)
David Price (TB – SP)
Max Scherzer (Ari – SP,RP)
A.J. Burnett (NYY – SP)
Chris Volstad (Fla – SP)
Josh Beckett (Bos – SP)
LaTroy Hawkins (Hou – RP)
David Aardsma (Sea – RP)
Takashi Saito (Bos – RP)
Jason Frasor (Tor – RP)
Randy Choate (TB – RP)



On value alone I like the deal. Drew is starting to heat up of late and has already shown the ability to be a top flight fantasy shortstop while Davis, despite his horrendous AVG, still has enormous power potential. Morales is a nice player but by no means a huge difference maker from the outfield position.

I’d like to know more about what your needs are and how this trade can help. What doesn’t make much sense here is why you’re adding Drew when you already have Zobrist filling in for an injured Reyes. Once Reyes comes back what will you do with Drew?

In short, the trade is a good one from a player standpoint but I’m not too sure how these guys (Drew particularly) will fit into your lineup.

I’ll go with Wells. His last start was really his first poor one all year and the Indians are erratic offensively.


Hey thanks for the response,

The offer came about because I contacted another guy in the league about maybe dealing for an OF (he has several good ones) and he responded with this trade offer, and while I’m not sure what I’d do with Drew once Reyes returns, maybe see if I can deal one, I figured this would at least free up Zobrist to be slid into an outfield position. My needs are offense I’ve been fairly anemic especially in the HR, R, and H categories. Slow starts by Berkman, and Soto, the Manny Banny, and the Reyes injury have left me scrambling to stay afloat. My pitching has been very strong (Greinke, Verlander, Cueto, Edwin Jackson, Joba and Burnett as SP and Bailey, Soria, and Wilson at RP) and I’m sort of solidly in the middle. I haven’t accepted the offer yet as I’m trying to get an OF but it is still on the table.



Sounds like a good plan. Hold onto Holliday. He shouldn’t be dropped in any league and is batting .306 in June while actually starting to steal some bags. Bedard’s potential makes him tough to drop but if you can’t find any takers, I’m fine with cutting him in a shallow league. The Mariners say he won’t be out long but we’ve heard this before. I just don’t trust him.


thx zach. missed out on wells. perkins or niemann

Well what do you guys think? Is Nolasco “back”?
-Another Mike


I never like to punt categories, especially this early in the season, so my answer is No. Who knows what is going to happen in terms of injuries etc. that may give you an opportunity to make up ground in saves on some of these teams that as of now appear impossible to catch. Also, so many closers tend to emerge throughout the season off the waiver wire. You may in fact not even need to make a trade to obtain one. Stand pat.

As for your other question, I generally like to go with a 6 SP, 3 RP starting lineup. In this case, I’d bench Choate and Saito and go with the other 9 pitchers. Hawkins is someone you’d want to bench as he’s not giving you much now that Valverde is back but I think he’s still worth hanging onto. I suggest you add another quality SP either via trade or the waiver wire. Middle relievers have very little value in weekly leagues as they prevent you from playing that extra pitcher, in most instances a starter, who will help you in Wins and Ks.



Yeah, it’s worth a try if for no other reason than hoping Davis turns things around. Keep trying to get the OF but if this is the best you can do I’m fine with it. One thing you should definitely consider is dealing Zobrist once Reyes comes back. I’m still not totally buying into him.


Another Mike,

Yes, I think Nolasco is a solid start for his next matchup at home vs. the O’s. Should he falter in that one, it’s back to the drawing board.


I was just offered this trade in my 8 team HTH keeper league.

I give Haren and McLouth, I get Cain, Victorino and Cano.

I’m little concerned with Haren as he has a history of tailing off in August and Sept while Cain in the past has picked it up.

Do you believe that Cain has finally turned the corner? This isn’t a trade I need to make but since I currently have Kinsler and Barmes to play 2B, I think Cano will be a good trade chip and I could use him occasionally at Utility and in place of Kinsler if the matchup is bad.

would you do this trade?

i give Greinke and get Manny and Gil Meche.

5×5 13 teams. 30 man rosters. I’m doing well in pitching but just traded cueto for Lowell.

here is my current roster:

Mig. Cabrera
Elvis Andrus
carlos Lee

edwin encarnacion
Alex Gordon
Alex Gonzales
Denard Span

Josh Johnson
Joe Nathan
Wandy Rod.
Rafael Soriano
Javy Vazques

bench (sucky)
Kyle Davies

DO I trade Greinke for Meche and Manny? Maybe I can get Manny and Konerko instead. thoughts?

(boy formatting sucks on this BBS)

Twelve team 6×6 mixed keeper league (extra cats are OBP and Holds), daily lineups, no innings limit on pitchers.

My current starting pitchers are:
Halladay (currently in a DL slot)
Edwin Jackson
Randy Wolf
Randy Wells
Dallas Braden
Brett Cecil

When Halladay returns from the DL (hopefully next weekend) I will want to activate him, which will mean dropping another starting pitcher. Thinking ahead, which ever one I drop, I may want to do that after his next start so that I can slip in one or two PoD starts before Halladay’s start. Can you give me some idea what order you would put my pitchers in, and which category (pitch, ditch or graduate) you would put each one in.

My current relievers are:
Lidge (currently in my other DL slot)

There is a maximum of six active relief pitchers, and I can’t see the point of having a reliever on the bench, so if I activate Lidge when he comes off the DL (hopefully this week), I will need to drop another reliever. I’m currently second in saves, 11 behind 1st and 11 ahead of third, whereas I am eighth in holds, three holds behind fourth place, so holds would be far more valuable than saves at this point. So, which of my current relievers would you favour dropping, or should I leave Lidge in my DL slot for a while yet?

Thanks for your help

Alan in England

Fourteen team mixed 6×6 keeper league (extra cats are OPS and Holds), 1200 inning limit on pitchers.

My starting pitchers are:

I am already up to 636 innings, well over half way. Whilst I realise that it doesn’t matter at what stage I hit the innings limit, it is also the case that roster slots have value, and I could do with picking up another hitter. Are there any of my starting pitchers that could be safely dropped, leaving me to get more innings out of the more valuable pitchers, or should I hang on to all of them and try to play the matchups?

Many thanks for your help

Alan in England

Would you guys do this trade? I would get Casey Blake and Vladimir Guerrero for Joey Votto. Since Votto’s been on the DL for a month, I’ve had Derrek Lee at 1B. My current 3B is Youkillis and my OFs are Beltran, Ichiro, J. Upton, and Lind. My bench currently has Tulowitzki, Ian Stewart, and Dexter Fowler. If I did this trade, I could move Maine into my DL slot so that I can keep my current bench except for the player I would need to drop during the trade. What do you guys think? I feel like I would be losing a lot for guys that I might not even start, unless I’m missing something here.



I definitely like that trade for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cain has as good of a year as Haren. McLouth and Victorino are comparable, so you’re basically getting Cano as a throw in. Kinsler is arguably the best fantasy 2B so I wouldn’t bench him under any circumstances. It’s true that you might have a hard time fitting Cano into your daily lineup but I don’t think you’re losing much on the SP and OF tradeoffs. Worth a shot.

Yeah, I’d do Greinke for Manny and Meche. Looks like your OF could definitely use another big bat and you have enough starting pitching even without Greinke. Don’t really know where you’d play Konerko but regardless I think I’d take the Meche package…just gives you the extra arm.


Thanks for the reply. I was leaning towards taking this deal and your confirmation put it over the top.

Hey Alan,

See you have the daily double of questions:
Your 12-team league
Starting pitcher order (w/o Halladay): Verlander/Jackson/Carp/Wolf/Wells/Braden/Cecil
With Cecil?s 4.26 ERA, 1.36 WHIP and just a 6.3 K/9 (only Braden?s is worse, but he has better ratios), it seems obvious that Cecil should be ditched.
As for your relievers, remember that closers are much more difficult to find than setup guys. So, you have to keep Lidge/K-Rod/Lindstrom. Stetter had a save June 17, MacDougal had saves June 17-18 and even Romero could get more save opps while Lidge is out. Given that they also should get hold opportunities, I?d axe Linebrink. He?s struggling with a 1.54 WHIP and his 2.42 ERA could rise soon as a result.

Your 14-team league
It?s hard to say whether you should drop a pitcher without knowing what hitter you can snag from your league?s free agent list. In a vacuum, so to speak, I advise holding onto your starters for the time being. They all seem like solid options — who will likely have his struggles that just about any rookie goes through. You also have to consider that starters are fairly susceptible to injuries, which makes depth that much more vital.

Hey Glenn,

You seemed to hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. It?s an unnecessary trade since you probably won?t play Youk above Blake and shouldn?t start any of your OFs above Vlad, who?s lack of power is quite noticeable. To push Derrek Lee to the bench once Votto returns gives you unquestionably strong depth. And remember that Stewart is a decent backup at 3B. I?d drop Fowler once Votto returns, since speedy outfielders are assets you can find on most free agent lists.

Many thanks for the reply, Kyle.

Cecil and Linebrink for the axe it is then. I saw a bit of Braden’s outing against the Padres last night (thanks to the wonders of mlb.tv), and was reasonably impressed, so I’m happy to hang on to him (at least for now).

As for the fourteen team league, I didn’t mention which hitters were on the wire, as that changes by the hour (it’s an active league), and anyway, my requirements are fairly basic for an extra hitter, I am top in R, RBI and HR, second in OPS, third in SB, but a woeful 11th in AVG, so anyone that is getting a few hits at the moment would help.

Anyway, thanks for the help, keep up the good work, you have helped me get to the top of those two leagues (at least temporarily) and to second in my only other league.

Thanks again

Alan in England

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