Tribute to Michael Jackson 411 Style

When I was a kid I got the zipper jacket for Christmas along with Thriller on LP. My mom once took me to see a Michael Jackson impersonator who was pretty awesome but what I really rememeber is how long it took for him to get on stage. I think I was too young for that place but my mom was a rebel. I’m not that surprised this happened since reports of him not eating and things like that made me think this isn’t going to end well and it won’t be long. When you read accomplsihments like he had it kind of blows your mind and makes you realize in 200 years people will still be talking about Thriller and the Jackson 5. In honor of his 50 years on this earth and bringing some crazy moments to the world both on and off stage here is my ode to Michael using today’s MLB Players.

King Of Pop: Ken Griffey Jr. You may say hey what about Albert or A-Rod? Well Junior is the active home run leader and until you get passed you are the King.

Smooth Criminal: Torii Hunter. I thought about a base stealer but then realized that Torii is the real theif in baseball and while he sometimes goes bang into the wall this cat is smooth.

I’ll Be There: Derek Jeter. Whether it’s the flip play vs. Oakland, diving into the stands vs. Boston or leading off a World Series game with a homer Derek always seems to be there when you need him.


Barry Bonds. The ultimate baseball villian. You could see Bonds strutting up to the plate hitting one in the water and looking to the crowd and saying “Who’s Bad?”. Fitting for this post since he and Michael share the off the field/stage spotlight for major notoriety.

Beat It: Randy Johnson. Good morning , good afternoon and good night when coming to the plate vs. the Big Unit.

Thriller: Jose Reyes. Hate to say it because he drives you nuts but when healthy and his heads on straight he is the most electric player in baseball.

Man in the Mirror: A-Rod. I had to do it.


let’s hear some of yours.


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Trade question,
Pujols for Cabrera and Grieke. I get pujols. It`s a points league with Pujols leading the pack by 100 points and no signs of slowing down. My question is do you see Cabrera heating up? Currently ranks 10th among 1st baseman in the points league,but seems to be having a good season. BA is great, HR look good, etc. Just scoring 10 points a week less than Pujols. Thanks

He told me his name was Billy Beane, as he caused a scene. You know Joe Morgan says he’s unclean. Loves Adam Dunn. But, his teams can’t score no runs.

Manny are you ok? Manny are you ok? Are you ok, Manny?

Roger Clemens: “Never can say goodbye”?

“In the closet”: McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, Palmeiro,…

Okay, here goes…
Magglio Ordonez – “Remember the Time” – …when I wasn’t killing your team?

David Ortiz – “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” …despite sub-par season

Florida Marlins – “They Don’t Care About Us” …second worst attendance in MLB

Russell Martin – “Wanna Be Starting Something” …like some hitting?

Adrian Gonzalez – “You Are Not Alone” …oh wait, yes you are

Pablo Sandoval – “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” …cheeseburgers

Josh Hamilton – “Heal the World” …or, you know, just him

-Dan in LA

“Remember The Time”- ….vlad. when he was unstoppable?
“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”-…clay buchholz. poor guy is stuck in the minors.
“She’s out of My Life”…arod. now whether it’s about his wife or madonna is the real question.
“Ain’t No Sunshine”…jimmy rollins. ugh, look at his numbers this year.
“Dangerous”-…ryan braun. his bat has no ceiling.
“Gone Too Soon”-…mark teixeira. in regards to every angels and braves fan out there.

great stuff on MJ. Will be back soon to answer questions……………………Siano

Great job by Dan in L.A. – 5×5 13 team mixed. i have a log jam in the OF with Crawford, BJ Upton, McLouth, Cody Ross, J Bruce, and Corey Hart – 6 guys/5 spots. I could really use K’s so I have a trade offer from a guy who has Lincecum, Johan, Grienke, and WayRod but NO offense. He wants McLouth for Wandy. I love what both players offer – clearly I don’t need McLouth for his speed. Pull trigger or should I “Beat it.”


Your trading for the best in the business. Greinke nor Cabrera are enough to get it done solo so these are the prices we pay in non keepers. If you can afford to pay Greinke for the upgrade from Cabrera to Pujols I do it. I never thought Cabrera was in his league and your stats prove it. Cabera can have a fine year but cmon ALbert is sick!

that’s trade is fine. If you don’t need McLouth for his speed then it seems like a fair deal to me.

16-team mixed 7×7 very deep auction with 10-man minors rosters. The salary structure is much like the real thing – young guys are very cheap for their first few years. When teams are out of it, there’s much trading of vets to contenders for prospects. I am out of it and have two offers for the package of Utley ($40) and Lidge ($20):
(1) Lars Anderson, Max Ramirez & Willy Taveras ($20)
(2) Michael Taylor (Phillies), Derek Holland & Carlos Beltran ($35)
The majors players are there to equalize salaries. Taveras is DTM & probably not tradable, while Beltran could be hurt past the trade deadline (July 31), so I might not be able to flip him. Which option would you take?
Thanks guys,
Allan in San Antonio

Here’s a few of my own:

“Off The Wall” – Manny…’nuff said.

“Speed Demon” – Carl Crawford, on his way to a 75-steal season.

“Don’t Walk Away” – the Cubs, floundering their way out of a championship again.

“Someone Put Your Hand Out” – “No problem,” said Scott Boras.

Allan in San Antonio

“Billie Jean” – Steve Garvey, for all the kids
“Don’t stop till you get enough” – Craig Biggio for his chase to 3000 hits

I wrote a much longer succint answer last week but I guess it didn’t go through. I try to do better. I’d rather have Utley at $40 next year then any of these packages.

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