Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 27-29



@ Mills

@ ***Buehrle

***Bailey @ Ohka (I’ll give
Bailey another start based on his recent AAA numbers)

@ ***Guthrie (erratic but hot, I picked him up in 411 league for PoD start)

@ Niemann (don’t trust either in this matchup)

@ Holland

La Rosa @ ***Braden

@ McClung

***Slowey @ Wellemeyer

@ ***Vazquez

***Lackey @ Davis

@ Paulino

@ ***Maholm

***Burnett @ Redding


@ Milton



@ Huff (Huff is worth a gamble in deeper leagues)

@ Tallet

@ ***Uehara

@ Price (both are gambles…who do you trust?)

@ ***Danks

@ ***Cahill

@ Harrison

Sanchez @ Suppan

@ ***Hanson

Morton (Morton questionable for this start)

***Jackson @ Ortiz

@ ***Pineiro

@ ***Scherzer

@ ***Kuroda

***Wang @ L. Hernandez




***Lester @ Berken

***Floyd @ Pavano

@ ***Halladay

@ Padilla


***Porcello @ Mazzaro

@ ***Duke

@ Looper

@ ***Nolasco


***Oswalt @ Geer

@ ***Wolf

***Siano chimes inI say start Davis vs Angels.  Mazzaro might be worth a flier at home.  Agree on rest.




This is a hold or ditch? 16 team,22 man-start18 [8 p] roto.
Standard 5×5 scoring.

I have Matsuzaka and Lindstrom on 15 day dl but likely out longer. Both have hurt more than helped.

Current Staff= J.Johnson, Gallardo, Maholm, Baker, Hanson, Broxton, Madson.

I need WHIP/ERA more than W/S/K. But I need any pitching points I can get. Given the uncertainty of their injuries, are either worth stashing? If so, what’s your take on picking up Accardo [rp] or Lohse [sp] or even both as replacements, since my trade options are limited.


One more?

3 keepers for 2010 in this 16 team roto league. I’ve been offered a trade for one to fill a positional spot. Never too early to think of next year. Will keep 1 of these.
Scott – 21st round [of]
Rasmus – 16 th [of]
Stewart -12 th [3b,2b +/-of]

Please rank these according to expected 2009 production and 2010 keeper value. Is Scott for real? Is Rasmus Scott lite? Is Stewart overvalued because of 2b eligibility?

AC in VA

I think you still have Oakland’s rotation wrong, no? Braden pitched on Friday.

Valverde blows ANOTHER save on Sunday. Is there something wrong with him still? After leading the NL in saves the last 2 years, I thought he’d be a “safe” closer…. sheesh.

2 Gents-

I have consolidated my previous?
16 team standard 5×5 roto 22 round draft 3 keepers [Braun in 10th is only def].
I need pitching WHIP/ERA/W most.
Hamilton coming off DL makes one OF spot expendable, Matsuzaka and Lindstrom going on DL wastes two.

I have Rasmus [16th], Stewart [12th], Scott [21st] as marketable keepers.

My healthy staff is J.Johnson, Gallardo, Baker, Hanson, Maholm, Wolf, Broxton, Madson.

1- Would you trade away or ditch [ or keep] Lindstrom or Matsuzaka, or both, knowing that saves off waiver are scarce [ none now]; the best available SP now are the likes of Paulino, Perkins, Davis, Wellemeyer and Lohse; and they may be out 6 weeks, too long to wait, since September means call ups. Are Lohse and Paulino worth going for?

2- Of the 3 OF [Scott needs 6 more games in OF for 2010 eligibility, Stewart needs 3 more for 2B and has 3B], who is best to keep for this year but also considering keeper value.


VA Beach


Can’t you just leave these guys on your DL or are there others injured on your bench? In a 16 team league, I think you have to hold onto Lindstrom. Now that Lidge is back Broxton’s your only closer, and saves sources are hard to come by in such a large league. It’s tempting to dump Dice-K, especially considering that your starting pitching is pretty solid, and I think I might just do it. Not only is he injured but based on performance I don’t think he’ll find himself anywhere near the Sox rotation anytime soon. Boston already has too many SPs as is. Not a big Lohse guy as his Ks are low but if he’s the best you can do, sure why not.



Is it time to sell high on Hill or is he real deal. I have been offered Pedoria for Hill straight up. Hill has been a valuable asset to my team in all offensive categories. I have Roberts as well at 2b and Hill has been used strictly at utility. My question is with Pedoria not off to the best start should I buy low now and hope for a productive second half thinking there is no way Hill produces like he has the first half.
12 team 5×5 roto keeper

team is listed as follows
bj upton



Thanks for the response. I’d like to share with you what I did.

Ours is a great league where the prize is excellent wine [and pride] but as you can imagine with 352 players drafted, once the season is underway you have to approach this like a traditional 10 man NL or AL only league for scarcity and move fast.

I dumped Dice K, because I agree that his value is worse than his ” DL stint” time. His gain is way outweighed by his loss filling a reserve/dl spot. Also, your points on the rotation and his own issues exactly even when he returns. Clay Buchholz is waiting in the wings, too.

I also dumped Lindstrom…and he was not picked up.
6 weeks out puts him into August. I may try to retrieve him off the waiver wire in 4 weeks, but I need other pitching numbers now or else it won’t matter. Most teams have 25 saves [I have 35] in half year, so I lose out only 10 or so max. Also, by or before then, I may trade for a closer from a team out of the running with one of the OF above.

I know my league’s players…and waiting can be costly.Hope I’m right. Again, I really appreciate your thoughts.

AC, Wino


Sounds like a good plan. Knowing those details it definitely makes sense.

As for your other question, it’s a close call but I’d rank them Scott, Stewart, Rasmus. Scott’s the oldest but I think he can approach 30 homers this year and he’s got a great round value. Despite the round difference, I’m giving Stewart the slight edge over Rasmus. The multi-position eligibility (including 2B) is the deciding factor, and he has begun to hit a bit more consistently of late.



Those were the first runs Valverde has given up since coming back so no, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him. However, if you’ve got a roster spot open, I might consider picking up Hawkins again if you don’t own him already…just in case.

I definitely think Hill is for real, but he’s not hitting 40 homers. Tough to trade him, but for Pedroia I’d do it. A nice calculated gamble to acquire last year’s MVP. At worst, it’s a wash. I don’t see this move hurting you.


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