Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 2


Vargas @

***Buehrle @

Guthrie @

***Davis @

Redding @ ***Maholm

***Wandy @

Happ @

Zito @

McClung @

***Cory says pitch on Correia and Happ.



I’m wondering what you guys think about Manny for the rest of the year.
12 team, mixed, points league. I could use some help in the OF, so I’m thinking of moving Mourneau for Manny. I’ve got depth at the corners with Youkilis, Reynolds and Blake.
Do you think Manny will out-produce the Canadian Kid from here on out??

hey guys.. need ur advise on a trade i have been offered.. i have adam jones.. and i have been offered johhny damon for him.. do i do this deal ?standard 5×5 vanilla…

One of the teams in my league sent out a league-wide message that he has too many top-tier OFs and wants pitching. He has Soriano, Hamilton, Kemp, Manny, Markakis, and BJ Upton. My OF right now is Ichiro, J Upton, Lind, and Beltran on the DL. Are any of these guys worth pursuing? If so, then who should I trade away? This is what my pitching staff looks like: Johan, Buehrle, K-Rod, Papelbon, Jackson, Zambrano, Wandy, Maine, and Capps. I’m doing ok in my league, but not great. I’m 6th overall out of 10 teams and 21 games back (H2H, each stat category is a game each week). This is how I rank as of last Monday:
R: 373, 4th
HR: 95, 7th
RBI: 345, 6th
SB: 60, 4th
AVG: .305, 1st
OPS: .862, 4th
W: 32, T-5th
SV: 2nd
K: 444, 5th
ERA: 3.80, 8th
WHIP: 1.32, 7th
K/BB: 2.09 T-9th

It’s somewhat frustrating to be so far back in some areas and not have a clue how to improve. I could really use your help on this one. Thanks.


Standard, mixed, 5×5. When Manny went out I had huge lead in power numbers and last in steals. Rather than trying to replace Manny’s power numbers decided to hop on Pierre’s coattails, pick up Bourne, and bulk up my steals/runs. It has worked (3rd in steals now) but am now in dogfight for the lead in power categories. Looking to maintain good power/speed balance, but need to make following decisions: 1) Riviera or Ross for power (and some help with average) AND, 2) Podsednik or McCutcheon or Span or Morgan (for steals, runs, and some help with average).
B in C

I think with the depth you have it’s a trade worth making. At worst I can see it maybe being a wash.

Keeper league no way. Non keeper the more I look at it the more I think it’s a close tie with damon the slight edge b/c he’s done it before. Not sure if this may just be a lateral move on a challenge trade. Damon leads the league in runs but only has 7 more then Jones. Jones higer avg but they are both probably .295 hitters. Nothing really sets them apart in a non keeper.

You have to pitching to get any of those guys. I would try to buy low on Soriano or hamilton just to get the power.

B in C,
To me it’s Podsednik and Rivera. Scotty Po has one less steal in over 30 less ABs and is batting 30 points higher then Span. Pod over Morgan is same except he’s down 6 steals. Juan Rivera is a better player then Cody Ross he’s hitting 30 points higher. I’d try to hang on to a few of these guys if you can since they have value.

Thanks mike… it is a non keeper league…as u said adam jones hasnt done it before… i`ll pull the trigger on the trade…thanks for the help…

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