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Hey guys,

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birdandt_tcm18-151058.jpgPetey Mac and Gottlieb on today’s podcast.  They’ll chat about Jose Contreras’ solid return, Adam Wainwright’s gem, Cole Hamels getting lit up and more.

No regular podcast tomorrow but be sure to tune in to the Sirius/XM show at 6 PM ET or check out the podcast.

Feel free to leave your questions here and if we don’t address them today we’ll get to them either over the weekend or on Monday.

Happy Fourth!



Hey guys. Love the show. 9 team 5 x 5 mixed keeper. I’m currently in 2nd place, a couple points behind 1st. I’m lacking in HR and RBI. I’m leading the league in speed and average by a considerable margin. My pitching is deep. I’m considering offering two separate trades:

1. I give up Crawford for Utley.

2. I give up Miguel Cabrera and Carpenter, Cueto, or King Felix for Pujols.

Do you think they are fair deals? I know you said yesterday that Pujols demands a lot right now. Is that offer at least a legitimate opening?

H & A in Roseville

Hey guys, been a long time fan. I am in a weekly 12 team head to head in first place and I have the second waiver priority with Harang just hitting the wire. Do I waste such a high priority on him? I Drop O’Day (holds are a category) and the rest of my staff is Billinglsey, Grienke, Cain, Josh Johnson, Joe Nathan, Broxton, Frank Francisco, Ryan Madson and Jeff Nieman.

I start 2 sp, 2 RP and 3 P every week other categories include shutouts, CG, K, K/9, Outs, W, L, S, ERA and Whip

Happy 4th everyone! I’m really jazzed about how well Cory’s NFBC team is doing this year. In an effort to send him some good karma, Hack and I talked about his team on our podcast last night. Today, I went a step further and put together a little video of Cory’s team and put it up at YouTube. You can also see it on my blog



Please rank these “3 stooges” for performance in 2009 and as keeper value for 2010?

Curly Colby Rasmus [16th rnd-of]
Moe Ian Stewart [12th rnd- 3b/prob. 2b too]
Larry Luke Scott [21st rnd- dh/ poss. OF if he gets 6 more games out there]

nyac nyac nyac

mlb comedy fan,

Hey Guys,

In my 5×5 15 tm mixed non-keeper, E. Dukes was just dropped. Would you pick him up and drop either D. Fowler or Andy LaRoche? Also, C. Gaudin or G. Perkins as a 5th/6th SP?

Neighbor Steve

Hey Guys,

In my 5×5 12 tm mixed non-keeper, would you now drop Juan Pierre? If so, who would you pick up to replace him? OF available are: N. Swisher, Dukes, Milledge, Reimold, Cameron, and David Murphy.

Neighbor Steve

Please rate these guys for the rest of the year. Rmero,Slowey,Baker,and Hanson


Crawford for Utley is OK if you have a 2B need, but I believe there’s a good chance you can do even better…think a 35+ HR lock guy. After all, Crawford has been the second most valuable player this year, trailing only Albert. But if you have to “settle” for Utley, that’s fine.

As for the Pujols offer, it’s reasonable but I don’t think it gets it done. You’ll probably need to add another solid hitter or closer.



Normally, I’d say to pick up Harang with the #2 priority but in your case I don’t think I’d do it. Your front five starters are very strong and you’ve already got three solid closers. Harang is good but there may not even be a place for him in your weekly lineup. I’ll lean towards passing but it is a tough call.
VB in VA,

I think I answered this question in a previous post but my abbreviated answer is Scott, Stewart, Rasmus.



Pass on Dukes. Just never know what you’re getting with him. Both Fowler and LaRoche are playing every day and putting up decent numbers. I’ll take their production over Dukes’ “potential.”

As for Perkins/Gaudin, I’ll say Perkins (2 ER or less in three of his last four starts). I don’t trust Gaudin and he blows up too often.



If you really need to drop Pierre to free up the roster spot, I like Reimold the most among that group. That said, I may be in the minority here but I’d find a way to hold onto Pierre at least until the July 31 trade deadline. I think there’s a chance he gets dealt which would instantly boost his value once again.



Off the top of my head I’ll say Baker, Hanson, Romero, Slowey.



I’ve put some of these questions on the list for tomorrow’s Sirius show so Mike and Cory may weigh in as well.

Happy Fourth of July…


Which guy would be better to pursue to boost my team’s power: Soriano or Hamilton? Who would be a good pitcher to deal if I wanted to try to buy low on either one? Buehrle, Jackson, Wandy, Zambrano, Maine.


Thanks, I had a feeling that Harang would be over kill.

Hey Glenn,

It’s hard to argue with either choice, but I’m sticking with Soriano. His drop to the six-spot in the Cubs order should allow him to focus more on his power capability. Plus, Hamilton’s battle with his abdominal injury makes me wonder how well he’ll harness his power when he returns. Go with Wandy if you can get him — his K/9 rate has remained top-notch even through his struggles.

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