Pitch or Ditch for Friday-Monday, July 3-6



Tallet @

Cahill @

***King Felix @

Kazmir @

***Danks @

French @

D. Hernandez @ ***Big
Erv *
Risky very

Suppan @

Morton @

Kawakami @

Livan @

***Pineiro @

@ De
La Rosa

***Kuroda @ ***Gaudin *Yeah that’s right, both

Paulino @ Sadowski


Olson @

***Halladay @

***Floyd @

***Jackson @

***Mazzaro @

***Price @ Holland *No choice but to start Price, you’re the ones who drafted
him not me.

Berken @

***Lannan *Lannan a nice blue plate special

Looper @

Thompson @

Ortiz @

Nieve @

***Wolf @

Duke @

Petit @ ***Cook *Worth a shot even at home right


Anderson @

Richmond @

Morrow @

Richard @

***Porcello @

Hill @

Niemann @

Ohlendorf @

***Carpenter @

***Lowe @

***Johan @

Burns @

***Haren @

***Oswalt @ ***R.

***Billingsley @


***Romero @
*Romero is legit, may get roughed up here
but he is hot.


Gonzalez @

***Millwood @ ***Jered

***Bergesen @

***Jurrjens @ ***R.

***Cueto @


Stammen @
***Marquis Why not?

Silva @

West @

***Cory says:

Pavano Saturday vs. OAK, he was much better last time out and the A’s

Meche on Monday, he’s in a serious slump and dealing with dead arm


How sure are you of Scherzer @ Coors with the way the Rockies have been playing lately?

Hey guys-

I could use some trade advice. I feel like I’d be giving up the best player in the deal, but could use some additional input. I’m in a 12 team mixed points league.

I’ve been offered Jay Bruce, Jason Frasor and Chris Davis for Bartlett and Romero. Bruce or Davis would likely fill my Util spot, as I have Chipper and Pena as my regulars. In my OF, I have McCutchen, Rios and Ethier. Frasor is a throwaway. Thoughts?

-Jeff in TX

Hi Guys,
10 Team H2H scoring league, is it finally time to drop Kerry Wood? He has been terrible so far and i don’t think he will see many save chances the rest of the year either. Our league grants 6 points for a save but also 4 points for a hold. So i wanted to pick up a decent setup man or a starting pitcher (Bergesen). Its a Keeper league but i’m playing to win this year.

Jerome from Germany

Trade question. Can Pujols keep this up. Will they keep pitching to him . I`ve been offered Pujols for D. Wright and Miggy in a weekly points league. at there current rate of production this might be worth it. But it seems like alot even for Pujols. I also picked Wright with Pujols still on the board in the draft. That make this a tuff offer. Thanks for the help.

Hi Guys!
I have a trade question. I’m being offered Jimmy Rollins, and I would give up Miguel Tejada and Adam Jones. I should mention that I have Reyes on the DL and my other OF’s are Pence, Justin Upton, Corey Hart, McCutchen and Quentin on the DL.
In my league I’m being KILLED in R’s and SB’s (Currently in 3rd place). What do you think I should do here?

Hey Jeff,
This trade would be good for you. Bartlett is valuable, sure. I wrote a note on him yesterday in the News & Notes section that his line drive percentage is above 30 percent since returning from injury in mid-June. Yet I find that his .362 batting average is practically unsustainable for him. If you can parlay his success into a slugger like Jay Bruce, that alone would be worth it. He will finish the year with a much higher batting average than .216. He’s run into ridiculously unfortunate luck with a .209 BABIP.
The fact you get to take a chance on Chris Davis, who despite his strikeout struggles can easily bash 20 homers in the second half, makes this a solid trade in your favor.
Hi Jerome,
No, it’s not time. Last I checked, he was still the full-time closer. He hasn’t allowed a baserunner in his last three outings (3 IP), including a save on Saturday. Don’t overthink the situation here. Wood is a fully capable closer without the threat of an effective replacement in the bullpen.
Hey Shane,
Well, he’s probably not going to keep putting together two-homer games, as he did four times in 17 contests from June 13-30. And one first-rounder isn’t worth the price of two others, especially when one of them (Miggy, obviously) plays the same position as the other. Pujols is great, but unless you were to tell me he would come up to bat every time with the bases juiced (4 HR and 20 RBI in 7 AB in ’09), I would turn down this trade offer.
Hey Ben,
I think you should remind your trade partner that Rollins is hitting .213 with a .260 on-base percentage. That his line drive rate is at a career-low 16.9 percent. That his infield fly ball rate is 14. I’m not against including Tejada, but play hardball and rescind Jones from the discussion. You might need him anyway considering Hart’s and McCutchen’s unpredictable natures and Quentin’s lingering uncertainty over his plantar fasciitis. You should be allowed to include a lesser player than Jones in your effort to gamble that Rollins will turn around his miserable campaign.

With Josh Hamilton’s impending return, I need to drop an OF from my roster. Who would you recommend? Aaron Rowand or Milton Bradley. (My other OFers are Ellsbury, Pence, and Cruz.)

Do you start A-Ram in a 10 teams mixed league or do you wait and see how;s he doing? I use Branyan as my current 3rd basman.

With Aramis Ramirez’s return to the Cubs roster tomorrow or so, should I put him on my current fantasy roster who will play this week, or just to see how good he is before I make a decision?

Two questions:
1. A-Ram is back, and long story short I need to decide between dropping Carlos Pena and Aubrey Huff. I would keep Pena with his 20+ homers, but what’s difficult here is I’m pretty sure Pena is falling down back towards where we think he should be while Huff is a big 2nd half guy. I’m also lowest in the league in AVG. Who should I drop?
2. Tommy Hanson somehow found his way onto the wire, should I drop Garza for him? Garza has been good but inconsistent, which doesn’t very work well for my 10team h2h. I did bench him vs the Rangers yesterday, because I had a funny feeling about it, and it was the Rangers.
-Another Mike


Your question will be answered on today’s podcast.
sdoron and ideaf,

Personally, I never like to miss out on any production from my stud players so yes, I’d start him right away.
Another Mike,

Wow, this one is tough. You really can’t trade one of these guys? Anyway, Pena’s probably the safer player in the sense that you know he’ll give you 35-40 homers. However, Huff is the more complete player, so I’d roll the dice on him, especially since you say your last in AVG.


Another Mike,

Tommy Hanson does not belong on any waiver wire and I would make the Garza for Hanson move. Always a little risky going with potential over a solid pitcher with more experience, but considering the way Hanson is performing right now it’s a risk worth taking.



If it helps for Podcast purposes:

12-team, mixed, 5×5, HTH league.


Curtis (Texigander)

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