Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 8

D. Hernandez @

***Greinke @

Tallet @

Cahill @ ***Wakefield

***Burnett @

Laffey @

Padilla @ Big

Morton @

Kawakami @

Detwiler @ ***De La
  (if you like to gamble)

***Gaudin @

***Volstad @

Bailey @

***Kuroda @

Wellemeyer @


Trade value question: I have Jeter, Derosa, and Hill in my MI/2b/ss spots and Beckham on my bench. I only have 2 closers and 4 SPs (all good) after two recent trades that helped my offense my drained my pitching a bit too much.

I have been offered Cueto and Sherrill for Jeter. Alternatively I could have Derek Lowe instead of Cueto or Capps instead of Sherrill (or some combo). Or Jeter straight up for F-Rod.

The ESPN player rater has Jeter valued higher than any combo of the two, but I feel trading Jeter now for a good SP and closer is selling high and replacing him with Beckham (assuming Derosa comes back off the DL asap) is good value and fair. Any comments on how these 4 pitchers should perform for ROY. I am leading in ERA and 2nd in Whip at the moment. Thanks!

Hi Guys,

I have both Manny and Juan Pierre and figure I need to start both for now since Manny’s legs aren’t ready but after the All-Star break do you see any trade partners for Pierre that can offer the Dodgers the starting pitcher they want?
Royals, Tigers, Braves? If they don’t move Pierre do I keep him on my bench after the deadline (we have a 6 man bench)?



What are you thoughts on D. Wright. I have him in a 12 team keeper. Am in 1st place, but could move up further in HR and SLG, something Wright is lacking in these days.

How much of a discount would you sell him in a keeper league? Is Sandoval/Markakis too low?

I can afford to trade the SBs, but would it hurt me down the road? Thanks.

Rob in GR

Morning guys-

10 team, weekly H2H, rank for rest of season (need to get more doubles, HR, RBI on a consistent basis):
Burrell (own), Ludwick (own), Kubel (FA), C. Ross (FA), Rasmus (FA).

Rest of OFs are Rios, Holliday, Rivera.

Also would you cut a JP Howell or Aardasma to add another of these bats? We start 3 SP, 1 RP, 1 P each week. 8 of the 10 teams carry 2 RP each week.


Still remember how Loriano carried my team before the elbow surgery. Any chance he becomes a must start kind of guy this year or is this the new Loriano we should expect. Not great, not bad, just averege?

Hey guys –

Quick pitching question – in a 5×5 12-team keeper league – tough to make trades especially for pitchers. Couple of pitchers on waiver wire that I am wondering if they are worth picking up. Zack Duke, Paul Maholm, Brett Anderson, Sadowski, Blanton, Perkins and Andrew Miller and Doug Davis are available. Would need to drop Morrow for any of these. Any of these worth it?


Hey Andy,
First, I’d like to caution you about your idea of selling high on Jeter. He’s not hitting beyond his capability. Remember, he’s hitting in what looks to be a hitters’ park, so some of his higher numbers, including his greater power, could be a cause of that. A Lowe-Capps combo is the only one I would really consider, but I wonder why you’d want to trade such a consistent offensive bat — effectively replacing him with an uncertain rookie — when you’re already at the top ERA and nearly so in WHIP. Keep Jeter.

Hey Rob,
Yes, it is. It’s almost never a good idea to trade an elite player when he’s slumping. You can’t trade guys like Wright when they’re struggling because you’ve seen their fantasy effectiveness when they’re hitting with authority. Be prepared for a slightly sluggish July — his career .290 average in the month is his second-lowest of any month — but you know this guy has always lit it up in the second half, right? Look at his career post All-Star break numbers vs. before the ASG:
1st half: .298 AVG, .888 OPS
2nd half: .325 AVG, .953 OPS
What I’m saying is keep Wright and look to sell high on a less-accomplished player on your roster.

Hi Shane,
Burrell, Kubel, Ross, Ludwick, Rasmus.
Yeah, you can cut either guy to add another bat, if that makes you more comfortable. I’d tend to feel more comfortable with Aardsma, given his offensively-insecure squad might have more “close” wins, even though the Rays should win more games in the second half than the Mariners.

Hey Steve,
I think Liriano is a must-start at this point. His K/9 over his last five starts is 9.3, and he has only 12 walks in that time. He’s also given up just three homers and his WHIP is a respectable 1.28. That looks like a solid starting option to me.

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