Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 9

***Halladay @ Price (Price looks
awful right now)

Huff @

Hunter @ ***King

Owings @

***Lannan @

Miller @


I’m not sure if this is the right form to ask this question but I’m curious if there has been any analysis on the average runs scored during day games vs. night games. Usually these are Wed, Thurs, and Sunday get away days.

I bring it up because often times, you have 4th OFers, back-up C, and scrub IF in these games as they give some regulars days off. Perhaps there might be an average lower total runs scored and maybe some extra weight should be given to pitch on day games.


Hey guys,

Chad Gaudin– lots of K’s of late. Flash in the pan / timebomb waiting to explode on whoever picks him up OR legit break-out that could help put up some decent numbers?


Gaudin’s a decent PoD option but I don’t trust him long-term. Still has an ERA over 5! There’s nothing I fear more in fantasy than picking up someone after a few good starts and seeing him drop one of those three inning, seven run games on you.

I’ll ask Mr. Stats Schwartz. He might have something on it.


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