Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 10

***Lee @ ***Jackson

Bannister @

***Danks @

Thompson @ ***Harden

Arroyo @

Olsen @


12 team, mixed, 5×5, HTH:

I’ve about got my team where I need it but I received a trade offer today: I give up Alexei Ramirez for Brandon Inge. (I have Callespo to play SS and currently have Wieters and Saltalamachia at C.) I am in need of more consistent saves and power though.

I am concerned I may be giving up too much with this counter-offer:

I give Ramirez and Woods and receive Inge and Brian Wilson.




Hi Guys!
I wanted to “reopen” a previous question that I posted to you. 11 team mixed 5 X 5. I’m being KILLED in R’s and SB’s. I’m trying to get Jimmy Rollins, and I’d give up Tejada and Adam Jones. I have Reyes on the DL. Do you think Rollins is starting to turn it around, and if so, is this the time to buy low? My other OF’s are J. Upton, Pence, Hart, Jones and Quentin on the DL.
The guy with Rollins is out of the running in last place. Thanks so much for your great advice.
-Ben in the Berkshires

Just an observation:

IF the Astros-Nats game was suspended before the bottom of the 11th began, and IF Joel Hanrahan was traded to Houston and brought into the game in the bottom of the 11th, and then lost the game, he would be both the winning AND losing pitcher in the game.

Greg in Cincy

Hey guys,

the heavy POD crowd just dropped Porcello, Cook, and Lannan for spot starters. I’m desperate for SP help at the bottom of my rotation, and these guys seem like they could certainly help.

How would you rank them between now and the end of the season? In what order should I put in a waiver claim on them?

Peter in DC

I just got this trade offer similar to one that I turned down before; not because it was unfair, but because it would load my bench with too many OFs. The guy trying to get this deal has 6 OFs: Kemp, BJ Upton, Markakis, Soriano, Hamilton, and Manny. Anyway, the new deal he offered was that I would get A-Rod, Markakis, Soriano and Harden for Johan and Youkillis. My OF is Ichiro, J. Upton, and Lind w/ Ian Stewart in the Util spot and Beltran on the DL. The two players I could drop would be Fowler and either Stewart, Tulowitzki or Derrek Lee and 1 of the OFs I pick up can be in the Util spot. If I take this deal, I would be inheriting his problem on my team, but I can sense his desperation and want to use that to improve my team. Is there a counter-offer here that would solve both of our problems here? Or should I just walk away?


I had an extra spot on my bench so I swiped Volstad off the wire in a weekly points league 12-teamer. What are the chances he turns it around in the second half? I could use another arm in my rotation.


I know hopping on the Inge bandwagon is tempting, but to be honest I’m not in love with either of those trades. Never been a big fan of Inge…very streaky and I think he’s due for a major regression. Sure, the C eligibility enhances his value, but the power is hurt by the inconsistent AVG which right now is way above his career mark. Alexei is heating up right now and the difference between him and Callaspo is very significant.

Yeah, Rollins is definitely on his way back, but will he ever return to his 2007 MVP form? Probably not. But I like the idea of buying low on him…still a top tier SS in my mind. That said, I think you’re giving up too much here. Jones is a fantasy stud in the making and Tejada is quietly having a very good year. Is the potential upgrade from Tejada to Rollins worth the loss of Adam Jones? You will improve in SBs but not so sure about Runs. Add in the fact that you have Reyes who, even if he comes back in August, could create a bit of a logjam, and I’d pass. Assuming you have an open MI slot, going after Rollins is fine, but try to rework that trade a bit.



These three are pretty close in value and are all more like PoD guys at this point, but I’ll go Lannan, Cook, Porcello. The Tigers will likely limit Porcello’s innings down the stretch, hurting his value. He has the most upside going forward beyond this year but for this season alone I’d rank him third.

On value alone, I like the deal but you’re right about it creating a major logjam problem so I’d be hesitant to go through with it. How about if you did something like Johan and Youk for A-Rod, Kemp, and a better pitcher than Harden? I don’t really see a way that the other guy can clear out two OF spots but at least he can lose one of them. You’d be consolidating the two OFs into one and upgrading the SP. Probably not as good of a deal for you but it might be worth it to start eliminating the headache caused by too many OFs. You could also even downgrade the pitcher you give up from Johan to someone else. Keep working at it. The other guy might just have to go to another team to clear the other OF spot.


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