Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 16

Olson @ ***Lee
Big Erv @ ***Braden
Perez @ Lowe
***Harden @ Detwiler
Looper @ Bailey
Moyer @ ***Volstad
***Cook @ ***Gaudin
***Wandy @ ***Wolf


Which 3 would you start next week? Jackson, Zambrano, Wandy, or Duke?


Hey guys, thanks for all your help. What do you see Reynolds doing in the 2nd half? I’m in need of HRs and SLG (we have OBP and SLG instead of BA). So he doesn’t hurt me as much as standard leagues, but the OBP is a concern. This is a 12 team keeper league. I’m in first, but can move up in those cats.

I would give up VMart/Holliday and get Reynolds/Ludwick.

I also have Weiters (we start 1 C). I’ve been playing VMart at CI or benching him recently.

My other option is to take a less risky approach and offer Cueto/VMart/Holliday for Berkman/Ludwick. I’d still have plenty of SP (CBill, Nolasco, Liriano, Carpenter, JJohnson), so I can afford to let one of them go.

Thanks, Rob in GR

Boys –

I am in 3rd currently 6.5pts out of 1st. 5×5 mixed weekly nk.

I have had Reyes and Quentin on my DL for a while (glad Aramis finally returned). As each inches closer to return (with a major unknown of their remaining production value) I was able to make a pair of trades that netted me Hanley and Dye. However, my 2B is weakest slot (Stewart) and my Arms in general are fine, but feel the need to add an upgrade at Closer to pair with Valverde (currently using Nunez and am 6 saves from next pt…12 saves from another point).

So an owner is offering Soria and Uggla for Reyes. I am asking if you think this is fair value, or more importantly an upgrade @ 2B? Should I simply survive with Stewart and use Reyes at DH when he returns and Quentin too could slide in to DH since I am currently using Blake/Hart/McCutchen mix to cover power/speed combo. (Werth, Dye, Pence are my 3 OF) and not worry about chasing saves?


– BDH in DC

Rob and BDH,

Just answered your questions on the previous post.

Not sure exactly what week you’re referring to (the one that starts today or the one that starts next Monday) but generally speaking my Top 3 would be Jackson, Zambrano, and Wandy.



For clarification, I meant the week that starts next Monday. Thanks anyway.


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