Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 18-20

***Verlander @

Guthrie @

***Washburn @

Baker @ Feldman *Can’t trust Baker in Texas.

***Lilly @

Parra @

***Haren @

***Hampton @
*Yeah that’s


***Bedard @

Bergesen @

***Garza @

Liriano @

***Happ @

***Cain @

***Marquis @ Stauffer *in SD and looking for a W

Nieve @
D. Hernandez @

O’Sullivan @

Blackburn @

Hart @

Livan @

Davis @ De La

Owings @ Jeff Weaver


I hope you don’t mind me asking this question. As a Yankee fan, I am a little disappointed in Chamberlain and Pettitte. I just don’t get why you pitch both? I mean they hadn’t been doing that great in their last two starts. I’d really like to hear your opinions.
-Joaquin in NJ

buy, sell or hold on:
jayson werth
asdrubal cabrera
aaron harang
gavin floyd

i have believed in many of these guys from the beginning (especially wandy, werth, and cabrera), but i don’t want to overplay my hand….


Bob in Oregon

I am in 1st place in a 10 team points league (2 keepers allowed annually). I feel strong at all positions, except 3B. Never thought anyone could make me blink on with an offer for Pujols, but someone did. Was offered Texiera and ARod for Albert Pujols. My current 3B is Edwin Encarnacion and am hoping that my back-up Ian Stewart is finally about to make good on his potential. FYI – I have Mark Derosa on my roster as well. You know the old addage, pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Am getting greedy in considering this deal?

Does trade sound good to you? I give up Johan and Youkilis for Lackey, A-Rod and Markakis.



Hold onto Werth. A quality power/speed threat who plays in an extreme hitters’ park and hits in a great lineup.

Sell Harang. Opponents are hitting .292 off him and his WHIP is higher than it was last year yet he somehow has an ERA over half a run lower. He’ll give you Ks but I don’t expect the ratios to get much better.

Hold onto Cabrera. Still has a good deal of upside but is really struggling of late. You’re not going to get many fair trade offers right now even if you were thinking about dealing him.

Hold onto Wandy. Probably won’t maintain an ERA below 3 so if you can get a great return by selling, that’s fine. But I just don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. Nice K/BB rate and doesn’t give up a lot of homers.

Hold onto Floyd. Poor last two starts hurts his trade value but was outstanding in June so there’s reason for hope.



Extremely tempting and in most cases I’d do it. But in your situation, I’ll pass. You’re in first and do you really want to lose Pujols as a keeper? Despite the homers, A-Rod’s AVG is terrible. He still isn’t 100 percent and probably won’t be until next year.

Is the addition of A-Rod worth the downgrades from Johan to Lackey and Youk to Markakis? Yes, I’ll take the chance, especially considering Lackey’s recent dominance.


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