Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 24


***Contreras @

Colon @

Anderson @

***Garza @

Bergesen @

Feldman @

***Liriano @

Laffey @

***Harang @

Latos @

Pineiro @ ***Happ  (Pineiro pitching well on the road lately, but still scary at

***Vazquez @ ***Parra  (Parra much better since return from AAA)


***Hampton  (I’d start ANYONE against the Mets right now…the ultimate “pick on”

***Cain @

Duke @

***J. Johnson @

***Siano saysDitch
Contreras, I’m off the boat
. I’ll
be at Pineiro vs Happ. Ditch Parra. I don’t trust him. I know he’s been good last two but look at


QUESTION- our league made the leap from weekly to daily this year. as expected a few owners pitch and ditch and a few others are angered by the act. one of those angry owners decided to pick up every possible pitcher and drop them immediately, so that no owner can use them until after they clear waivers… after their start. what are your thoughts; good strategy or a real jerk move? this is a 13 team league so pitching is thin regardless, any preventive measure for owners like this? should we change a rule or just suck it up?



Jerk move. Simply inexcusable. You may or may not be a fan of PoD (I’m personally not as into it as Mike and Cory are), but it’s certainly within the rules as you still have to do a good job at picking your matchups. For an owner to do that just because he doesn’t agree with the philosophy is ridiculous. If I was Commish I’d freeze his roster and ban him from the league next year. I tend to be very strict on these matters but I think it’s warranted in this situation.


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