Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 28


Bannister @


Mazzaro @

French @

***Buehrle @

Huff @ ***Jered

Rzepczynski @

***Jurrjens @

***Marquis @

Correia @

***Oswalt @
*Usually avoid guy after first day back
but Astros aren’t exactly ’27 Yankees. 10th in NL in runs scored

Balester @

***Billingsley @

***Hamels @ ***Haren *Nice

Morton @ Zito *Morton a sleeper here


Garrett Jones! Right now he’s smashing everything and making me look like a genius, but I’m curious as to what you think he’ll do when he cools down. Is he going to be an asset for a 12 mixed roto league? Or flash in the pan that I ride till the wheels fall off? Currently I’m shopping him hoping to get some mid range pitching. Love your advice guys keep up the good work! – Clif In AK

Roster question- 5×5 mixed non-keeper –
Should I drop Brandon Inge or Russell Martin for Miguel Montero?

okay, 5×5 mixed keeper, here’s the offer.
I give Justin Upton and Clay Buchholz, and I get Halladay and Cuddyer.
I’m in a position to win now, with room to gain in W and K. the downgrade from JUpton to Cuddyer costs me on Offense but I have faith in a few guys getting hot soon and Reyes on the bench. JUpton has great value for next year (11th rd), Buchholz would be a 15th next year but I doubt he’d make my list.


Your question will be answered on today’s podcast.

Nope. I need to see more than just one outstanding month before picking up Montero in favor of Martin, who was an elite fantasy catcher heading into this season and has shown some signs of waking up of late, or even Inge, who is coming off an All-Star first half. I know he’s struggling mightily but when making these types of decisions I personally pay particular attention to the length of a player’s production, especially when you’re pretty sure the guy you are about to drop will be picked up immediately.

I’m all for playing to win now, so yes, I’d go ahead with that deal. Tough to give up Justin but going forward there are always chances to draft great keeper prospects. There is not always a chance to win your league.


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