Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 30


***Hochevar @

Olson @

De La Rosa @

Martin @

***Vazquez @

Lopez @ Sanchez  *Too big a risk, Phils are very good road team…31-15.

***Cory says to pitch Bergesen, De La Rosa, Kuroda and Sanchez and ditch Niese.


I need a fill in for Berkman while he’s on the DL the waiver wire has some decent names (Blake, Swisher, Prado, Johnson) but I’m not really impressed and I don’t really have anyone on my roster I simply want to drop. I’ve got some depth at the middle infield positions (Drew, Phillips, Zobrist and the DLed Reyes) and was trying to pry Ryan Howard away from another guy in the league who has a couple of 1B. He has countered with Derek Lee and Clint Barmes for Edwin Jackson and Ben Zobrist in return is this a deal I should make or should I keep after Howard? My SP is in good shape(Greinke, Verlander, Joba, Burnett, Jackson, Cueto) so I can afford to deal one.


12 team, mixed, 5×5, HTH league:

What in the heck is up with Harang and Cueto? Do either of these guys have any real value right now? For what weeks these two have been killing me every time I put them in. (My other starters: Cain, Romero, Davis, Hanson, and Jiminez.)


12 team points league, non-keeper.
Which OF would you rather have for the rest of the year? A recently hot Soriano or a sneaky consistent Cuddyer?


Hey Guys,
Kong Fu Panda for V-mart. 12 team points league. Would you make that trade?


Berkman is expected to return when the 15 days are up, so if it’s a matter of just needing a shorter term option, I’d much rather get it through the waiver wire. There must be someone you can drop, no?) I don’t like that trade offer as I think you’re selling Zobrist and Edwin for less than full value. Assuming you’d be able to start both Berkman and Howard, I have no problem with you using your MI and SP depth to go after Howard, but that trade doesn’t appeal to me.

Can’t drop them but feel free to bench them for the time being. Harang’s just been having awful innings (5 ER in one inning last night). Just dealt him in the two leagues I had him so couldn’t be more pleased right now:-)

Gotta go with the track record and stick with Soriano, who’s been red hot of late. His numbers (especially his AVG) are so under par that he’s simply due to go on a tear.

Yes, absolutely. I like the Panda but if his value is so high right now that he can net you an established stud catcher who’s having a great year, you’ve got to make that trade.


I asked a few weeks ago about Matt Laporta and now with these trades by the Indians, i have to ask again. What is going on with Cleveland, how do they not bring him up now?

Dump Kuroda for Tillman?
H2H, mixed, weekly, keeper

Rest of my staff:
Danks, Nolasco, Kershaw, Price, Kazmir, Broxton, Fuentes, Capps, Qualls, Hughes, Jim Johnson.


I have no clue why. Expect them to call up LaPorta soon. He’s certainly worth a speculative pickup in deeper mixed leagues.

I wouldn’t do that. With Kuroda, you know what you’re getting. It may not be great, but it’s pretty consistent. Tillman was not impressive at all yesterday and is still a big question mark. Even in a keeper, I’d be hesitant to make that move. Looks like you already have a couple of great keeper SPs in Kershaw and Price.


ten team mixed. I am in second place. pitching is sinking in whip and era. The team gaining on me from behind have offered sp Hallady (Toronto) and sp Pineiro (st. louis) and I give up David Wright (mets) and Hanson sp (atlanta). I stil have a great offense led by Pujol, Longoria, kinsler and now Morales… should i do this?

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