Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 1-3



***Burnett @

Chen @

***Beckett @ D.

Porcello @ Sowers (Porcello is out
of gas)

Saunders @ Swarzak

***King Felix @

***Romero @

***Wolf @

Stammen @ Vasquez

***Scherzer @

***Zambrano @

***Ubaldo @

***Wandy @

***Blanton @

TBA @ Mujica


***Galarraga @ Pavano
(Galarraga pitching better of late)

***Buchholz @ Berken

Bannister @

***Sabathia @

Jered Weaver @ Perkins (Weaver has a
7 ERA since mid-June and is much worse on the road)

***Romero @

TBA @ ***Millwood

Garland @ Pelfrey

***Marquis @

***Billingsley @

Balester @

***Oswalt @

Villanueva @

***Hamels @

***Dempster @


Mock @ Morton

***Wells @ Harang
(Harang just awful lately)

***Haren @

***Cain @

***Kawakami @

Parra @

***Greinke @

Tillman @ French

Feldman @

***Siano says:

Porcello cut in AL
Tout , think about it.

Saunders does well
here maybe he gets back on radar.

say start Tommy Hunter, yeah that’s right.

roll dice on Weaver.

an eye on Charlie Morton but ditch.


So is Romero pitching in back to back starts?? Or is it a “pitch” for Brett Cecil from the Jays?

Brief question, need a sub 4 Alexei, both JJ Hardy and Pheralta on the wire.

Which one is due for a hot Aug/Sept?

Thanks again from Euroland,

Great show. After hearing your friend from Baseball Prospectus predict BJ Upton would be the best player in the second half, I coughed up Joey Votto playing my ‘U’ in a trade. I’ve got a little buyer’s remorse. Can you talk me off the ledge or should I just own up to the fact trades should not be done after a brewery tour?

Also, time to drop Ricky Romero for any of the following:
DeLaRosa, Brett Anderson, or Randy Wolf?

Hey guys, things are going a bit pear shaped… 12-team mixed, head to head NON-keeper. Looking for some top tier hitting to keep up my point production. I can trade: Carlos Pena, Shin-Soo Choo, Gordon Beckham, Brian Roberts and/or Andrew McCutchen. Aiming for Chase Utley (who i drafted but… lets not get into that). His owner is significantly short in the outfield. Who should i offer?

Funny I was just coming on here to post the same idea: how could the experts be SOOOOO wrong (so far) on the BJ prediction? I traded ARod and Jhonny Peralta for BJ on June 29. Since then I’ve gotten .229-13-1-7-4 (Avg-R-HR-RBI-SB) out of BJ (with 3 CS), while ARod has posted .287-20-8-21-5 for my trade partner, and .297-15-5-20-0 for Peralta. I’ve been leading the league in HR and RBI for quite a while, but as of this posting, my leads are down to one and five, respectively, in those categories, while I’m still looking up at 8 teams in each the SB and R categories. Any suspicions of a possible injury, or recurrence of his shoulder problems?

My trade was made mainly pointing toward next year, but since then, the rest of my team has caught fire, and I’m within reach of money spots, no thanks to BJ. Hopefully he is just underachieving, and not turning into a Chris B Young.

Greg in Cincy

Hey a.v.,
Well, you see that Cecil went Saturday, finishing with four earned runs on six hits and a walk with three strikeouts in seven innings to take his fifth win in six decisions. Not quite as fine a performance as his three prior starts (1 ER in 20 IP). At least he showed better command after issuing 14 walks over 23 2/3 frames in four previous starts.

Hey Danny,
Alexei might not be back until mid-week. Normally I’d say go with Peralta since he’s swinging one of the hottest bats in the Majors, but he has a day off Monday. Hardy and the Brewers finish their series Monday vs. the Padres, so try adding him for that day then switching to Peralta until Alexei returns.

Hey Clark,
You probably don’t need us to tell you drinking some brews and watching baseball is a much better combination than brews and managing your fantasy squad. But keep that in mind to your league mates as a worthy excuse for trading a sure thing such as Votto.
I’ve already thrown in the towel on my “Avoid De La Rosa” campaign. He has delivered six straight quality starts, during which he’s fielding a 2.20 ERA and 34 punchouts in 41 innings.

Hi aranathor,
How about McCuthen? If there’s ever a time to offer a player with a suspect reputation for power such as him to an outfielder-needy team, it would be after a three-homer game. Obviously, you’d have to add one or two players and it makes sense to include Roberts. That might be enough, but you could throw in a pitcher as well just to ensure you get your man.

Hey Greg,
There is still an air of mystery surrounding Upton’s lack of substantial pop. Some might suggest a recurrence of the shoulder injury, while others could question whether Upton has the desire to become a great player. He’s not turning into Chris B. Young because his steals output is far greater than that of his younger brother’s teammate. However, it’s disconcerting that his .244 batting average has been aided by a .324 BABIP. And he’s striking out at an obscene 28.4 rate. Let this year play out before making determinations for next season, but his value has taken a sizeable hit, no question.

What do you think about Nippert (TEX) going on monday vs. Anderson @ Oak?

Correction to Danny’s question:
I stated in my answer that J.J. Hardy and the Brewers finish their series Monday against the Padres. That’s incorrect, although they do play Monday in a series opener vs. the Dodgers. It’s still a wise move to play Hardy Monday, then switch to Peralta until Alexei Ramirez’s return.

Hey Vickers,
Well, he has a 4.85 ERA and a 1.69 WHIP in three starts this year, but McAfee Coliseum is as welcoming a park as there is in the American League. He does have one career start in Oakland, on Sept. 11 last year, during which he gave up one earned run on four hits and four walks with seven punchouts. Given that this is a stripped-down Oakland lineup with Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera, I’d give Nippert the ‘pitch.’

Hey team, back again.

I am in an 18 team Mixed H2H 10×10 league. I am currently in 12th but am making a push for 8 to make the playoffs.

I was proposed Carlos Lee, Mark Ellis, and either Lackey, Hamels, or Burnett for (my) Bobby Abreu and Ubaldo Jiminez. Mark Ellis would basically be on the bench for me, as I have a full OF (Scotty Pods, Werth, Abreu, and Luke Scott) and Carlos Gomez/Lastings Milledge at utility. I am weak on pitching but am in desperate need of ****. Should I push for a better deal or just pull the trigger? Which of the pitchers should I take.

Thanks for a great show.

-Ben in Memphis

I am looking for a suprise closer to grab…think Bulger or Jepsen might get to close soon. This is for a AL only league.


Need a quick advice for my ongoing 2B problem:

Could exchange Pheralta for Ian Stewart, whos still killing me average-wise…

Worth it?


Is Peralta 2B eligible? I don’t think so. Anyway, I would rather have Peralta at this point. He’s red hot of late and has plenty of power upside even if he isn’t showing it for the most part this year. Stewart is just too much of an AVG liability.



Do that deal immediately. Lee could very well have a more productive final two months than Abreu and the move from Ubaldo to one of those SPs is still an upgrade. I’d go with Lackey as he’s easily been the most consistent over the past month and has a solid track record of legit ace potential.

I really doubt it. Fuentes’ last two appearances were awful but he’s been solid for the most part. The Angels gave him plenty of money to close games so I don’t see Bulger or Jepsen getting save opportunities barring an injury to Fuentes.


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