Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 5


Guthrie @

***Liriano @

Mitre @

***Penny @ Price (do you
trust Price right now? Not me)

French @

O’Sullivan @

Padilla @
***Braden (Rangers banged up and not scoring as much

Lohse @


***Hanson @

Davis @

***De La Rosa @

VandenHurk @

***Harden @

Looper @


Why not VandenHurk @ washington? he has been looking good! also, no reason to trust Price at all… but why should we trust Penny? Just curious…

I am faced with a dilemma! Garrett Jones has obviously cooled off and i need a DH… I could put Morneau at DH but then I would need a 1B. These five players could fit into the puzzle and are available on my wire: Adam LaRoche, Carlos Guillan, Juan Rivera, Milton Bradley, and Russell Branyan. Do I drop Jones for any of these players? If so, who has the most promising 2nd half? I need power with average… Thank You!

i just made a deal ryan howard for Miguel Cabrera what do u guys think? in a keeper league and howard was going to be 32 next year and cabrera would be 35

What is the status for Jay Bruce and Carlos Delgado and what sort of fantasy-production should I expect when they get back. I have both stashed on my DL after they were dropped in my league.

Hey Guys,
Would you trade A. Bailey for Carlos Quentin? I am loaded at closer: Cordero, Bailey, Rivera, Nathan, Jim Johnson, and Nunez+Lindstrom. Do you view Quentin as an upgrade to any of my current OFs of Braun, Ichiro, Kubel, Choo? What is a reasonable expectation for Quentin for the ROS (rest of season)?

KC in DC


Well, right now Rivera is having the best season of that group and fits your needs of AVG and power, so he’d be my pick. He’s shown the ability to hit for power in the past so his 18 homers aren’t a fluke. LaRoche is another guy I’d keep tabs on. He’s known to be an outstanding second half player and in Atlanta he’s assured everyday at-bats. Either of these two are better options than Jones.

As for the POD picks, Cory’s making them so I don’t know his reasoning. Personally, I’d pass on all three…just too risky. The Nats are actually not a bad offensive team lately, Price has been way too erratic, and I never trust Penny.



A totally even deal. I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in the ages but I’ll give the slight edge to Cabrera due to the difference in AVG. Cabrera, although not quite the power hitter Howard is, has been a .300+ hitter throughout his career. Howard’s penchant for striking out a ton will make it awfully difficult for him to post high averages.



The latest on Delgado is that he has resumed outdoor batting practice but his return is still up in the air. I think he’ll come back at some point but with the Mets falling more and more out of contention, they certainly won’t rush him. If I’m a Delgado owner, I’d consider anything I get from him this year a plus. Don’t expect much.

As for Bruce, he is said to be making nice progress in his rehab and is expected back in early September…definitely worth hanging onto in most leagues.



Absolutely. Quentin’s red hot of late and I see little reason why he cannot hit 10 homers and drive in at least 30 from here on out. I would be hesitant to play him over those OFs, all of whom have been consistent producers all year. But just to have him on your roster, either as insurance for the time being or as trade bait (could either deal him or one of your other OFs) is an opportunity worth taking.


I have to know, why on earth do you think Jackson is going to do anything worth counting tonight. His stuff has been a wash for the past several of his outings, i should know, i have him on my team and WISH WISH WISH he would bounce back, but conventional wisdom says he has either a mechanical defect, has lost some steam, or in a slump. Either way, he has not shown any signs of late that he has figured it out, so how could you? – Max

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