Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 6


Blackburn @

D. Hernandez @

***Big Erv @

Hunter @

***Smoltz @ ***Chamberlain
still bullish on Smoltz)

Vargas @


Cook @

***Scherzer @

Livan @

***Lowe @

***Siano says:

Pitch Porcello, coming off a very good start and while the O’s hit for
average they don’t score many runs.

blue plate special is Tommy Hunter if you are behind in innings and wouldn’t
mind a shot at a win. Same thing on Vargas but very very

will go 5 mediocre innings.

on rest. No Cookie in Philly.



Wolf for the win! Bench Porcello for the season! Agree Smoltz will go 5 mediocre innings. Hunter is too risky, A’s have not bats, its a pitchers duel!

Really? You guys still stuck on the Big Erv train? Nice nickname, I agree. But you guys are treating him like the big lovable family dog that you just can’t put out of its misery. He’s given up 5 or more runs in his last 3 starts, 6 of his last 7, and 8 of his last 10 (that would be 5 or more EARNED runs in those starts except for one start when “only” 4 of the 6 were earned). He’s only had 12 starts total this season, and only 3 quality starts. Sure the K/BB rate his nice, but a 7.31 ERA and 1.7 WHIP with no signs of turning things around….what am I missing here? Only 3 starts without giving up a longball, the last of which was June 5, and now going into a GREAT hitter’s park against a lineup of thumpers.

Cory has been saying all season that he doesn’t think Erv is healthy, and the results seem to back him up. Sorry Siano, I know you love the big guy, but I just can’t see how you start him Thursday. But hey, it’s your ERA and WHIP not mine…I won’t be using him. WOW…a new acronym…YEWNM (Your ERA and WHIP not mine!! hehehe

Greg in Cincy

16-team league, 7×7 auction, 29-man rosters with 10 minors spots. My team is out of it this year, so I’ve traded off most of my high-priced, non-keeper vets for prospects. For next year’s pitching, I have Lester, Danks, Jurrjens, Happ, Buchholz and up-and-comers Tillman, Holland, McDonald, Alderson, Wade Davis, Hellickson. I will be short of veteran hitters, but have Alvarez, Morrison, Lars Anderson, Austin Jackson, Viciedo, & Marson. I’ve been approached for Lester, but need him as my anchor next year, so I’ve been thinking of offering Buchholz up to get Travis Snider. Can I afford that and do you see it as a good trade?

Greg calling me out nice!

ok let’s look at it a few ways.

first off no doubt if you are that concerned about pts related to ERA and WHIP you have all the right in the world, but if you aren’t there is high risk high reward here and that’s why I am saying pitch. Erv’s a much much better pitcher this year on the road then at home his ERA on the road is 4.28 with 30 k’s in 40 IP. Also the White Sox besides Thome dont have scary LH bats so that helps as well. Yes its a great hitters park and like I said high risk but unless your falling on the ball in ERA and / or WHIP I don’t see why this is so outrageous.

Hope youre not a Bengals fan………Siano

Hey finminer,
Sure, you absolutely can afford that. You clearly have enough young pitching options. I hate to burst your bubble, but they’re not all likely to work out. In that case, you might as well trade one whose future is uncertain (Buchholz) while looking toward a young hitter with an equally dynamic Minor League background and shaky Major League track record. You have to gamble on players and I can think of far worse gambles than offering Buchholz for Snider.

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