Mock First Round

A fan of the 411 named Cadio posted the other day and asked if we could show him a mock first round. We heard and obliged. Below is a mock first round done over e-mail yesterday with members of the 411 and’s fantasy writers. Enjoy and react. The comment associated with the picks are from the GM themselves….Siano 



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1.  Pujols   (Gottlieb)

 Can it even be debated at this point? Pujols’ legitimate run at the NL 
Triple Crown solidifies his standing as one of the most complete 
hitters of this generation – and maybe in history.

 2.  Crawford   (Feldman)

 He might have gone in the third or fourth round in your league, but no 
one has done a better job of providing ample power and a stellar
average while single-handedly carrying your team in steals. In my 
mind, Crawford has clearly been the second-best player to own this 


carl-crawford.jpg3.  Hanley   (Klayman)

 Very happy he fell to three. He’ll be 27 in 2010, is a safe bet for 
.320-25-90-20, with the potential to go .360-35-100-40. Impossible t o 
pass up a shortstop with those numbers.

 4.  Utley   (Steinhorn)

 As consistent as they come at a thin second base position.  Utley has 
the ability to go .300-30-100-15 on a yearly basis.  He hits in a 
great lineup and in a very favorable home ballpark.

 5.  Braun   (Stack)

 He doesn’t have a glaring weakness. Braun is a legit .300 hitter, a 
virtual certainty for 30 homers and 100 RBIs and even contributes 15- 
odd steals. And his best years are ahead given that he’ll be just 26 
in 2010.

 6.  A-Rod   (Schwartz)

 We’re officially already in question mark territory — Reyes, 
Sizemore, Kinsler, Rollins, Wright — but I’ll gladly gamble on 
erstwhile #1 pick Alex Rodriguez. Despite playing at less than 100% 
this season after spring hip surgery, he has maintained strong power 
numbers and excellent plate discipline, and started to run the bases 
more freely in recent weeks. There’s no reason to think he won’t be 
back to full health next season, and will still hit among the likes of 
Teixeira, Damon, Jeter and the rest, so he should post monster numbers 
again in 2010.

 7.  Lincecum   (Cushing)

 Conventional wisdom says stay far away from pitchers in the first 
round, but fantasy gospel be damned — give me Tim Lincecum. Aptly 
nicknamed “The Freak,” Lincecum defies all the guidelines that apply 
to most pitchers, a throwback to the days when Pedro Martinez, Randy 
Johnson and Curt Schilling all topped everyone’s cheatsheets. With A- 
Rod off the board and the number of homers declining, why not buck the 
hitter trend and take a chance on the next potential 20-win, sub-2.50 
ERA, 300-strikeout super-ace?

 8.  Kinsler   (Ott)

 Yeah, Kinsler’s average is way down and he can’t seem to stay healthy 
for an entire season, but there’s no question he possesses plenty of

 power and speed. I’ll gladly take my chances on a 27-year-old second 
baseman with 30/30 ability.

 9.  Sizemore   (Siano)

 Picking 9th stinks. Being that I’m close enough to the wheel I am 
going to pass on a 1B and take my chances. I took Utley 9th in a draft 
this year so I will take another guy who may be banged up in spring 
training off surgery and deliver top 5 value.


grady-sizemore.jpg 10. Wright   (Kay)

  I wanted Sizemore, but I’ll settle for another guy whose value has f 
allen drastically over the first 2/3 of the season. Wright’s lack of 
power is the elephant in the room here, but 26 year-old studs don’t  
just forget how to hit homers overnight and 30/30 potential from a 
corner infielder is too good to pass up this late in the first round.

  11. Kemp   (Chiungos)

 Raw athletes often become real baseball and fantasy monstrosities 
(Elijah Dukeshku?), but Kemp is fulfilling his destiny as a five- tool 
and five-category monster. He’s proven himself as a legit .300 hitter 
and threat on the basepaths over the past few seasons, and if  he can 
get closer to the middle of the order, his run production wi ll only 
improve. As for his home run potential, it remains largely u ntapped; 
remember, this is a guy who went deep seven times during an  11-game 
span as a rookie in ’06, and with a 6-foot-2, 230-pound fra me, he has 
plenty of power surges left in the tank.

 12. Fielder   (Chaprales)



So in the pitch or ditch for today, you say to pitch Cecil for Toronto, but everything I see says Ricky Romero is getting the start. Pitch or ditch?
-Dan in LA


Yeah, looks like Jays may have reshuffled the order. I say pitch on Romero. He’s coming off a great start @ Oakland and the O’s have scored a combined five runs over their last two games.


I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. In getting ready for the league playoffs (two divisions; top two teams in each division make the playoffs; each round is 2 weeks) I?m looking to fine tune my pitching. Since our league uses Holds as a category each team typically carries only a handful of starting pitchers and a lot of relievers (rosters are 9 active pitchers and 3 bench slots for pitchers or batters).

Right now I have Lincecum, Gallardo, and Harden. There are always quality pitchers on the waiver wire, so I?m wondering if I should drop Harden for Chamberlain, Happ, Scherzer, Nolasco, Matusz, or Bud Norris. I can also afford to drop a middle reliever (Sherrill, Mike Gonzalez, Hughes, or Guerrier) and pick up another starter. I?m not looking for a keeper here; just the best group of players to win this year. Any suggestions? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

pitch both for that Jays question, but yeah looks like Romero.

Also, I’m looking to swap some speed for some power and considering offering B.J. Upton for either Manny Ramirez or Carlos Quentin. I’m also considering a big-name trade of Upton, Wright, and Drew for Hanley Ramirez and Johnny Damon. What do you guys think? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

This is the catch 22 of a ten teamer. So many options. You have to really focus on who these guys are facing and if they have two starts. Chamberlin, Nolasco and Happ have to be considered.

Round 2! Round 2! please🙂

2nd round PLEASE !!!

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