Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 13


Feldman @

Meche @

***Verlander @

***Sabathia @ Snell (is Snell
going to make this start?)

Carrillo @

***Lee @

Maholm @

Hampton @

Balester @ ***Arroyo
Arroyo is hot lately, which means he’ll give up 8 ER in 1.2

***Siano chimes in:

I said pitch Big Erv.”

is a nice sleeper but for mixed leagues you have to pass for


I have decided to punt the saves category and have Andrew bailey yet to deal. What should I be expecting to get for him? Is a starter the caliber of Wainwright or Felix remotely reasonable? Should I be aiming for more of a Baker or healthy Lilly type? Or is a Scherzer or Kuroda level guy what I should expect? Thank you for your time. First time in a fantasy league–5×5 non keeper, 5 teams grouped at the top of offensive categories. I appreciate your help.

Would you do this trade? I would get Mark DeRosa and Gordon Beckham for Aaron Hill. Beckham seems like dead weight. I already have A-Rod and Rollins starting with Ian Stewart and Tulowitzki on the bench. So essentially it’s an even trade of DeRosa for Hill. Is it worth it? Bear in mind that Sunday is the trade deadline, it’s non-keeper, the other guy is in 1st place and I’m 6th with 24 games back, but we play 12 games a week. I don’t know if I’m completely out of it, but I think I’m close. What do u think?


Hey guys, I can pitch one of these guys on Friday. Who do you like?

Baker vs. Masterson (Cle has .757 OPS against RHP)
Haren vs. Kershaw (LAD has .748 OPS against RHP)

I’m looking for a quality start about all else…


Just answered your question on the Q&A post from yesterday.

I’ll take Hill over DeRosa. Love DeRosa’s positional flexibility but Hill is performing like an elite second baseman. Both are streaky but Hill’s numbers, particularly in the AVG department, are just flat out better.

Plain and simple, Haren is a guy you should never bench. When it comes to legit aces, I’ll throw all the splits out the window. I understand he’s been shaky of late, but 18 quality starts in 23 outings, I’ll take my chances.


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