Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 25


Millwood @
***Chamberlain (Millwood slumping, Yankees not so much)

***Shields @

Garcia @

***Matusz @

***Masterson @

Washburn @
***Lackey (Washburn slumping, Angels not so much)

***Anderson @

Latos @

***Blanton @

West    (Johan scratched)

***Arroyo @

Mock @

***Wandy @

***Kershaw @

***Haren @ ***Cain

***Siano says Z admits he’s lazy and out of shape, not very endorsing for us
Cecil cut in Al Tout but Sheehan would cut his mother if she didn’t pitch back
to back CG SHOs.


Watching my pitchers this season reminds me of Earl Weaver’s famous tirade with umpire Bill Haller. Earl screamed at Haller, “You’re only here for one reason, to #@!# us!!!”

I think that’s the only reason pitchers exist: to #@!# us fantasy owners!!!

Greg in Cincy

PS Did I mention I HATE PITCHERS?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Oh yeah, by the way, I’ll go out on a limb again here, and say that I will NOT be starting Kershaw, as he looks to be out of gas, and Colorado isn’t a place I trust him after seeing what he’s done his last 2 starts. But now that I’ve said that, and gone against the two guys who know the future, he will pitch a 3 hit shutout with 13 Ks. Heck, maybe I should start him after all.


Hey Greg,

Hard to argue with your logic on Kershaw. His velocity has waned a bit since his stellar July. According to pitch f/x data, the average velocity on his four-seamer his last two starts (8 IP, 6 ER, 11 H, 8 BB) has been in the 93.2-93.4 range, vs. a 94-plus range during July.
And you’re right that Coors Field isn’t the best venue at which to hope for a recovery. In 19 2/3 career innings in Colorado, Kershaw has an 8.24 ERA and a 1.98 WHIP. Those are obviously unsightly numbers and do nothing to elicit confidence in the 21-year-old.
Just remember one thing: Despite a slightly lowered velocity and the appearance that he is gassed, he still has 14 strikeouts in his last two starts. Even a Clayton Kershaw with a decreased velocity is still a K machine. He’s scheduled to go against the Reds in Cincinnati on Aug. 30, so that would be an opportune time to rope him back into your lineup.

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