Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 2


Buehrle @ Duensing
Bannister @ Cahill   *Four straight quality starts for Cahill
Kazmir @ King Felix
Laffey @ Porcello   *Tigers a little scary but Laffey on fire
Sabathia @ Berken
Beckett @ Garza  *If running out of innings, may want to play it safe and bench Garza
Richmond @ Hunter
Duke @ Bailey   *Bailey a decent gamble though
Paulino @ Lilly
Lannan @ Correia
Lincecum @ Happ
Vazquez @ VandenHurk
Bush @ Carpenter
Redding @ Jimenez
Scherzer @ Billingsley   *Scherzer very shaky lately but consistent with the Ks


Hey guys. Do you think that Jim Thome’s power may be effected since he is in the NL now? I wondering b/c he was traded to the Dodgers, and they dont have the DH position anymore, since he has always been a DH. Also, I have him as starter on my fantasy team. Please comment on my blog with your reply. Thanks.

This is the time of year to start watching innings pitched, not just on your fantasy team, but with some young pitchers and pitchers who are attaining career high innings. In the past few weeks, I have come on here and asked for some respect for Kevin Correia. Not that he’s having a great season by any means, but he has pitched to a respectable 4.00 ERA at home this season, with a .242 BA against at Petco. His overall season ERA stands at 4.50, which for a 6-inning game would be a quality start.

However, he has been quite hittable his last 2 starts, one at home and one in pitcher-friendly Land Shark Stadium, and he has now pitched a career high 156 innings, a jump of 46 over last year’s 110, which was also a career high. If one is chasing wins and not concerned about ratios, Correia may still be a good start Wed. at home against the Nats. Otherwise, I will heed the advice of PoD on this one.

Greg in Cincy


Keep in mind that the Nats are not bad offensively (19th in Majors in runs scored and just 6 runs out of 15th). I know Correia has been decent this year but I’m still passing. Plus, depending on a Padres pitcher to get you a win is asking a lot considering that Triple-A lineup! Totally agree with the innings issue you bring up. September is a time when owners should be a little more conservative in their PoD choices.



Thome’s power will absolutely be affected as his playing time will be drastically reduced. He’s already said that he can no longer physically play first base, so it seems that he’ll be relegated to pinch-hit duty. You might want to wait a few days just to see for sure how the Dodgers use him, but if you’ve got him on your fantasy team I think it’s safe to drop him.


I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. Playoffs start next week. I?ve got David Wright on my disabled list and need some advice as to who to cut in order to activate Wright. We have 3 bench slots, which I?m using exclusively for pitching at the moment. I?m happy with my starting pitching (Lincecum, Gallardo, and Harden), my closers (Nathan, Rivera, Soriano, Nunez, and Francisco), and my middle relievers (Sherrill, Gonzalez, Hughes, and Guerrier). My utility slot has been filled with Cantu, B.J. Upton and Alex Rios at various times. Would you recommend dropping one of my pitchers, Cantu, or Rios to activate Wright? As poorly as Upton?s played I still think he?s one of my 9 keepers for next year. Thanks, Damon in Seattle

I’ve got another question as I get ready for the playoffs. Would you drop either Cantu or Rios to pick up Milton Bradley or Denard Span? I’m wondering if I should stick with my team as is or try to make room for a hot bat. Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Generally, I’d be more inclined to drop the pitcher, perhaps Guerrier, but it sounds like it might be important in this format to stack up middle relievers for holds. If you’re actively using Guerrier and Cantu would now just be sitting on your bench, I’d dump Cantu.

As for your second question, I’m not a Bradley fan and just couldn’t bring myself to pick him up and then watch him go ice cold when it counts the most. Span is an intriguing add but only if you’re in need of some speed and runs. In that case, I’d make the Cantu for Span switch.


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