Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 15


Tejeda @ Washburn
(Tejeda for gamblers)

Niemann @

Halladay @

Lackey @

Gonzalez @
(McCarthy is hot)

Carmona @

Garcia @ Snell (I picked up
Garcia for the 2-start week in NFBC: Mariners and Royals!)

Misch @

Mock @

Oswalt @ Kip Wells (Oswalt
is what, 22-2 vs. Reds in his career?)

Gallardo @

West @

Haren @

Duke @

Jimenez @


This pitch or ditch post everyday really hasn’t helped me like I hoped it would this season.

Today’s post, for example, is full of slam-dunk starts. The only thing I’m really getting out of this is you guys like McCarthy, Garcia, and Tejada is worth a gamble. I want more pitch/ditch information/opinions on those sort of fringe guys… the guys I can add and are available in the majority of my leagues.

I know early in the season we are still feeling guys out, but at some point shouldn’t we have a group of established guys we trust and a new batch of ones we are experimenting with.

Maybe you could tier off the starters for each days with your no brainers, suggested starters, gamblers, and guys to stay away from. Something that tells me a little bit more about your opinions on guys that aren’t automatic starts. Or give me your confidence rating on each pitcher on a scale of 1-5, with some sort of stats to back-up your opinion if you’re bullish or bearish on a guy.

Keep up the good work guys.

Andrew in H-Town

hey guys,
rest of the season, who’s better in an h2h league? kubel or reimold?
The Manoman

Hi Guys,

Quick one for you – please can you rank the top 5 pitchers, and the round you see them going in next year (it’ll help me with my various Keeper leagues).


Steve in the UK

Hi Guys,

I have a keeper question. Would you trade Dan Haren for Gordon Beckham? We start 4 pitchers weekly and I have Lester, Cain, J Johnson, Buchholz, Happ, Porcello. My current 3rd baseman are Rolen, Huff, Stewart and I have Pedro Alvarez on the bench. Do you think Beckham would outproduce Alvarez in the future? Thanks.


I’ll go with Kubel. He’s putting up outstanding numbers and really has not gone through a prolonged cold spell (at least a .282 AVG in every month). He also carries the more extensive track record.

Not sure if this is what you’re asking for, but here are my personal top five SPs heading into 2010. These round values are not necessarily where I would draft them but rather where I think they’ll be drafted in the majority of standard leagues.

Lincecum (1-2)
Johan (2)
Greinke (2-3)
Sabathia (3)
Halladay (3)



Don’t know if these guys have keeper values attached to them but I wouldn’t do that deal. I like Beckham a lot, but for Haren, a legit ace pitcher? Unless there are values involved that are vastly favorable to Beckham I’ll say no. As for Beckham vs. Alvarez, I’ll go with Beckham as I already know he can produce at the big league level. However, Alvarez does have loads of potential, so if holding onto Haren means settling for Alvarez, I’ll go that route.


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