Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 16


Laffey @

DiNardo @

Sonnanstine @

Tallet @

Saunders @ Byrd (Saundo is on
a roll, even vs. Red Sox)

Cahill @

Floyd @
Rowland-Smith (Belgian ambassador to the UN is 6 for his last 7 in quality

J. Johnson @

Hart @

Davis @ Mujica
(I doubt Mujica can go 5 but he’s been very solid this

Parnell @ Lowe
(Lowe is a risk but Mets are bad)

Livan @

Bazardo @

Looper @

De La Rosa @

1 Comment

Andrew in H-town makes a good point. I understand that the guys have a lot of responsibilities other than the “show”, but ever since MLB.com ditched the live shows in exchange for the streamlined pre-recorded podcasts, pitch or ditch has kind of lost its oomph. Cory Schwartz always says to show your work, but pitch or ditch has now lost that element without hearing the reasoning behind the picks. Obviously, I have questioned quite a few picks recently, and thanks to Zach for his responses. But I miss the one hour live daily show, when Mike and Cory actually had the time to go over PoD in some detail. I especially miss the part where occasionally, they would look a few starts ahead for some pitchers, and tell us of a favorable schedule, so we could pick up a guy and hold him for awhile. Oh well, I know that format won’t be back, but I feel MUCH better getting that off my chest.

But hey, on a postive note, thanks for everything you guys still do…it still helps. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years, and still listen to EVERY podcast all year, including the XM/Sirius shows. In 19 days, I hope to let you know if my Yahoo team (purposely named Repeat Offenders), can repeat, with much help from the 411 staff.

Greg in Cincy

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